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Giveaway: Twilight “Live Forever Advance Poster” Giveaway


In celebration of 10 years of Twilight and Stephenie Meyers’ release of Life and Death Dual Edition. What better way to swoon your way back to the beginning than with a touch of the past?

In the summer of 2008, San Diego Comic-con promotional posters for the upcoming Twilight movie. The posters had the film release with the expected date of 12.12.2008; these are not theatrical release which show the date of 11.21.2008. These are the original release posters known as the “Live Forever Advance Posters”.


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Word Slinger Project Author Update: Khalid Muhammad

Bio (2)

I got the chance to check in with Khalid Muhammad recently and got the skinny on what is coming up for him and the new book. This was supposed to be posted last month but I moved and the Giveaway I wanted to do with it got put on hold. So now you get the better deal because I can up the booty (that sounds weird) and offer you FIVE copies of Agency Rules: Never An Easy Day At The Office. That is better loot than I will be getting for my birthday tomorrow. Please read this interview slowly because it took me almost a month to put it together.
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Weekend Pick Me Up: External Forces by Deborah Rix


I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for my awesome opinion. That is what I’m supposed to say right, that my honesty can’t be bought? So take note pour favors, this book is being judged fairly based upon it’s fine qualities and my integrity as a book dork.

Imma rock this book booty!

Holy cow pies, Catgirl! Is it getting warm in here? This book is hot stuff . Shake your boom boom already. I just KNOW you will want to take your–well maybe it’s weird to say the book is so hot you want to take your clothes off. I can’t understand why it took me so long to pick it up and start reading it, hindsight is truly regrets’ bestfriend. MY bestfriend is grrlpowa phenom Jess Grant; she is the sort of friend that kicks names and takes tushies. If you are a bad guy she is going to spank you into the next millennium. This girl isn’t your girl next door, she is the girl who is building the house and making the future for the bodies within. A heroine for all heroines. And there is that thing where she is sorta boy stupid and judgmentally handicapable. Or maybe incapable.

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July Giveaway: Lizzy Ford Interview and Bundle Giveaway!



Who wants some Lizzy? I knew you better than you know yourself because I anticipated that All The Things Lovers would jump to make a home for these autographed books! What is included in this bundle you ask; let me settle your curiosity. This giveaway is for the History Interrupted novels: East, and West. But that isn’t all! No, I also bought The Omega Beginnings Miniseries to accompany the History Interrupted novels and really make wags tail.



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Book It: Carter Reed 2 Is In The Building


The long awaited Carter Reed 2 has just been released by Tijan and it’s crawling up the Amazon Seller charts like she is selling chocolate. This novel continues the love story of crime syndicate leader Carter Reed and his love kitten Emma Martins as they burn the world down. In typical Tijan fashion this novel has a lot of ‘if you aren’t with me you’re against me’ and ‘love is taking a hit out on your opposition’ within it’s pages. If you are a Tijan lover than this is another book for your TBR.

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Book It: Alyssa Rose Ivy Releases The Hazards of Sleeping With a Friend


Introducing The Hazards of Sleeping with a Friend, Alyssa Rose Ivy’s latest in her Hazards series. This series keeps on growing and I like Alyssa’s move into contemporary books even if I am still excited about the Crescent Chronicles and Levi makes me supa hot when I dream of him. I REALLY like men who fly and sneaky men who fly and trick chicks into being their mates is actually like the double threat. This story, The Hazards of Sleeping with a friend touches on the woe and tribulations of mixing friendship and the deed. Please check it all out.

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Book It: In News Today – My Sustain Treasure Hunt Tour Amazon Giveaway!

Sustain cover

Tijan has released her spin-off novel featuring the band members first figured in the Broken & Screwed novels. This rocker book has her fans happier than a kid on a sugar high, their sublime satisfaction only slightly due to the long wait for this book as she worked on Fallen Crest and Jaded Series–no one cried into their soup about getting those books in the meantime, and heavily due to the band; who everyone loves. Tijan is a repeat offender of putting out crowd pleasers and if the ratings on this book is any indication this novel is going to pave a golden road to her upcoming Carter Reed 2 release.

Please check out the excerpt below for a taste of Sustain!

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