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Makin’ The Love Monday – Perfect Mate by Mina Carter

Perfect-Mate-StrokeImma lover of manimals that smell a chick and get growlerly start moaning, “Mine” like it’s a benediction and try stamping their seal of ownership on their female’s patootie with their lips. Who hasn’t had that happened to them? Really? You haven’t? Every dude I meet and date has a hairy back and likes to piss elsewhere than the toilet. I know they have to be shifters because ALL OTHER OPTIONS ARE UNTHINKABLE!

The Project is not cool. They are the big suck fest and they own anyone that has any potential amazekitteness and that includes Captain Jack Harper and his men and the one man he has that has a vagina, Nicole. Jack and his pack were conscripted to an involuntary Project Scientist Experiment with the result being that they now all need to have their mates clean after them with a pooper scooper. Everyone in Jack’s Pack thinks this is whack and they want their humanity back because being lycan is like smoking crack.

So Jack and his team end up in St. Mary’s Hospital, a care home that has been in Beth’s family for generations, her instinct tells her to touch the cray cray disemboweled soldier brought in to the super secret special military ward. The militaries there nearly amputate her for her silly almost-embrace of the dying man before sending her to her corner for time out for her poor behavior. Jack senses that the pretty human is a wolf mate and if they had touched he knows he would have ripped the arms off everyone nearby to mount the pretty clueless human who so badly wanted to pet what she has no idea of being a really big, military-made, dog-man. It’s so unsexy when I summarize it like that. Close your eyes and picture him looking like Wolverine with Iron Man’s attitude, all mussed up alá Chris Hemsworth but blood and innards showing. Then once you get that in your mind, smack some better CGI on it but go Jacob Black fighting Paul the Douchecanoe over Bella having a big dumb mouth and you get what I said the first time. Continue Reading

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Man Crush Everyday – Blood Mate by Mina Carter

Blood-Mate-Stroke“Lieutenant Darcy Foster. Apart from the fact that he has a girls name, he’s not a half bad as a soldier.”

I think that Darce might be compensating for the girl’s name by being overly smexy. This guy made my me-OW in the first Project Rebellion novel with his rough edged unpredictability and snark. Darce isn’t the guy you want in your corner, cause you never want to corner this guy, the results would be anyone’s guess. He’s reliable in the way that you can rely on him to be loyal but not rely on him to react in defense of that loyalty the same way twice. That his mate is a Blood makes no sense to anyone but him… he gets it totally. Toni is exactly what he has dreamed of all his life. That life has been one that would cause any normal Joe to ask for instructions as to how Darcy made it through first grade. This man is a quandary and Toni Fielding is the woman to work this word problem out.

Toni and Darce have a very similar birth in the Project as subjects; both were created without their volunteering for their participation in the Project. Antonia Fielding she has been fed a line, hook and then the rod about what the other types of paranormals at the compound behave as and are capable. She has no idea that they are just like her for the most part and that they are subject to a really horrible end. She’s about to learn that. She’s about to learn lessons so heartbreakingly dear that she will come to know how deep she is in the Projects plans; how badly she’s betrayed her own. Continue Reading

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Makin’ The Love Monday – First Bite by London Bleau

First-Bite-StrokeI feel sad when I have to write a review that isn’t more positive. I’m very much a look at the good stuff type of person, not so much the lets talk about this book I have a laundry list of complaints about. If you follow my blog you will notice that my reviews tend to only be favorable, it’s not because I like everything, I just don’t post the books I don’t like very often. Or if I feel my review has a lot of constructive criticism I will toss it out there. This review is one I’m ripping the Band-Aid off with because this is a NetGalley novel and if I don’t do this review now I will sit on it forever because I won’t want to put out the sad vibes. But there is a butt ton of constructive criticism in here so I’m calling this review a healing dealing. London–I have love for ya, girl, this isn’t coming from a bad place, I am a rainbow and not a painbow. Continue Reading

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Tongue Wagger – Penn Lake Wolves Series by Clare Atling

I rarely do something like this but more stories are being released as novella series or episodics and in a case like this it’s going to be a lot more easy for me to just look at it as a whole thing but piece by piece. Think of it as mini-reviews inside of a huge party for Clare Atling! Yay! Cake, martinis, hot men and sexy times! This is Penn Lake Wolves, Ladies and Gents!

First-Beginnings-strokeWait? Were there martinis? That might have just been me partying in my closet by myself. Continue Reading


He Said, She Said – Making Love 101: Milly Taiden

He Said, She Said - Making Love 101: Milly TaidenI got the dish on Minxy-Milly when she let me do a Making Love 101 Q&A this past week. The Queen of Grunting and Mistress of Moaning took a few minutes to let me get inside her head where she revealed the inner doings of how she creates love in her novels. Apparently, and thankfully, it is not at all like shifter mating because if she tried to convince me that she wrote great books using pheromones, wine and doggy style I’d have called a foul and demanded pics!

Please get a seat and open your notebooks. Pay attention! There will be a quiz at the end of this class. =)
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Feeling Peckish – The Panther’s Desire by Emerald Ice

Emerald-IceThis was a really good shifter book that I just happened to pick up for free on Amazon a while ago. I had actually been having a hard time downloading books from my cloud onto my phone and bought this one to see if it would work and didn’t really have any faith in getting much out of it but I was pretty surprised.

All that being said this book is smut. It’s a lot of doing the nasty and getting one another sweaty. I personally didn’t mind because I needed to have a smut dose, I was overdue. It’s a short read with a WTF cliffhanger and I enjoyed it for the hour of ‘Calgon, take me away’ that it gave me. Please don’t pick it up thinking that this is going to be some incredibly scientific based novel that is going to get Ms. Ice a Nobel Peace Prize in inter-species erotic relations. The award Emerald Ice would be more likely to receive for this piece of passionate push-in and pull-out is best creative use of facility equipment while makin’ the nasty. Continue Reading

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Makin’ The Love Monday – Wicked Magic by Madeline Pryce

Wicked Magic by Madeline PryceI wrote more than half of this review before I realized it was for the wrong book. Meh, my hand is starting to ache and I’m getting tired. Thankfully I have JYJ to distract me. JaeJoong might only way 85lbs but he’s awesome to watch dance. I’m set… kinda, It is 3am and it is Sunday night/morning; I’ve been living the life Kafka described in the Metamorphosis the last six months–do you think I’m ready for anything at anytime these days?

Let me be sure I’m talking about the right book first… just because I lurved Crimson Sins doesn’t mean that every review I do should be about Bastian and Morgan. I will do their book next… especially since I wrote most of the review thinking I was writing this review. But lets get this one under my belt first… hrmmm… I’ve actually only been wearing pajamas for the last six months. Let’s get this one in my PJs. Sounds a little naughty but appropriate.

Sam and Trent are like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Sam has actually been waiting years for Trent to put his chocolate in her peanut butter. Trent’s a little leary about mixing the two great tastes into one delicious bite because he fears that once he does he might never be able to crave any other brand of nutty butter ever again… Plus his father has warned him that sometimes peanut butter becomes an addiction; better to let his brother, Miah have Sam’s smooth sweet spread than let Trent fall for it. He’s struggled to accept that and fight the need to sink his chocolaty sinfulness in her hot melty peanut butter. Forbidden and unrequited love, how sweet, eh?

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Makin’ The Love Monday – Dark Craving by Madeline Pryce

Dark CravingsYummy. I like my men like I like my coffee. EVIL. Mmmm. Mmmm. Mmmm, Micah. I want him with a little Splenda and some ice because I don’t like hot drinks hot and then I would get the Grande size, ’cause–well we all know men like him don’t come in a tiny cup!

Madeline Pryce sent me this review copy when she agreed to be part of my Making Love 101 interviews and when I read the book I pretty much wanted to find the graveyard Micah and Ella patrol incase I could hook up on some tricycle action if Guinevere should ever peek out of Hell and want to give us all a little spritz of Lust by Chanel again. Don’t be giving this page that look. Once you read the book you will be trying to figure out how to be the third wheel too, so don’t be judging me until you know the path my eyes have travelled.

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Book It – In News Today: Berengaria Brown Releases The Wolf!


Berengaria Brown has just released her newest m/m Paranormal Romance from Evernight Publishing, ‘Would You Trust A Werewolf?’ This is a 34 page short story but if you have had the chance to be swept up in one of Berengaria’s stories you know that she doesn’t need to fill you up with starch and carbs when she can work you out with some palpitations and heavy breathing. Whoo, wolfboy! Is it warm in here?

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