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Feeling Peckish – The Panther’s Desire by Emerald Ice

Emerald-IceThis was a really good shifter book that I just happened to pick up for free on Amazon a while ago. I had actually been having a hard time downloading books from my cloud onto my phone and bought this one to see if it would work and didn’t really have any faith in getting much out of it but I was pretty surprised.

All that being said this book is smut. It’s a lot of doing the nasty and getting one another sweaty. I personally didn’t mind because I needed to have a smut dose, I was overdue. It’s a short read with a WTF cliffhanger and I enjoyed it for the hour of ‘Calgon, take me away’ that it gave me. Please don’t pick it up thinking that this is going to be some incredibly scientific based novel that is going to get Ms. Ice a Nobel Peace Prize in inter-species erotic relations. The award Emerald Ice would be more likely to receive for this piece of passionate push-in and pull-out is best creative use of facility equipment while makin’ the nasty.

I liked Nichola a lot. When she is first introduced I thought she was going to be an annoying, insensitive, cold-hearted scientist that I wouldn’t be able to stomach but almost immediately you see differently. When Jag is first introduced there is a lot said but you don’t really learn anything about him until he is in BMR with Nichola. When they come together it’s a little reminiscent of when that thing happened and the universe started, what was it called? Oh, yeah… the BIG BANG!

There is one thing that I was clueless about this book and that was that there is a great deal of reference to Chloe, Ronin and Kane Devon. They are characters from another series, The Beast’s Desire Series and the way that it is referenced it seems almost as if it might have been the first book of this series. It was very confusing. You didn’t understand why Ronin and Kane didn’t get along with the Panther shifters other than they have PMS and sand in their monster-ginas. It is mentioned many times and you don’t really grasp why the Panthers are in the Devon’s Preserve when they are so disliked other than the fact that they are shifters. It’s all vague. Perhaps it’s kinda like why I keep eating this soup despite the fact I know it’s a bit off… there is no speakable reason to continue, but I’m hungry so I’m going to do so anyway.

The story is very interesting. I generally find the whole shifter in the science experiment thing a little meh but this one was pretty good, that might have been my smut satisfaction level talking–It’s like fold Nicola up in pretzel shapes and do her in all her donut holes, hottness. I do recommend this if you are looking for a quick pick me up. You should find it easy to read if you like Laurann Dohner’s New Species, Susan Bliler’s Skin Walker’s or Luna Lodge by Madison Stevens.

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