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Any Day That Ends in YA: Resisting the Rebel by Lisa Brown Roberts

Resisting the Rebel by Lisa Brown Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What do you call a book that you have a major thing for? Is it my love bookfriend? Or should I go with the classic and say that I want to marry it? Cool? That works. ‘Cause I do! I want to marry this book!

Lisa Brown Roberts totally sucked me into this book with her super comfortable characters. The atmosphere and personalities flow so seamlessly that you won’t notice how much time has passed before you are turning the last page. With a flooded market it feels that snappy, sassy, realistic teen romances are harder to find. Organically driven plot lines and engaging dialogue often are sacrificed for higher word counts creating these exposition heavy stories. I love when my stories are told to me by showing me what has happened and not told to me as a summary. When done properly you get an epic and worthy book.

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Weekend Pick Me Up: External Forces by Deborah Rix


I got this book from NetGalley in exchange for my awesome opinion. That is what I’m supposed to say right, that my honesty can’t be bought? So take note pour favors, this book is being judged fairly based upon it’s fine qualities and my integrity as a book dork.

Imma rock this book booty!

Holy cow pies, Catgirl! Is it getting warm in here? This book is hot stuff . Shake your boom boom already. I just KNOW you will want to take your–well maybe it’s weird to say the book is so hot you want to take your clothes off. I can’t understand why it took me so long to pick it up and start reading it, hindsight is truly regrets’ bestfriend. MY bestfriend is grrlpowa phenom Jess Grant; she is the sort of friend that kicks names and takes tushies. If you are a bad guy she is going to spank you into the next millennium. This girl isn’t your girl next door, she is the girl who is building the house and making the future for the bodies within. A heroine for all heroines. And there is that thing where she is sorta boy stupid and judgmentally handicapable. Or maybe incapable.

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Any Day That Ends In YA – Persephone by Kaitlin Bevis



I’ve had my eye on Kaitlin Bevis’s work for a while – I mean, a book with the title “Persephone”? you dangle that in front of me, I’m a goner.
So when Ms Ali Cat presented me with the opportunity to dive into it, I jumped as high as my little legs allowed me and screamed “yes, yes, yes” on repeat like a newly-proposed to woman in love (or not) would do.
A thousand times yes!
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Book It: Renee Collins Reveals Cover for Until We Meet Again


Sourcebooks will be releasing Renee Collins new epic romance novel Until We Meet Again in November this year. The romantic love story that spans two lifetimes, and soul mates finding one another not once but twice, sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to read it. I have high hopes that I might be able to get an ARC and review it ahead of time because November is just too far away!

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Weekend Pick Me Up – Ali by Mercy Amare

Ali StrokeI most certainly did not pick this book because the heroine chicky had an awesome name! But the chick does have an awesome name, eh?

I found Ali after reading the first book in this series, Char, which I had picked up for nadda and read in hyperspeed. Mercy Amare has that spooky finger on the pulse of teen behavior that makes me cringe since my sister is an 18 year old who only last week I recall was entering pre-school; time seems to be a treacherously speedy bitch. Before you yank my review for that teen realism, I am not saying that the situation of a girl dumped in NYC and set up in a Gossip Girl episode is a reality. My go on this book is that I have to worry about my impressionable baby Jelly Bean walking into peer pressure, low self esteem, questionable, wtf judgement calls, hormones, drugs, drinking, insta-love, lust puppying, and overreacting as a daily experience. It is a frightening echo of every text, Facebook post and story my mom has to relate to me. There is a lot of Chuck Bass in the Beckers but not a helluva lot of sugar coating as far as being an adolescent or teen as far as Mercy Amare and how she writes out the inner hell that is a girl’s brain and how she relates to her friends and the general bullshit of growing up–which is pretty much the same no matter where you live.

Christian Becker is a NYC icon and dreamiest boy of all dreamy boys. As son of Charles Becker, Christian, and his brother Tristan, are heirs to Becker Industries, a multimillion dollar company, that the Becker men have plans to expand into other parts of the country when the Becker Boys get some finish on themselves. These aren’t your normal guys and Christian Becker isn’t an average NYU Freshman, he has plans. Once he sets his sights on Ali not only do those sights include making his mark on the world, taking his place in Becker Family Inc., he is planning on acquiring Ali in a long term capacity as well. Seeing Tristan with Char all flowers and hearts has left Christian with an itch to find himself a good woman and he knows the second he sees Ali that she is it for him. Continue Reading

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He Said, She Said – Fictional Friends: Getting to Know the Dirt About Fallen Fourth Three! (Part 3)


I had a few weeks where I was dealing with some anonymous threats about posting what some people want to call ‘questionable’ information about the Fallen Crest King and Queen and the Second King… I would never make up this stuff and I think if you know these people you can clearly see for yourself the veracity of their character in these questionnaires so I have one thing to say to you haters, “Get fucked!”

I have done nothing at all wrong in befriending Sam, sending her a small getting-to-know-you email, wisely anticipating a the less than forthright answers from Sam, Logan and Mason and ensuring that my job be done by looking out for Sam and sending a Trojan horse that triggers a videostream directly from her laptop cam to a site that I can view. You–strangely, overreactionary–peeps blowing up my social media calling me a stalker are failing to realize that this stuff is available all over the internet. If it were really THAT illegal and THAT wrong someone would have written Facebook or Google and someone would have done something about it, like, right away. It’s still there so it’s okay to use it and I did it to show Sam, Logan and Mason in their home environment–you know just like those documentary people do ALL the time and no one EVER bitches when scientists go and live with people who eat other people or castrate women. No one ever looks at the documentarist as bad for what they are doing!

Give me a FREAKIN’ break!

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Book It – In News Today: Jennifer L. Armentrout Releases Stone Cold Touch; Readers Stymied by Which Book Boyfriend to Squee Loudest About

Jennifer L. Armentrout has delivered this book just in time to remind me that I have not started this series and I’m this much further behind. From the facts and booty in my Release Blitz Benefits Package this book is here to give us the one thing all romance readers LURVE: a love triangle. I was going hard in the sarcasm on that. I figure that this is like chintz someday someone will catch on that we like ass sores more than we like rivals for one girl’s or guy’s affection until then we have the joy of Swedish Fish and comfort of kittens. While we wait, get your go juice of choice, curl up and get the first book if you haven’t already; late to the party like myself–links to Bitter Sweet Love and White Hot Kiss at the bottom of the post. One thing I can say is that JLA is a seasoned creator of tasty stories so noshing on this will give you a feel-good high that will be worth the time… and if there was ever an Artisté talented on making swoony, snarky, dream guys it would be Jennifer. Perhaps we should have her rewrite Congress and make it a sci-fi, paranormal, urban-fantasy… I bet it would be far more entertaining than it is currently painful.

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He Said, She Said – Fictional Friends: Getting to Know the Dirt About Fallen Fourth Three! Part 2

Time for part 2 of my 4 part, ‘Getting to Know You Questionnaire’ with the Fallen Crest Three or Fallen Four Three… or maybe I should just stick with calling them Sam, Mason and Logan. Today is Sam’s Four Threes Portion! This is four questions with three answers. I gave the same questions to all three of them and of course what I got back was not enough to diagram a sentence, but thanks to my handy dandy email attachment bug that allowed me to access their webcam and see and hear their conversation, I got to hear the three of them discuss their answers! #SQUEEE!

This is Sam’s and I have to admit that she is more girly girl on the inside when she was divulging her real answers with Logan and Mason than the word association answers she replied to me in email. I already said in the first post how disappointed I was about this… I’ve given it thought and she just doesn’t KNOW me yet and this is the perfect time for her to see she can trust me with her heart! I am showing her with this post that she can BE HERSELF in a safe place with me and I will ALWAYS have her back! Sam, me and you, sister of my heart! You and me, Besties! #BFFS4EVAH


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