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Any Day That Ends In YA – Locked by Eva Morgan

LockedCovereditI had the realization a few weeks ago that it had been a few forevers ago since I had made it a habit to review Young Adult novels and upon this revelation came the realization that I really missed reading YA books. I also found that in the treasure trove of books on my Kindle I have a lot of YA books to read and review. I am going to make an attempt to read more. But as my first choice I had to pick Eva Morgan’s Locked because when I originally read the synopsis at the release of this novel the snarky, arrogant Sherlock Holmes’ cocky comments pretty much made me fall in love. So this one is for you Sherlock! (And you Eva…)

Irene Adler is your typical kickballs conundrum. She is a lot like you and me in the sorts of ways we pull on our panties on each day; then she is a sundae of emotional hazards only the brave would dare add sprinkles to or try to choke down in all other directions. Her sister’s death has no conception of the time that has past and the wound in her heart is just as open and raw as the day it happened. She can find no relief from the inner torture and her nightly superhero activities might give her a few moments of mental respite but her emotional cesspool is without help until she meets the new and ridiculously hot boy who has just moved in next door. Sherlock is beautiful and hands down the most arrogantly unlikeable person she has ever met. He is far more attractive once he is wearing her casserole than when he was just talking pompous trash and insolently spouting his superior status upon their introduction. But he quickly finds a way into her broken world being irresistibly detestable. Soon the two of them are allies in a “them against us” fight with everyone they come in contact with, leaving the logical Sherlock adrift in an emotional arena heretofore alien to him.

Sherlock really is arrogant and I found myself often wondering if I might not be falling in love with Eva when he would have a particularly fabulous brilliant witticism or intellectual statement and debate. He is possibly one of the most stunningly artful and savvy characters I have come across in some time. Smart men have always appealed to me and Sherlock is such an attractively logical and discerning person that I came quickly under his spell. I can’t help but become addicted to a character who is outrageously brash and improperly inconsiderate without any remorse for his perceptions of the world and dealings with all those in his purview.

One of my favorite quotes of Sherlock’s is when he is speaking to Irene about her seemingly careless search for danger:

He keeps his grip for a second too long, until I want to squirm away from his eye contact. “I mean it. If I think you remain a danger to yourself , I will tell someone. Even if therapy is a self-indulgent quack science that reinforces the belief that one’s silly internal streams of thought are worth listening to.”

“Good to know your opinion on things.”

“I don’t express opinions. I express facts.”

Eva uses a very effective way of shifting POV back and forth without ever really taking the narrative from Irene. At the start of every chapter she inserts an entry from Sherlock’s journal regarding his perceptions of the case they are working on and his concerns and ideas about Irene. It is usually quite funny to see his bafflement at how illogical emotions and friendship are. Even more so when he himself begins having feelings for Irene and he can’t give a rational explanation as to why he feels these things.

Third hypothesis: She genuinely cares about me.

Evidence for: Stated that she likes me, all of me. (Though: only dimly remember this. Could be wrong.) Cleaned my locker. Refused to break up with me. Fell asleep next to my bed, apparently (woke up this morning and she was on the floor).

Evidence against: I am me.

Evidence against is compelling. Must seek further confirmation of third hypothesis before I hope before I take it as true.

The who dun’it? was humongously satisfying and I found myself very cross at Eva and preparing a very angry email in which I would be telling her than she and I would not be braiding one another’s hair or painting one another’s toe nails toward the end of the book. She had me weeping in my Jello cup and it is not a good thing for someone with the flu to get all blubbery because it makes the congestion and chest yuckiness to get all effed in the A. I’m telling you right now, Evaface… you don’t fix this rabble and I will not be inviting you to my kitty tea party.

I recommend this book for anyone who melts over a good snarky bad boy and is a fan of a finely crafted heroine. Sherlock will be your Book Boyfriend if you had your panties warmed by Will Herondale or Jace Wayland/Lightwood/Herondale/InsertWhateverNewNameHere from the Shadowhunter Series, Echo from Ednah Walters’ Grimnirs, Jack Hunter from Lovely Vicious by Sara Wolf, Daemon Black from Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, or Patch from Becca Fitzpatrick’s Hush, Hush Series… Seeing so many fine bad boys in one place makes me think we should have a dinner party… I think I’m in the mood for juicy boy-sized sammiches.

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