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Makin’ The Love Monday – First Bite by London Bleau

First-Bite-StrokeI feel sad when I have to write a review that isn’t more positive. I’m very much a look at the good stuff type of person, not so much the lets talk about this book I have a laundry list of complaints about. If you follow my blog you will notice that my reviews tend to only be favorable, it’s not because I like everything, I just don’t post the books I don’t like very often. Or if I feel my review has a lot of constructive criticism I will toss it out there. This review is one I’m ripping the Band-Aid off with because this is a NetGalley novel and if I don’t do this review now I will sit on it forever because I won’t want to put out the sad vibes. But there is a butt ton of constructive criticism in here so I’m calling this review a healing dealing. London–I have love for ya, girl, this isn’t coming from a bad place, I am a rainbow and not a painbow.

Let me start this off saying that the bones of this story are actually good. The premise is strong-like-bull and London Bleau has a great sense of storycrafting: plot, characters, and story structure are really sound. What the book is crying out for is a good line and content editor with some chops, also it needs to be read through a few more times by some beta readers before it is pushed through to be published. The weak parts are easily fixable with a little help. A couple examples of some of the areas needing work are Chapter Three Giselle’s POV: “Trying to subside the pain, to make it go away, I closed my eyes and inhaled a deep breath.” This terrible word mix-up, “In fact, it turns me on. I like a woman that’s sexually inhibitive.”And the one that caused me the most serious consternation, “I slammed my cock hard into her pussy until I made her fine ass cough.” She really needed a police officer there for instances like those above so that subside was used in the right part of the sentence, uninhibited/inhibitive was dealt with and it didn’t look like she farted while he bonked her. But let’s talk about the story…

I won’t lie to you, there are a lot of line and content mishaps to get through that make it hard to traverse the story. London has a really unique voice and I like that she is using that voice in a biracial novel which gives the female character more depth. Many times Giselle comes off as being plastic but I do believe that it is her character and not necessarily London’s writing because Slayton doesn’t come across that way. Slayton has an extremely earthy quality that I actually think many other authors fail to capture with a shifter that I have to credit to the rawness of her writing style. While I think London needs an editor that would help her clean up the misuse of terms and content mistakes I would hope they would allow her to keep the richness and tone she has in her book because it’s pancakes and she shouldn’t have that fixed up.

Now are there problems with the story? I found that there were some, yeah. I have to tell you that this story suffers from severe superficialness. I am guessing that in part it’s that it’s short. In part it’s in need of an editor. And because Giselle and Slayton both only have the emotional depth of two sponges soaked in bodily fluids. I’m not a fan of exposition, I loathe it. In the beginning of the book there is a little of it with Giselle in the car but it’s sort of daytime television bullshit. Then with Slayton, although his is better done–London did appear to understand his character more when writing him while she had more fun writing Giselle… but really there is almost zero connection between these two other than plug and socket. There is no reason for us to give to kittens about much of the story. Giselle talks a lot about getting her brother from the care facility but everything just feels fluffy. Like when you have a little too much champagne and you get giggly and you start talking, you are saying a lot of words, but nothing at all. That is what the information in this book is like and the only things you are clear on is: Giselle’s tits and ass, Slayton’s lust, Malik being a wanker and Garrison–who is a secondary character but we learn a lot about. And just so you know ahead of time Giselle has a body with curves and planes that would rival the beauty and handling of a 2015 Bugatti Veyron. She is hi-gloss, beautiful to ride and 0-100mph in 5.5 seconds.

I recommend that you buy at your own discretion. This author has two other books in this series that I have not read but she does have a great deal to improve upon. Note though, please, that I did compare the heroine to the fastest car in the world. Has to mean something.


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First Bite Excerpt:

To say the brown-skinned woman with the rich brown eyes and long jet-hair was pretty would’ve been an understatement. No. This young African American female was beautiful with exotic features. She had hips, curves, and ass I longed to lap my long tongue over, around, and inside.

Cock throbbing, I couldn’t tear my eyes from the delicious, erotic-dancing Desire. Her luscious body gyrated sensuously in the diamond bra and panties she wore. Along with dimples in her cheeks when she smiled, she had the perfect pert nose, long eyelashes and voluptuously round ass.

Straining to hold back the wolf pushing at my skin, I felt strands of wolf hair protrude from the pores around my dick, making me one hairy, aching-balled dude. I got to fuck you, Desire. I just have to.


Meet London Bleau:

London Bleau likes to write paranormal and erotica fiction. She likes doing so because it allows her to explore the wonderful worlds of fantansy, heat, and danger. Born in the sunshine state of Florida, London has two children, is married, and has the cutest white Bichon Frise, named Belle, who is just as spoiled as her children.

When she’s not writing, she likes spending time with her family, walking the beach, traveling, and eating her behind off (peach cobbler with a large scoop of vanilla icecream is her favorite). Oh, and she loves getting together with her girlfriends so they can talk about life experiences, raising children, and of course—men.

In addition to be addicted to coffee, she can never get enough of writing because she dreams about her characters and they well…well they just seem to come to life once she starts putting them on the pages of her laptop.

Her greatest appreciation other than her family are her readers. From the bottom of her heart she’s grateful for her readers because if it weren’t for them, she wouldn’t be able to fulfill her passion for writing. With a big hug, London has one word for those fantastic readers of hers—THANKS!


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First Bite Synopsis:

Voluptuous Mates-Book 1–This is paranormal romance erotica!

My cock stays hard and ready to make love majority of the time.

However, ever since my mate had died, I hadn’t been able to find that one woman I wanted to settle down with. The one woman I wanted to make a part of my triad. Not until I met her. Beautiful. Voluptuous. Giselle.

When I first laid eyes on Giselle, the curvy funny woman, she’d beckoned me to her like a strong magnet. Right away I knew she’d be perfect for my pack. Before I knew it, she had me doing something I swore I’d never do. I made her the offer of a lifetime. The $500,000 payout may seem like a lot to some. But considering Giselle had to submit to my every demand, my every need, and my adversary wanted her dead–the money was quite a small token for me to pay.

WARNING: This paranormal erotica romance is loaded with lots of scorching sex, and you may need a cold shower while reading it. Frank adult language, dirty sex, danger, and violence is written within this book—FIRST BITE.


Bitten Twice Stroke

Bitten Twice Synopsis:

Voluptuous Mates Book 2

Bitten Twice

Slayton stoked a blazing fire inside me. The chemistry between us made me burn, and yearn, and feel so beautiful for once in my life. The way he’d cradle me to his thick burly chest would always make me feel special, like he loved me. Like we were meant to be.

So when the sexual beast of a man offered me half a million dollars to come live with him for a month in Colorado, I agreed. Hello! It seemed like a no brainer. However, I had no idea that dark deep secrets, danger, and another fine ass man named Cade awaited my arrival so he could devour me from head to toe.

Slayton and Cade awakened every nerve ending and delicious cell in my body. Female senses I wasn’t aware I had peeled open like a blossoming flower inside me, left me breathless. Unfortunately, this wild adventure also put my life in jeopardy and left me near dead.

WARNING: This paranormal erotica romance contains a ménage between two men and one beautiful, curvaceous woman. It’s loaded with lots of scorching sex! Frank adult language, dirty sex, danger, and violence is written within BITTEN TWICE. M/F/M

Please DO NOT download this book if you can’t take raunchy readings and have a faint heart. However, if you do like to read dirty sex with a plot line involving one fine curvaceous female, click buy, and enjoy. Happy hot reading!

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Bite-Mates-StrokeBite Mates Synopsis:

Voluptuous Mates Book 3


I love having two hot, beasty men in my life!

Slayton and Cade fulfills my every single need.

Yet, when I agreed to be a part of Slayton and Cade’s triad, I had no idea it came with great responsibility such as risk, mating, and hot blazing, toe curling sex till the wee hours of the morning. Oh my.

However, as my bond with Slayton and Cade grew stronger, so did the horrible danger. Their vicious opponent lurked in the mountains. He opposed a grave threat, and would stop at nothing to have me murdered. It got so bad until I wondered if I’d survive.

Not knowing if my destiny with Slayton and Cade would be forever or short lived, left me feeling that perhaps I should’ve turned down the $500,000 that Slayton had offered me upon our initial meeting. The gloomy way things ended had me wondering if I should’ve just kept my hot ass in Asheville North Carolina!

WARNING: This paranormal erotica romance contains a ménage between two men and one beautiful, curvaceous woman. It’s loaded with lots of scorching sex! Frank adult language, dirty sex, danger, and violence is written within BITE MATES. M/F/M

Please DO NOT download this book if you can’t take raunchy readings and have a faint heart. However, if you do like to read dirty sex with a plot line involving one fine curvaceous female, click buy, and enjoy. Happy hot reading!

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