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Book Boyfriend – Schooled by Piper Lawson


Perhaps it is a throwback to my youth, but I love the books where the plot is brother/sister and best friend or rivals to lovers. I like the heart twistin’, which is strange because I avoid drama in my own life. Perhaps I’m one of those people who loves romance train wrecks. Actually there is no perhaps about it. I enjoy watching love disasters.

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Tongue Wagger – Color me Crazy by Carol Pavliska

Sorry people, I need a minute. To squeal and reel and make a cartwheel or two I wouldn’t normally be capable of performing. I just feel like euphorically shaking my butt to the awesomeness that is Color me Crazy with as much enthusiasm as I apply when I hear “Uptown Funk” on the radio. What do you want from me? It has groove! Although I am pretty sure Julian would prefer that my ass be shaken to a more rocking tune such as my beloved Led Zeppelin or Def Leppard and I would be happy to oblige…

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Weekend Pick Me Up – A Home For Lily by Elizabeth Kelly

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00026]I need a baby! Not that kitties aren’t doing it, but you can only self medicate with kittens and baby books for so long before you begin to build up a tolerance; the yen for the actual experience burns through. God, please put a baby in my belly; you did it for Mary, you can do it for me. I know, I know… she was your girl and all, but I swear I will ride a donkey for as long as you want and turn my apartment into a barn, just give me a baby! I am in a position where David and I can not make little Jung Joon Youngs and I am #sorrynotsorry to be greedy and demanding but without your intervention the only thing that I am likely to give birth to is a novel. I love giving birth to books but babies are better to smell and nibble on.

Elizabeth, the other half of my Doc Brown Naughty Librarian Book and Writing Club, popped out this baby when I wasn’t looking. #punsarefun I saw it come through on my Amazon alerts and had to send her a message to ask her if it was her because I didn’t think she would do me like that; have a baby and not tell me. #cheappunsarefun I got her to shoot me a copy of A Home For Lily and I read it right away, because I have that whole thing I spoke about in the paragraph above, where I self medicate my need for a child with books where women get knocked up; vicarious pregnancy or pregnancy by proxy; I obviously need to up my meds.

Lily has an asshat for a husband. He’s a class ‘A’ eff-tard and it’s okay that he’s the most miserable S.O.B in the world because in the first chapter Elizabeth kills him and Lily only has to struggle with the emotional forfeiture of dignity during her years spent with Barry and the PSTD from the accident in which he died for a little while. She is a really well put together woman. Well… she was almost shmushed by Barry’s terribad passive aggressive driving that leaves her with a limpy-gimpy lame gam so I guess there is that too, but Lily is actually over Barry long before Elizabeth writes him out of the book. I really feel like Lily should have talked to Elizabeth more and told her how over Barry she was because ma-girl comes out of this boom crash pretty mentally A-FREAKING-OTAY for someone who should be a bit scarred up all over in the head! This of course is the technical summary of the first chapter of the book. If the words I’m using are too formal please seek aid from Urban Dictionary or Google. Continue Reading


He Said, She Said – Be My Guest – Cassidy K. O’Connor Talks About Writing Her Debut Novel


by Cassidy K. O’Connor

I’ve been an avid reader since high school; my favorite genre was and still is historical romances. During that time I had all kinds of ideas about what my future husband would be like. Never in those dreams did I imagine I would end up marrying someone who hates to read! Ironically I married my high school sweetheart and fifteen years later we’re still going strong. In all that time I can honestly say I’ve only seen him read one book in its entirety and that’s it. Continue Reading

Word Slinger Project

Weekly Indie Word Slinger – A.J. Bennett

Word-Slinger-Banner This is the first Word Slinger I’ve done in a very long time and A.J. has been wonderfully patient in my delays. I discovered A.J. when I downloaded her novel Unintentional Virgin and I loved her characters and couldn’t wait to read more of her novels. She blew me away when I found her writing to be incredibly varied and her next two novels to be worlds different; showing her ability to write with an incredible amount of depth and understanding about the human condition. You may find yourself with whiplash moving between her first novel to her second and third books, but the ability for an author to be so versatile is amazing, whether or not it’s your taste. Please, come and meet this Indie Word Slinger! May I introduce, Ms. A.J. Bennett. Continue Reading

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Feeling Peckish – The Panther’s Desire by Emerald Ice

Emerald-IceThis was a really good shifter book that I just happened to pick up for free on Amazon a while ago. I had actually been having a hard time downloading books from my cloud onto my phone and bought this one to see if it would work and didn’t really have any faith in getting much out of it but I was pretty surprised.

All that being said this book is smut. It’s a lot of doing the nasty and getting one another sweaty. I personally didn’t mind because I needed to have a smut dose, I was overdue. It’s a short read with a WTF cliffhanger and I enjoyed it for the hour of ‘Calgon, take me away’ that it gave me. Please don’t pick it up thinking that this is going to be some incredibly scientific based novel that is going to get Ms. Ice a Nobel Peace Prize in inter-species erotic relations. The award Emerald Ice would be more likely to receive for this piece of passionate push-in and pull-out is best creative use of facility equipment while makin’ the nasty. Continue Reading

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Book It – In News Today: L.A. Rose Bares Adrian Lessons’ Delicious Cover

Cover-RevealI’m very excited to help L.A. Rose do her very first cover reveal. This is her debut novel and if the teaser and the synopsis is any indication I am dying to read the book! I apologize to her for the lateness of the post because she came to me almost two weeks ago about this reveal and then, #surprisenotsurprise I got really freaking sick and in pain and couldn’t do shit again. Sorry, L.A.! This is it, better late than… well, better late, right?


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Book It – In News Today: Tijan’s A Whole New Crowd Pre-Release Tease!

A-Whole-New-Crowd-BannerIn a few days Tijan will be releasing the first in her A Whole New Crowd series, a long awaited novel among Tijanettes, who have been seeing bits and pieces of the story through teasers and excerpts for a while now. The release, August 18, 2014, is a big deal because Tijan hasn’t even released the synopsis of her novel to her readers yet, which will be part of the release day blitz. This teaser that I am posting today is only a snippet of chapter one (posted in full along with chapter two) on her Facebook group in July. I am not posting the entire thing, you can go join the group for the goodies, but I will share a small part of the goodness with you because I want to warm you up for the release day and get your one-click finger all ready for it’s job! Enjoy, support Tijan, and please remember to BUY Indie Author books and not skim them from pirate sites because it’s expensive to publish your own works when you are the little guy!Blog-Separater2

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