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Book Boyfriend Report – Fate Book by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Fate-Book-255Sometimes free books should cost millions of dinero… I don’t know do dinero have a decent value? Perhaps I should say millions of pounds, because the English pound is very high in value and this book is AMAZEKITTENS! It should cost you the price of a small, gorgeous island where you can drink endless mai-tais and sun bathe naked without fear of skin cancer. All hail Mimi Jean Pamfiloff because she has just become Queen of the Universe’s Best Library and Literary Babe of the Year! Fate Book was the best cost-me-nothing book that I’ve bought in the last few months. I’m not exaggerating, despite my enthusiasm–it’s just my natural state to be overly dramatic.

This is supposed to be a New Adult book but it’s sorta–kinda a Mature YA book with a slap and tickle and a devilishly sinful main man that is panty dropping good. I’m not saying it’s not NA… I’m just saying it rides the rails, there is a good deal of smexuality but hey I’d not say my 17 year old couldn’t read it… I don’t have one, but if I did she would no doubt be doing what is happening in here, so What-The-Hell, please shelf this YA/NA and move forward.

My new favorite heroine, Dakota Dane, is a mess of epic proportion. She is really not half as bad as she imagines but she creates the worst case scenarios of the young and restless and had me holding my sides and aching from laughter. After a nothing to mention Spring Break ends she returns to her Senior year of high school. Dakota decides to create a boyfriend that is the ultimate of all ultimates to one up the class bitch and impress. After writing her fiction she has to create the background to support it and that night she goes to create her digital trail of this dreamy non-existent steamy love affair. Picking a photo off the internet of a luscious guy she makes a faux Facebook for him and sets their relationship statuses as “In a Romantic Clutch”. Her every hope is that no one catches her in her lie. Never guessing she has actually made this story a reality.

This is not a paranormal or fantasy book so you can stop thinking that right there… but I assure you that Dakota is sent someone I would consider Heavensent although many would differ. I like them evil, mean, ornery and spiteful; enter Santiago Asturias II. Don’t blame him for his name, Dakota gave it to him and he has to live with it now. Dakota however isn’t sure if she is having some sort of psychosis or government plot when her lie shows up at her school to claim her as his girlfriend and is really unhappy about it. Santiago is one of my super, duper favorite heroes in a YA/NA, grouchy pants, sexy, grab the bull by the horns, fight your dragons, enigmatic, I’m an asshat sorta way! One of my favorite quotes from Dakota about Santiago is, “He was like a giant danger-brownie and my body wanted a big fat bite”. He is the best at being there when she needs him and making her hate herself for it and hating herself for liking him being there. Santiago on the other hand is awesome at staying prickly in all his mysteriousness and throughout their thrilling suspenseful action adventure.

“Stop staring at my ass,” he barked without bothering to look at my direction.
“I was looking at the…” Shit. “Windshield wipers. You should try changing them once in a while.”
“Changed them yesterday. Stop staring at my fucking ass. You’re too young for me.”
What? How Crude. Why had he blurted that out? It was strange and out of context. “Thank God for that.”
With his enormous stature, he easily slipped into the driver’s seat. “I’m not your toy. We won’t be having sex.”

It’s always the ones that protest too much. This book is very fast paced and action packed. The story really moves along and you won’t be able to help yourself shake your head in commiseration with Dakota and then cringe and laugh aloud at her continued embarrassment and internal dialogue–esspecially as she works to figure out where Santiago came from, what she is in the middle of and how the hell she is going to get out of it. If she could go back to her old life, the friends she had and the guys life she wasn’t sure she could. In Dakota’s words, “I wasn’t the least bit interested in him (the former guy she liked) anymore. Besides, even if I were, what good would it do me now? I was the prisoner of a man I’d made up.” Yep that paragraph was one sentence! I win the marathon! So how does Santiago Asturias II rate on the Book Boyfriend Scale?

  • Arrogant/Jerk Boyfriend
  • Alpha Boyfriend
  • All In Boyfriend
  • Bad Boy Boyfriend
  • Boy Next Door Boyfriend
  • Charming Boyfriend
  • Dark Desires Boyfriend
  • Dirty Talker Boyfriend
  • Does It All Right Boyfriend
  • Enigmatic Boyfriend
  • Got Some Issues Boyfriend
  • Pure Sin Boyfriend
  • Pushes Too Hard Boyfriend
  • Reluctant/Insecure Boyfriend
  • Three P’s Boyfriend: Protective, Proprietary & Possessive

This book is really a fantastic read. For the humor portion of it there are only two recommendations I have for you and that would be Sara Wolf’s Lovely Vicious Series and the other would be Nicole Christie’s Fallen For The Ghost of You. Don’t let the cover of Fallen For The Ghost of You make you think it’s a cheap and unworthy book it’s quite possibly one of the funniest books I have read EVER!


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