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Makin’ The Love Monday – Passion of Sleepy Hollow by Lexi Post

Passion Sleepy

I’ve read a lot of adaptations of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow from many genres and I do have some favorites. One of the ones that actually stands out most in my heart was an unpublished short story I read by one of my college professors that had a disturbing horror lean that crossed 80’s slasher films with the legend and made the tale an urban blood bath. I think that one of the best homages a writer can give to a classic or well loved story is when they truly make it their own. To pull it out of the world it once lived in and recreate it as something that makes you see it in an entirely new light. Lexi Post doesn’t only give you a new taste of Sleepy Hollow and it’s legend with this novel she pretty much remaps your taste buds! This is an effing amazekittens read!

Braeden Van Brunt is only in Sleepy Hollow to do his brother, Stephen, a solid. Normally Stephen plays the part of the Headless Horseman in the annual Sleepy Hollow festivities but when he falls ill Braeden steps in not only for Stephen but because it is a Van Brunt family tradition that the Horseman be played by a Van Brunt male. Ill prepared for the revelry or the amount of people that would be drawn to the celebration Braeden arrives in Tarrytown to find that there are no accommodations and after an exhausting search he ends up at Katrina Van Tassel’s Inn in Sleepy Hollow requesting a room. Where the present clashes with a curse.

Lexi Post smartly divides the two worlds in her book with the village of Sleepy Hollow existing in Oldtime–where one week in Oldtime is equivalent to one year in Newtime, present day. For the rest of the year, outside of the run of the Horseman and the hours of the festival, Oldtime and the village vanish from Newtime and in it’s place is nothing but the peace and quiet of green grass and woods can be seen in the place where the village of Sleepy Hollow comes to life during that few days a year. When the village reappears the area transforms into a small community of homes, waremakers and neighbors. The village is a phantom that comes to visit Newtime just for the run of the Headless Horseman.

When Braeden arrives at Katrina’s inn she believes she is seeing her old betroth and yet she is aware that she is looking at a Newtimer. The man she is seeing is a stunning image of Brom (Bones) Van Brunt who deserted her on his way to marry her four years earlier in Oldtime time. When she finds out that Braeden is a Van Brunt she realizes that he is a descendent of her lover and then she begins to become incredibly confused as to whether her desires are for Braeden or if she is attracted to him because he reminds her of Brom. Once she is convinced she that it is him who has her heart she only has to convince him… which is harder than she had ever hoped it could be.

Now there were a few parts in the book that drove me crack pot crazy and I am pretty damn sure that all of them were of Braeden’s making. Many times I was thinking… RAWR, whewwwy, wow! Alpha hottie. And then a few pages later I would thing… Put on your girl panties you pansy! You have more insecurities and sand in your vagina than my sister when she was first developing her boobs! In a lot of places Braeden had valid issues to gripe about in some places.  But he cried a lot of crocodile tears and wasted a couple of years that didn’t need to be wasted if only he wasn’t nursing his Nancy-boy feelies and wasn’t so busy carrying his balls around in an Easter basket. Usually it’s the girl that drives me crazy with her estrogen induced silliness, but no… Braeden obviously had been developing those oversized pecs by having some girly boobie juice traveling around in his body.

There is an amazing suspense/mystery to this story add it to the paranormal/supernatural/folklore bent that it has going on and it only helps add more and more oishi layers. Lexi conquers the secondary character boss and she handles a large cast of supporting figures that lend to the dynamism of the plot and the character development of the main characters. I think one of the most beautiful things done in this story is how Lexi controlled the pacing of the story. She never allowed the change of time, the interaction between people of new and old times, or the relationship between Kat and Braeden to throw off the measure of the storyline. Personally, I think that there was a great potential of dropping the ball if she hadn’t been so savvy in dealing with those elements in the way she did.

I recommend this book if you like Marie Hall’s Kingdom Series. If you are looking for an INCREDIKITTIES YA book series that will blow your butt off then Kelly Creagh’s Nevermore books were to die for! They are about a guy who becomes so caught up in the writings of Edgar Allan Poe that he is seduced into a dark dream world created by his imagination that he becomes completely lost to. Jennifer Ashley’s Nvengaria Series is one of my all time favorites. Sophie Oaks’ A Faery Story Series is one that I can read again and again and it is so erotically yummy I need resuscitation in some places.. Still Star-Crossed by Melinda Taub is a story of Montagues and Capulets after Romeo and Juliet kick the can and it’s brilliant.

I might have gotten a little carried away with the recommendations but I do like when classics are retold or reworked… I did tell you that and all of these are AMAZING!

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