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Tongue Wagger – Lone Wolfe Protector by Kaylie Newell

Tongue Wagger - Lone Wolfe Protector by Kaylie NewellWelcome to Wolfe Creek. My name is Ara. I live in Wolfe Creek. I am known as Aunt A. There is a story behind that. There are many stories in Wolfe Creek — some of them are sad, some funny. Some of them are stories of madness, of violence. Some are ordinary. Yet they all have about them a sense of mystery — the mystery of life. Sometimes, the mystery of death. The mystery of the woods. The woods surrounding Wolfe Creek. To introduce this story, let me just say it encompasses the All — it is beyond the “Fire”, though few would know that meaning. It is a story of many, but begins with one — and I knew someone who knew her. The one leading to the many is Aimee Styles. Aimee is the one.

Okay so I stole and adapted that from Twin Peaks but that is exactly the feel I had reading Kaylie Newell’s Lone Wolfe Protector. It took me back to the days when I first began watching Twin Peaks. The entire small slightly creepy things going bump in the night. The cast of characters that come and go, leaving you constantly wondering who is and who isn’t suspicious–making everyone suspicious. And the entire where in the Biebers is Aimee Styles?! If this isn’t a mystery for Dale Cooper there never has been one. ~ Sorry Koda Wolfe, but Agent Cooper and I share an appreciation for coffee and cherry pie. That trumps the strong, silent, protective deputy type.  Continue Reading

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Book It – In News Today: Here and Now, Lexi Ryan Gives Sneak Peak of All For This

All for This FB banner (Pre-release)

A tempting sneak peek to the long awaited third and final installment to Lexi Ryan’s Here and Now Trilogy is being released today. Long awaited to people like me who are addicted to the story. Actually, Lexi has been putting these books out at a blessedly short succession that feel like forever to those who are on edge at the cliffhangers book to book. This excerpt gives you a little look into Max’s side of the new clusterbutterfly that went into effect at the end of Fall To You. Personally, I’m Team Nate but when I see Max’s POV I don’t know what the hell to think because the guy just doesn’t seem like the douche canoe I want him to be so I can hate and forget him. Damn you Jacob Black for making me so freaking on the fence about love triangles; you rotten, furry, little shit! I almost hope that at the end of All For This Hanna gets her memory back and remembers she is actually a lesbian and has been seeing a woman behind all their backs. GRRRL POWA!


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Book Boyfriend Report – Fate Book by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Fate-Book-255Sometimes free books should cost millions of dinero… I don’t know do dinero have a decent value? Perhaps I should say millions of pounds, because the English pound is very high in value and this book is AMAZEKITTENS! It should cost you the price of a small, gorgeous island where you can drink endless mai-tais and sun bathe naked without fear of skin cancer. All hail Mimi Jean Pamfiloff because she has just become Queen of the Universe’s Best Library and Literary Babe of the Year! Fate Book was the best cost-me-nothing book that I’ve bought in the last few months. I’m not exaggerating, despite my enthusiasm–it’s just my natural state to be overly dramatic.
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Tongue Wagger – Erotic Images by Missy Jane

eroticimagesDo you ever read a book and get a happy about it because it’s within one of your fields of expertise or interests? I have certain books that are MUST READS for me. I never pass up a book about tattooed bad boys. It’s actually become an issue where I buy so many I will likely NEVER read them. I always buy books from authors from Northeastern Pennsylvania because it’s a shout out to my home region. Love New Orleans, so I pick up all the books with that as the locale. Asian heros… rare but totally induces Amazon binges. Medieval Christian Art or Latin slant because my Bachelor’s of Arts double major was Art History of Medieval Christian Times, and Roman Civilization and Western Studies.

Lastly! Photography. I have an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts Photography. Fine Arts Photography means that I play around with alternative processing, mediums, filters, films and lens. I did some mixed media and did rather well winning in art shows and had a few private shows of my own. There is nothing I miss more than the smell of the darkroom. So self-medicating with romances with photographers works quite well. — I’ve never taken naked pictures of strangers, but I have paid stray kitties in tuna for some impromptu nature shots.

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Weekend Pick Me Up – Lost In Me by Lexi Ryan

Lost In Me - Lexi RyanI have been trying very hard to overcome the habit of making quick judgements that my mother instilled in me as a child for sometime. Still, I find they bite me on the patootie and I often have times when I read that I get an impression and think I’ve figured out everything on that first thought and think I can stop there. It takes me a nudge to remember all the times I have made the promise that I wouldn’t be like my mom in quick painting all things black and white before I pull my big girl pants on and step beyond my bull crap. This is how I learned Lost In Me was not The Vow.

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He Said, She Said – Making Love 101: Lexi Post

Making Love 101

Lexi Post has been combining her brand of romance to classic stories to produce intriguing tales filled with a modern taste of saucy heat to the simpler historic love stories. She has revamped Edgar Allan Poe’s The Masque of Red Death in her novel, Masque. Taken Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Rappaccini’s Daughter to create her novel Passion’s Poison. In this Making Love 101, Lexi will talk about her retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as the modern love story Passions of Sleepy Hollow. Thanks for your time, Lexi!

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Makin’ The Love Monday – Passion of Sleepy Hollow by Lexi Post

Passion Sleepy

I’ve read a lot of adaptations of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow from many genres and I do have some favorites. One of the ones that actually stands out most in my heart was an unpublished short story I read by one of my college professors that had a disturbing horror lean that crossed 80’s slasher films with the legend and made the tale an urban blood bath. I think that one of the best homages a writer can give to a classic or well loved story is when they truly make it their own. To pull it out of the world it once lived in and recreate it as something that makes you see it in an entirely new light. Lexi Post doesn’t only give you a new taste of Sleepy Hollow and it’s legend with this novel she pretty much remaps your taste buds! This is an effing amazekittens read!

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Any Day That Ends In YA – Locked by Eva Morgan

LockedCovereditI had the realization a few weeks ago that it had been a few forevers ago since I had made it a habit to review Young Adult novels and upon this revelation came the realization that I really missed reading YA books. I also found that in the treasure trove of books on my Kindle I have a lot of YA books to read and review. I am going to make an attempt to read more. But as my first choice I had to pick Eva Morgan’s Locked because when I originally read the synopsis at the release of this novel the snarky, arrogant Sherlock Holmes’ cocky comments pretty much made me fall in love. So this one is for you Sherlock! (And you Eva…)

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He Said, She Said – Hearing Voices: Belle of the Ball Game; How This Female Fan Snagged One of Baseball’s Hottest Commodities – A Glimpse Inside The Locker Room.

collette_westHello, I’d like to introduce myself to all you fangirls out there.

My official title here at is The Lady in Waiting. But honestly? I’ll answer to Hey Lady, Lady Wait or anything close. I’m not about adhering to formalities. I’m used to screaming my brains out from the cheap seats.

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Book It – In News Today: Jeffrey Perren Giveaway of Clonmac’s Bridge

Announcement giveaway Cliostory

Alternating from contemporary to Dark Ages Ireland and back, Clonmac’s Bridge explores the nature of discovery, the value of freedom, and the conundrums of love and work.

The novel’s medieval hero is an independent-minded builder in an age of stifling conformity. His love for individual creation is out of place in a monastery community whose Abbot views it as a sin. The story of its contemporary protagonist is a close parallel. The modern archaeologist is caught between his passion to freely explore and the machinations of those who oppose it out of envy, sloth, or cronyism.

Clonmac’s Bridge will be of interest to lovers of historical fiction, mystery, adventure, and anyone who loves a good story about heroic characters fighting mediocrity.

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