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Tongue Wagger: Miss Taken by Milly Taiden


Want a hot and sexy winter snuggle? Yeah, baby I know you do.
There is no one who does hot and sexy like Milly (pRon) Taiden. Her novels are the hot toddie of cliterature and little of what I’ve written in this introduction can put in an Amazon review.

Amazon: Where the prudes go to read reviews.

Miss Taken is the first in Milly’s new Raging Falls series and it’s lions, and tigers, and bears, OH MY! Kira Arden is only the princess of her family company when she is supposed to be the queen. Her rotten-apple brother holds the reins and he is as competent as a mentally challenged space amoeba when it comes to making a company successful. Peter is arrogant, mean, and a PITA. Around every bend Kira is trying to mend the bridges his bulldozing tactics destroys. Plain old unlikable and deserves a good promotion to charnel house resident. Brothers, who wants one when there are mini pigs and sea monkeys.

In good faith to the owners of the property her brother has been trying to acquire Kira heads out to Raging Falls to try to get them to not smear her family name. In a domino effect of events she finds herself in a lion’s den with a kitty that wants to find a home in her lap… you get me, right? Luke Lyen knows that he has found the woman version of his catnip and he has no plans to let her go–even when he finds that she has ties to the douche canoe trying to strong arm him and his family off their property.

I think I’ve read almost all of Milly’s novels and you can tell they are becoming as easy to write for her as breathing. They feel cohesive and driven, like a well trained dance group. She’s a pro at shifter-ing. She’s become a master storyteller.

That said, this isn’t really my favorite Milly tale. I really loved the books she wrote back in the day, call me a Milly purist–. Wait, I just got a laugh out of that. Milly is not ‘pure’ in the definition of pure so maybe I should say, ‘call me a Milly smuttist’. Either way I really like the wolf books: Sassy Mates, Federal Paranormal Unit, Black Meadow Pack. Her favorite books were Wolf Fever, and the Black Meadow Pack. …And Sassy Mates too. It’s not that I don’t like newer Milly books because I love reading Mistress Milly. But there is sense of discovery in the older novels that I don’t feel in the more recent ones. It was Milly discovering the shifter world and it had a certain sumthin’ sumthin’ to it.

In the end I will continue binge eating at the Milly Taiden bookshelf buffet because she is up there is Sherrilyn Kenyon, Julia Quinn, and Elizabeth Kelly for me. I just can’t deny myself a Milly read. #RAWRBABYRAWR


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Miss Taken Synopsis:

Waking up in some strange man’s bed was never big girl Kira Ardan’s goal for the day. Neither was waking up naked. Wait, naked? Someone had a lot of explaining to do and soon.

Luke Lyen is at the height of his need. He wants a mate and he wants her now. Finding the woman meant to be his brings out the lust he’s been fighting for days. If only she weren’t so stubborn, he might be able to get her to understand she is his. Then they could move on with dirty, freaky loving.

The big lion is doing things with his tongue that makes Kira’s brain cells melt. It will take more than a little danger to get this curvy woman to let go of her firm beliefs. She’s not interested in being anyone’s MINE, but maybe he can convince her to be HIS.

Reader Note: This book is a work of fiction coming from the mind that brought you the Paranormal Dating Agency. There’s hot, sweaty, naughty sex, adult language, lots of violence and blood, a BBW heroine with a sassy attitude and a growly lion desperate for a mate. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book. However, if you’re a fan of all things naughty and humor, this is perfect for you. Enjoy!

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Miss Taken Excerpt:

LUKE HEARD A scream. He had just slipped into his clothes after his run when the sound reached him. He ran toward the female voice. His keen hearing gave him the location: Gill Cut ridge, the only vehicle route on this side of the forest.

His gut told him to hurry. No-one in his pack was unusually dangerous; there were a few who hated strangers wandering the property. To the extent that they wouldn’t hesitate scaring the trespasser into doing something stupid, like running and falling down the cliff incline.

REACHING THE BASE of the ridge a mile from his cabin, he glanced around the wet grass trying to find a body through the sheets of rain. Thunder crackled, shaking the ground. Lightning flittered through the sky, lighting the growing darkness.

Fuck! He inhaled deeply, bypassing the scents of wet earth and nature to search for something, anything, unfamiliar.

It hit him with the force of a freight train. He rushed to the limp body hidden by a massive tree. She was soaked and covered in layers of clothing. A giant cut covered her cheek. Her eyes were closed, but he heard her breathing.


Meet Milly Taiden:

Milly Taiden (also writes as April Angel) was born in the prettiest part of the Caribbean (to her) known as the Dominican Republic. Currently, she resides in New York City with her husband, bossy young son and their little dog Speedy.

When she’s not working full-time, texting with her best friend Heidi in England, chastising her son for pulling the dog’s ears, shopping with her sister Jewel or watching scary movies with her husband, she can be found writing on her laptop.

She’s addicted to shoes, chocolate, Dunkin Donuts coffee and JIMMY THOMAS covers!!!


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