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Any Day That Ends In YA – Locked by Eva Morgan

LockedCovereditI had the realization a few weeks ago that it had been a few forevers ago since I had made it a habit to review Young Adult novels and upon this revelation came the realization that I really missed reading YA books. I also found that in the treasure trove of books on my Kindle I have a lot of YA books to read and review. I am going to make an attempt to read more. But as my first choice I had to pick Eva Morgan’s Locked because when I originally read the synopsis at the release of this novel the snarky, arrogant Sherlock Holmes’ cocky comments pretty much made me fall in love. So this one is for you Sherlock! (And you Eva…)

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Book It – In News Today: Eva Morgan Releases Locked


Eva Morgan’s New Adult murder mystery sleuth novel about modern day Sherlock Holmes and his Girl Friday, next door neighbor, Irene Adler–a broken woman who lost her sister. Will Irene be able to solve the murder before the killer’s next victim is Sherlock in this contemporary ‘Who dun’it’? Eva Morgan is offering a

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