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Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Lori Bentley Law


This week my Word Slinger is Motor Doll Lori Bentley Law. Lori is a pretty fascinating chick whose alter ego might strongly resemble the character Benny from her novel Motor Dolls. She is an author, photojournalist, Vintage car enthusiast and I’m pretty sure that she just might be a vigilante who is righting the wrongs of the world, but if she were to confirm that she might have to convince us that it is all just good weather in Belize. It’s all thumbs up in my book!

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Word Slinger Project

Tongue Wagger – Motor Dolls by Lori Bentley Law

Motor-DollsWhen I was a little girl I would watch Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley and I always wanted to be like those girls in the ponytails snapping their gum while they walked around all cool in their midcalf jeans and sleeveless button-up shirts trolling parking lots for the bad boys who rode motorcycles and drove fast cars and dished on babes. I wasn’t a Richie, Ralph or Potsie girl. I wasn’t really a Fonzie girl either, I thought he was a bit of a creeper. I liked the awful jerk guy that showed up with Pinky Tuscadero. (Looking back now… I clearly knew how to pick them even at a very young age) I do have a point to this trip down my TV memory lane and that is that Lori Bentley Law made me feel that same yearning to be the type of cool girl but only a better one, because the two characters in her book, Jeda and Benny were so effing AMAZEKITTENS!

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Book It, Giveaways

Book It – In News Today: Eva Morgan Releases Locked


Eva Morgan’s New Adult murder mystery sleuth novel about modern day Sherlock Holmes and his Girl Friday, next door neighbor, Irene Adler–a broken woman who lost her sister. Will Irene be able to solve the murder before the killer’s next victim is Sherlock in this contemporary ‘Who dun’it’? Eva Morgan is offering a

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Weekend Pick Me Up – Selling Scarlett by Ella James

photo (1) Yesterday was my 40th Birthday. I have reached my 4th decade. If this was my wedding anniversary it would be my ruby year. Since it is only my birthday year I will be open to accepting sapphires. No need to be greedy.

For my big year I woke up with a killer headache on a day that just so happened to be one where I was going to see my neurologist about my migraines. Received a birthday gift of a shot of Toradol to kick it’s ass and then bought myself a Thai massage before coming home and spending the day with my husband watching Netflix and playing World of Warcraft. We had actually had bigger plans but crappy weather in SoCal is unusual and when it happens it sort of stops things in their tracks. It rained all yesterday and we nested.

This weekend we are having a “brown out” where we aren’t using any electronic equipment and are spending the weekend doing things together. We have paperback copies of The Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card to read when we aren’t out of the house going to the zoo and having my birthday dinner. We haven’t really had a weekend like this since we were in college. This all being the case… I have to do my Weekend Pick Me Up early since David is taking tomorrow off to start our our vacation early. I’ll whip this out now so you can start yours early too!

This weeks recommendation is a romantic suspense by Ella James called Selling Scarlett. I found this book on Amazon on a search for free Amazon books. It is the first in her new Love Inc. series about a seedy underworld pleasure brothel in the Nevada desert that caters to the affluently jaded and infamously bored.

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