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Book Boyfriend Report – Red Moon by Elizabeth Kelly

Red MoonYou know it’s between lunch and dinner and I’m feeling a little peckish. I don’t feel like having anything too sweet, nothing too beefy. No carbs. No fizzy sodas. I definitely don’t want something that is going to make me feel sleepy. Oh, I know the perfect yummy thing! Just the thing to melt on your tongue and fill your hands: Lycan Lord, Tristan Williams. He might fill you up, but it will feel so good while it’s happening and you will have no guilt afterward. =)

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Makin’ The Love Monday – Panther, Be Mine by Ju Dimello

pantherI somehow managed to over ARC my Ellora’s Cave book requests. I requested a book, Widow’s Walk by Genevieve Ash, which then missed getting transferred to my Kindle and I’m behind a book. So I’m going to have to fix this before Haunting Blackie by Laurann Dohner comes out and I have erotic book back up. That sounds like some sort of unpleasant, icky medical condition, it’s something I really need to take care of.

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Makin’ the Love Monday – Charred Heart by Lizzy Ford

Camera 360I think I fell in love with Lizzy Ford about a chapter into Katie’s Hellion. I had downloaded the book for free (It’s still free–go NAO!) from Amazon after just finding out there were free books on Amazon in the early part of May, 2012. (Late Kindle bloomer). I bought every book she had after that and ate them up like they were chocolate and I needed a fix. I didn’t know what end was up from one book to the next as far as trying to pick a favorite character because I loved all of them… Rhyn, Decker and Darian eventually rose to the top. I guess I like the tortured anti-heroes the most.

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Makin’ the Love Monday – True by Laurann Dohner

IMG_9548 Wow.
I have to say that again.
I’ve reviewed enough Laurann Dohner books to have established my fangirl status and I’ve waxed poetic about New Species Series often enough to show my bias to it as well. When Laura from Ellora’s Cave emailed me the synopsis for this book as an ARC that was available for review I sent her a reply that said, “Please! Please! Please!” I might have fallen in love with her a little when she sent me the book. ~Yes, I am one of those women who love you for what you can give me and not for who you are. =P

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Makin’ the Love Monday – Toxic by Belinda McBride

IMG_8572 November means it is NaNoWriMo time of year again and I have made my account and I have begun writing and I have nearly 12K words written on my story. It would be more but I haven’t had a chance to work on it since past Wednesday but I consider that a good start. I had a cray cray weekend with a kpop concert with one of my favorite idol bands, Infinite. (Dongwoo is a sexy beast and my heart beats a very pop song like throb for Sungyeol) Then visiting with friends who came to SoCal from points yonder. Even though I am a socially inept and broken spend-time-outside-of-the-house-type-person, I enjoyed every awkward moment. So as I am writing this, and this is Sunday evening, I am tired, sick and sore.

My bangin’ the boots book for this week is Truckee Wolves: Toxic by Belinda McBride, plug in the yadda, yadda about NetGalley letting me review this book for my kickin’ awesome opinion and rockin’ flair for words. Belinda McBride impressed me with this book. I had never read any of her titles before and I really enjoyed the way she took the step out of the box and let you know immediately that she wasn’t going to play the safe game and color within all the lines. I like authors who push the envelope and take that risk to give you a taste of the alternative lifestyles that not many other writers out there have had or would think to entertain at a buffet. I like tasting exotic dishes. It makes dishy things more dishy and what makes dirty dishes more dishy than making meals out of things that aren’t on the same menu your momma would get?

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Any Day that Ends in YA – Change For Me by Lynn Red

photo (4) I’ve been really struggling through reading YA lately. I’m actually in the middle of reading about 5 or 6 books at the moment and I read a little of them and then put them aside to read something else. I don’t know what it’s about. I’ve just been really having a hard time with it. The only author whose books I’ve been finishing are Ella James’s. I love her Stained series and Here trilogy books and I’ve been knocking them back like they are candy. But everything else is been like trying to eat green beans and celery. Blech.

But this week I have Change for Me by Lynn Red as my Any Day that Ends in YA. This book was a little different than what I had expected. I really loved J.A. Redmerski’s Darkwoods Trilogy and I think that as far as shifter books that might be my ideal teen shifter book. This book is NOTHING like that. As a matter of fact, it’s not like any shifter book I have read before. I found it refreshing–yet troubling.

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They call it smutty love!

Ali It has been an age. I would like to say that it hasn’t been a summer lovin’ happened so fast sort of deal that has had me away. Alas, it has been a severe bout of ups and downs. There are four or five drafts in my WordPress post history, but they are either–not edited, not linked to anything or not finished. But today is my day. This is going to be a done deal. What makes me say that? Let me tell you. I have managed to do one of those things that makes me feel completely great about the world at large I woke up at 5am. I love early mornings. They make me feel as if I am the only person in the world and they make me super productive. Other than a 7am dentist appointment I own this day.

So the topic of this blog post is going to be erotica. I proudly wave my smut flag! I actually didn’t realize that there was a difference between romance and erotic romance until about two years ago. I grew up reading both and just thought they were the same thing. Some books were really hot and some were really sweet. I grew up in the country with the population of 1000 people in my town. I bought my books at a used bookstore where I would just go in and say, “Fill up my bag”, at yard sales or at the grocery store.  It was just hit and miss in my head. I was lucky because a lot of time a relative would have pity on me and second hand me some subscription books to me. It was paydirt when I found a dirty one with dog-eared pages.

But today I am dog-earring authors for you. I am going to give you some recommendations for some of the bestest ones that I like the most and the series I feel deserve the plug. I had a list of twelve authors and then I tried to slim it down to authors with three or more books and then I thought I would mention both of Suzanne Wright’s series (her other series is one called Deep in Your Veins and it is fantastic, but I wouldn’t really file it under erotica.) I also thought I would sneak Jay Crownover’s Marked Men in here but when I put it in I actually realized that the post was getting way too long. (I swear Jay, I will give you lots of love in a post in the near future.)

Elle Aycart
I found the first book of Elle Aycart’s Bowen series, More Than Meets the Ink, on Amazon last summer either free or for $.99. I remember starting it at bedtime and not being able to put it down until I finished it. Then a few weeks ago I came across the book Heavy Issues and I no recollection of the first Bowen book when I More Than Meets The Inkstarted reading the second. You have to keep in mind that I have read 500 books between then and now so it’s no reflection on the first book. It didn’t matter to me in the least though because Heavy Issues blew me away. It was down and dirty from the moment I saw the first spark between Cole and Christy and I knew the the inferno was quick to follow.

Elle Aycart commands her reader to read on and want more. She has a firm grasp of sensuality and eroticism and her ability to weave a chemistry that burns bright and out of control is her specialty. She doesn’t shy away from sexual fantasy and pushes the boundaries in a way that ask the reader to play with the idea of the line between good fun and too far. And she makes it sound like there is no limit that takes you too far.

I will make the point though that after finishing Heavy Issues I bought Inked Ever After. I suddenly remembered Tate and James. I don’t remember them being as kinky as they were in the novella but I did remember their book though. I also visited Elle Aycart’s blog and I read the two little stories, Epilogue Inked Ever After & Happy Valentine’s Day from the Bowen Brothers. It’s a great series. I never used to read all the little extra parts of book series and then I got hooked. I find them to be a lot like Swedish Fish. It’s one and then the bag.

The Bowen series is a contemporary erotic series that has been reviewed on Goodreads. Elle Aycart can be followed on Twitter and Facebook.

Olivia Cunning
The Sinners on Tour series is possibly one of the best rock and roll series I have read. So many out there make rockers out to be something somewhere between moody poets hot ticketand party frat guys with a lot of tattoos who play guitars. Rockers are gritty, nasty, dirty talking, quickie-takin’, love’em and leave’em, forget your name, lose your number kind of guys. Olivia Cunning writes them that way. They convince you to do things that you wouldn’t tell your best friend. You might even slut shame yourself for it after, but you’d do it in a second if they asked you to do it again. That is the guys of Sinners.

If you are looking for a casual walk through an erotic book the Sinners on Tour books are not for you. These books are beautifully delectable in their explicitness. Over the 5 books many different erotic topics are traversed, from kinky exploration to mènage relations. I’m sure that people who are deeply into certain aspects of each of the specific topics may have issues with how Olivia Cunning wrote and expressed the acts and that is just too bad. Those of us who read for the joy of entertainment will be happy because it is an artform to draw the images that she creates with her descriptions of the libidinous acts of her characters whether or not they are the reality of others. I liked all the books but I could read Jace’s, Hot Ticket, over and over again. He is my favorite Sinner, I love me a wounded hero.

Olivia Cunning can be found on Twitter and Facebook. She has a new book coming soon from her One Night with Sole Regret series. More rockers!

Suzanne Wright
It wasn’t long ago that I became a fan of Suzanne Wright. I had fallen into a werewolf reading spree and I was downloading shifter books from Amazon at a rate that made my husband threaten to cancel my credit card. I came across the book Feral Sins and I judged it by it’s cover and figured it would be pretty ridiculous but fulfill my need to glut on shifter books. I was wrong and never happier to be so. The book was so very good that I went on a Suzanne Wright glut. Taryn, the heroine, is one of my all time favorite female characters. She is strong and funny and she does not put up with anyone ever. Especially not Greta, but they are pretty cute together. The attraction between her and Trey can only be measured by degrees. They work one another up, wear one another down and create some of the fiercest sweat scenes.

I really enjoy alpha males and Trey is territorial and possessive and it makes him act Feral-Sins-by-Suzanne-Wrightaggressive, arrogant and like an asshole and Taryn fights him tooth and nail which just means that the sex is off the charts. Suzanne Wright’s characters have a very earthy sensuality. It’s extremely visceral and reading it is unlike contemporary romance eroticism because it feels a great deal more like a natural animal magnetism and the urge to possess, overpower and control. It’s all about a male wanting to claim his female. It’s not fucking it’s mating. That being the case Suzanne Wright takes her readers to a place that is quite basic. A fundamental appetite between two sexes to come together and feed a hunger of a never-ending lust.

The Phoenix Pack series is very good although I do feel that both female characters in the two books are very similar. This book series is one of the strongest shifter books series. There are a great many erotic shifter books out there. I think there is actually a biblical commandment that says, Thou shall go forth and write shifter-porn. I really feel that Suzanne has the best blend of story and smut to balance one another and her sexplosions are hot enough to keep you well-heated without making you hide all traces of the book from your mother.

Suzanne Wright can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Cherise Sinclair
Speaking of hiding books from your mother. I read Masters of Club Shadowlands and got really interested in reading more BDSM books and looked up some more titles. I found that there are some really, really titilating books out there that I was not ready to read just yet. This book series by Cherise Sinclair is pretty lightweight but still very kinky. Or I guess that is my uneducated opinion, but I don’t know my BDSM very well. However in my eyes this is very good erotica.

The first book left me somewhere around meh and what the hell? I didn’t know what to think so I readMake Me Sir the second. I came away with kink where someone says ‘Sir’ is pretty hot. It’s amazing how many different ways to tie someone up are out there. Is this what they train Boy Scouts for? I actually started to wonder if I could get a tour of a club just to see what Club Shadowland would look like. Could I Google BDSM and my area and pray I found the “nice” dirty playground? Please, Sir, can I come and just window shop? My mother and husband would never let me be your friend. They don’t let me put strangers in my mouth. Would any of that work?

Cherise Sinclair responsibly writes her books with disclaimers at the beginning of each one discouraging readers from ignorantly attempting anything they read in her books at their homes with people who are not properly educated in how to perform the acts described. Her knowledge is incredible and she is very articulate regarding the sensations and mindset of her characters. Those characters are varied and the intensity of their feelings and emotions add a realism and depth to the stories. I will not mislead you, a great deal of the stories is spent on tactile delights. Those delights are succinctly spelled out to you in ways that give you a very good idea of what someone who is experiencing that sexual activity might be achieving, I say achieving because it isn’t always as simple as orgasm, and what that relationship is about at that time. A great deal of the sex works on voyeurism and fantasy. That doesn’t mean that the books lack actual plots. The characters are individuals and the secondary characters do exist and they play into the story of other books to support an overall story arc. There is a cohesiveness and complexity beyond the deviant and permissive sex. Most of the books I recommend in this list are a M/F, one on one conventional relationship. A D/s relationship is a lifestyle choice. These books may not be for everyone.

Cherise Sinclair can be found on Twitter and Facebook. The eighth Shadowlands book will be coming soon

Laurann Dohner
This is probably one of my most favorite authors. I actually read a book by her that I really didn’t like before I read any of her other books and I was confused because the book, Mating Set, had almost 4 stars on Goodreads. It felt very silly and the characters seemed unrelatable, I actually disliked them both. But I am not one of those people who have author prejudices. I have been known to read authors time and time again despite not liking their books time after time. My husband makes fun of me constantly. I am pessimistic about almost everything else in my life but I’m the eternal optimist about books. I have faith that eventually it will get better. And if I hadn’t thought this, I would have missed what has quickly become one of my favorite series.

FuryThe New Species books are a Sci-fi series about a medical/science corporation that has spent the last twenty or so years testing on humans splicing their DNA with animal DNA. They have kept the hybrids in a facility experimenting on them and trying to breed them and perfect them. Not being human they react by instinct, are extremely primal and now that they are free they are trying to control their animal urges. The humans of the world are suspicious of them and the New Species just want to live in peace. Things become a bit more complex in the first book when Fury meets Ellie and New Species/Human relations goes to the next level. New Species who find their females basically lose control and act on the need to behave as their primative impulse would with their mate. This being the case in most of the books the sex scenes begin early on in the story and they literally burn the ink off the pages. I’m always confused if I’m including the purring and growling as dirty talk or not, but it always feels a lot to me like her men know all the sexy words to say.

Laurann Dohner has also created a great world. The secondary characters have grown since the first book to a true community and if you have been paying attention you can tell them all apart. Earlier characters are often mentioned in later books and you hear updates about prior couples relationships and families. –Oh by the way, did I mention, they purr? Think about that for a second. A man that purrs when he goes south. No more batteries and you can take him everywhere you go.

The other series of hers that I recommend is Cyborg Seduction. (The name makes me imagine the big cyborgs on Battlestar Galactica trying to hump a trash compactor and I don’t know why.–Sorry Ms. Dohner) I have only read the first two, Burning Up Flint andZorus Kissing Steele, so far but the concept is very compelling–and despite it breaking one of my main reading rules–which is no cowboys, no Christmas stories and no aliens, the struggle between the Cyborgs and humans is very interesting. They are not full books like the New Species books, I would call them novellas. Before you think that this might be metal men with human women let me assure you that that is not the case. Cyborgs in this world are a combination of humans with some cybernetic improvements. They have the ability to reproduce children and they have all the functions of a human being, they are just superior in every way.

The Cyborg books have their own brand of steaminess. It is very different than New Species. There is a great deal of dub-con involved. It works both ways between both sexes. Cyborgs can turn on and off their emotions so their is a great deal of using sex as a tool. It’s a whole different element than the other world she writes about. A great deal more controversial sex issues. But when she writes the flesh-smacking-flesh scenes they sizzle.

Both series are absolutely addicting and Laurann Dohner is really the queen of something I once termed on Goodreads as ‘the big salami train’. I appreciate that she has a world in her mind where most of my ex-boyfriends don’t live. In both of her series, the New Species and Cyborg Seduction series the men are the altered characters and the females are humans (I haven’t finished all the books as of the date of this blog post). Both series males have alpha male aspects of a caveman, are incredibly good looking, are more talented with their tongue than Kobe Bryant was playing ball and they are capable of turning a woman to jelly within ten minutes.

Laurann Dohner can be found on her blogTwitter and Facebook. She is published by Ellora’s Cave, which is one of the largest publishers of erotic romance books. Which is a comment not a plug persay. I mention it because this is a blog post about erotica. I have no affiliation with Ellora’s Cave.

Thank you for reading my post today. I hope it was helpful