Indie Author Word Slinger Project

An Indie Author Spotlight

Indie Word Slinger Project is a brain baby born out of researching how to publish novels. The amount of work involved is overwhelmingly discouraging. When I looked at forum discussions Indie Authors reported time and again that self publishers needed to be a Jack-of-all-trades while those with literary agents had a network that allowed them to focus the majority of their time on writing. Prolific writers unsurprisingly sell more books. It broke my heart knowing Indie Authors labored to create these stories and then had to slave to get anyone to even see their titles. Even those who are able to hire editors and agents fall to the whim of Amazon’s seller policies, and lack the ability to focus on a prosperous social media vehicle.

I wanted to do something. When I started the Indie Author Word Slinger Project in 2013 I was overly ambitious. I offered way more to authors than I could sustain. Feeling that I failed authors who trusted me to support them was embarrassing. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to continue; it was that once the walls came down I couldn’t figure out how to climb out. It took me a new blog, a new brand, and a new focus to remind me that authors appreciate the effort.

Welcome to the Indie Author Word Slinger Project.