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Book It: Lexi Ryan Shakes New Hope Up Once Again


I don’t know if I am happy that Max is finally getting some touch from the right woman or disappointed Lexi isn’t going to torture him a helluva lot more. He seems so good at having his world go to sh@t! I actually still feel a little like he deserves some more dark clouds for everything he did with/to Hannah. You know what? I am going to be happy he’s getting his turn because if I know anything about Lexi Ryan books it is that she has to bottom out her hero/heroine until she gives them any light at the end of the tunnel. And if you are paying any attention, Lexi’s Muse, I would really love that at the end of Nix and Max’s story she decides she is a lesbian and he is left weiner in hand yet one more time.

Pu-lease, Ms. Ryan, go nasty!


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Book It: Lexi Gets Sexy; New Hope Is Back and Playing with Fire!



Lexi Ryan is filling my every hope for the future and releasing Nix’s book. My favorite New Hope doctor is doing the dirty with the man who has been turned down by EVERY Thompson daughter. Every dog will have their day: Max Hallowell, the favorite for the shoulda, woulda, coulda award for the past New Hope books is having wham bam, thank you ma’ams, with my doctor. HEA is ahead, my friends! Well that is the theory but Lexi has to torture us with a whirly twirly, topsy turvy plot first.

Do not miss this July 7, 2015 release. You are getting the Ms. Ali Cat promise, fireworks will be lasting long after this 2015 Independence Day.

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Tongue Wagger: Something Real by Lexi Ryan


Insert huge sigh. I usually fail to read the last book in series because I just don’t want to know the answer to all my what-ifs. What if my favorite character dies? What if the heroine ends up with the wrong guy? What if the author craps the bed and the last book is completely disappointing? These are questions that NEVER enter my mind when I begin reading a Lexi Ryan series because the books are pure effing torture on cliffhangers. I end each part of her series with painful, crippling curiosity as to what the hell happens next. The other questions don’t even apply because sometimes I want the main character in her books to die. I want her to end up with the wrong guy. There is no crap left in the last book of her stories because she ties up the strings of storylines and the strings of my heart with the WTF? happiness moment in the reveal. How an author could get anything to float out of the miasma is Lexi’s gift to me… I mean her readers. And me. I know she writes each book just for me. Continue Reading

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Tongue Wagger – Lone Wolfe Protector by Kaylie Newell

Tongue Wagger - Lone Wolfe Protector by Kaylie NewellWelcome to Wolfe Creek. My name is Ara. I live in Wolfe Creek. I am known as Aunt A. There is a story behind that. There are many stories in Wolfe Creek — some of them are sad, some funny. Some of them are stories of madness, of violence. Some are ordinary. Yet they all have about them a sense of mystery — the mystery of life. Sometimes, the mystery of death. The mystery of the woods. The woods surrounding Wolfe Creek. To introduce this story, let me just say it encompasses the All — it is beyond the “Fire”, though few would know that meaning. It is a story of many, but begins with one — and I knew someone who knew her. The one leading to the many is Aimee Styles. Aimee is the one.

Okay so I stole and adapted that from Twin Peaks but that is exactly the feel I had reading Kaylie Newell’s Lone Wolfe Protector. It took me back to the days when I first began watching Twin Peaks. The entire small slightly creepy things going bump in the night. The cast of characters that come and go, leaving you constantly wondering who is and who isn’t suspicious–making everyone suspicious. And the entire where in the Biebers is Aimee Styles?! If this isn’t a mystery for Dale Cooper there never has been one. ~ Sorry Koda Wolfe, but Agent Cooper and I share an appreciation for coffee and cherry pie. That trumps the strong, silent, protective deputy type.  Continue Reading

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Book It – In News Today: Here and Now, Lexi Ryan Gives Sneak Peak of All For This

All for This FB banner (Pre-release)

A tempting sneak peek to the long awaited third and final installment to Lexi Ryan’s Here and Now Trilogy is being released today. Long awaited to people like me who are addicted to the story. Actually, Lexi has been putting these books out at a blessedly short succession that feel like forever to those who are on edge at the cliffhangers book to book. This excerpt gives you a little look into Max’s side of the new clusterbutterfly that went into effect at the end of Fall To You. Personally, I’m Team Nate but when I see Max’s POV I don’t know what the hell to think because the guy just doesn’t seem like the douche canoe I want him to be so I can hate and forget him. Damn you Jacob Black for making me so freaking on the fence about love triangles; you rotten, furry, little shit! I almost hope that at the end of All For This Hanna gets her memory back and remembers she is actually a lesbian and has been seeing a woman behind all their backs. GRRRL POWA!


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Makin’ The Love Monday – Under Fire by Denise Agnew

Under-Fire-StrokeI like authors that think outside of the sack. It’s so typical to do a series where there are a bunch of friends: Chandler, Joey, Ross, and they know these girls: Monica, Phoebe and Rachel, add romance and drama, toil and trouble… You have your players and only ONE dramatic, meaninglessly, meaningful thing can happen at a time. Reality doesn’t happen that way, but apparently fiction generally can’t multi-task. Romance series do one of two things that burn my panties: people fall in love in quick succession like they are domino pairings or for some reason unknown to me, incest via association begins to happen and everyone who enters the circle of friends is quickly paired off to someone just waiting to prove they will never fall in love; Method Story Writing 101.

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Book Boyfriend Report – Fate Book by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Fate-Book-255Sometimes free books should cost millions of dinero… I don’t know do dinero have a decent value? Perhaps I should say millions of pounds, because the English pound is very high in value and this book is AMAZEKITTENS! It should cost you the price of a small, gorgeous island where you can drink endless mai-tais and sun bathe naked without fear of skin cancer. All hail Mimi Jean Pamfiloff because she has just become Queen of the Universe’s Best Library and Literary Babe of the Year! Fate Book was the best cost-me-nothing book that I’ve bought in the last few months. I’m not exaggerating, despite my enthusiasm–it’s just my natural state to be overly dramatic.
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Tongue Wagger – Erotic Images by Missy Jane

eroticimagesDo you ever read a book and get a happy about it because it’s within one of your fields of expertise or interests? I have certain books that are MUST READS for me. I never pass up a book about tattooed bad boys. It’s actually become an issue where I buy so many I will likely NEVER read them. I always buy books from authors from Northeastern Pennsylvania because it’s a shout out to my home region. Love New Orleans, so I pick up all the books with that as the locale. Asian heros… rare but totally induces Amazon binges. Medieval Christian Art or Latin slant because my Bachelor’s of Arts double major was Art History of Medieval Christian Times, and Roman Civilization and Western Studies.

Lastly! Photography. I have an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts Photography. Fine Arts Photography means that I play around with alternative processing, mediums, filters, films and lens. I did some mixed media and did rather well winning in art shows and had a few private shows of my own. There is nothing I miss more than the smell of the darkroom. So self-medicating with romances with photographers works quite well. — I’ve never taken naked pictures of strangers, but I have paid stray kitties in tuna for some impromptu nature shots.

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Weekend Pick Me Up – Lost In Me by Lexi Ryan

Lost In Me - Lexi RyanI have been trying very hard to overcome the habit of making quick judgements that my mother instilled in me as a child for sometime. Still, I find they bite me on the patootie and I often have times when I read that I get an impression and think I’ve figured out everything on that first thought and think I can stop there. It takes me a nudge to remember all the times I have made the promise that I wouldn’t be like my mom in quick painting all things black and white before I pull my big girl pants on and step beyond my bull crap. This is how I learned Lost In Me was not The Vow.

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