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Book It: In News Today – My Sustain Treasure Hunt Tour Amazon Giveaway!

Sustain cover

Tijan has released her spin-off novel featuring the band members first figured in the Broken & Screwed novels. This rocker book has her fans happier than a kid on a sugar high, their sublime satisfaction only slightly due to the long wait for this book as she worked on Fallen Crest and Jaded Series–no one cried into their soup about getting those books in the meantime, and heavily due to the band; who everyone loves. Tijan is a repeat offender of putting out crowd pleasers and if the ratings on this book is any indication this novel is going to pave a golden road to her upcoming Carter Reed 2 release.

Please check out the excerpt below for a taste of Sustain!

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Tongue Wagger: The Mate Challenge by Milly Taiden


The Sassy Mates books fell into my lap when I began doing what I am happily calling Amazon Book Crawls. Social people have bar crawls and do foolish things with WTF consequences that they often need to explain to family, friends, and/or the police, for a while I feared my book crawls would land me in Debit Card jail with my guy, but he responded with the nicest pass which was, “I will never begrudge you books”.  My habit is to pick a topic, plug it into an Amazon search, in this case it was ‘Shifter Mates’, and then I just flipped through the pages buying whatever looked interesting.

Now… I should tell you that I buy, EVERY MONTH, between 100 – 300 books. Yep, I do. And that thing everyone cries about when reviewing ARCs on how Amazon takes down their reviews NEVER HAPPENS to me. Why would they ever want to piss me off? I’m a cash cow. Will I ever in my lifetime read those books? NO! But as time has passed and I have met more authors and they have been for the most part, Indie Authors, I just buy to support them now. I consider it paying it forward.

When I first read Scent of a Mate… I began buying all Milly’s shifter books. I was in lurve! She has a way with furry men and sexy sex that makes my Kindle feel like I’m doing a workout. I dunno if it’s the panting, the flushing of my skin or the hot flashes but her stories make me feel like I need an energy drink afterward.

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Makin’ The Love Monday: Katie’s Hellion by Lizzy Ford


This book was the VERY first Lizzy Ford book I ever read and I read it again because of her releasing the trilogy. Yeah, I did plan to review this at some point anyway. Yeah, my head was going a little cray-cray that all the goodness would be in one place. Yes, I may have jumped the gun and read it again before the trilogy was out–but because I have this odd compulsion to spend like money has no meaning where books and author supporting are concerned–I am/have purchased the Kindle version and am footing the bill for my own signed copy and some of these Rhyn Trilogy Baby giveaway copies. Lizzy is actually going to graciously donate one of the copies! I’m really excited about that too! I don’t know why I’m as excited about it as I am. I could actually tinkle myself, and it’s not like I’m winning it, but it might as well be like I have for how excited I am for her donating it! ZOMG! LIZZY FORD!!!

The Giveaway is in the middle of the page. Hey! Read the review first or I will send a gnome to poop on your doorstep.

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Book It: In News Today – A Lil’ Somethin’ Somethin’ About Something Real

Just as I’m recovering from the cliffhanger from Something Reckless here is Something Real to bring me that warm tingly traumatization that I love and crave like a junky does another hit. I sort of like to think that Lexi Ryan is making love to me with her domestically abusive plot twists. My hopes for this book is that it will either come out with that warm feeling of happiness one has when life doesn’t completely suck and no one HAS to die, or the ending can be cured by a good drunk, and drinking hemlock won’t be necessary.

Eff me, I love these horrible, wrench your heart out, and ruin your day books Lexi Ryan write! She is one of my favorites.

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Weekend Pick Me Up: Deep Down by Elle Aycart


It’s strange… Mike Haddican was a bit of an interloper for me in Heavy Issues and I had that weird meh feeling for him that you do for your brother’s friend that drives you nuts. I didn’t know if I liked him and I really had no clue he was getting a book. I think I may have been blinded by Max because he makes me melt and there is a desperately sad chance that all characters other than him paled or meh’ed in his stead. Continue Reading

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Man Crush Everyday – James Games by L.A. Rose

James-GamesOh if I could have had a king size bar of James Reid back in the day, I’d have been socially acceptable in college. I had my own problems in my hay-days but my hazy days were not as bad as Fiona’s hazing days. It’s a long story… well actually it’s a book, but in a short summary: Fiona has decided that she is going to burn away the girl she once was in a blaze of glory in this new life known to all the normal people as higher education. At a concert where she is trying to push her way to the front row she encounters a great looking dude who challenges her rather devil-may-care stare with a try-me-sweet-thing look. This explodes into a fiery passionate hot time, in which Fiona finds herself in a locked closet with a stranger having the hottest sex of her life. Later to learn that he is the prize that she is not allowed to touch, talk to, know, acknowledge, look at, think of, or remember having ever having met due to the rules her sorority, Phi Delta Chi, have for winning a date with his magnificence with at the end of the year.

There is just one problem. James doesn’t want her to forget their interlude and he has no intention of letting her. Again, a problem I’d have given good money for during my days at Penn State. Continue Reading

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Book Boyfriend Report – Xander’s Chance by Lizzy Ford

Xander's-ChanceDid you feel that or was I the only one who had that special tingle in my pants? Yeah, Lizzy is sorta like the JJ Abrams of books for me. She isn’t someone who I gravitate to on the basis of heart-attack-humor but she blows me the eff away with every freakin book on the side of supa-natural and paranorms. She’s got it and I get it. Once I read it, I get a tingle. Sometimes it makes me pee because it is so freakaliciously amazekittens! Other times its the deal where her men make me get excited and it’s a different wetness and tingle altogether. I’m still fanning myself over Rhyn and waving my Team Decker flag. Please don’t ask me what the hell I’m doing licking my paper doll of Nathan or petting my screensaver of Chace. I am pleading the fifth on all accounts. This is also where I’d like to make a plea for sexy men with red necklaces to come bite me. Please, Xander, come nibble me! Continue Reading

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Makin’ The Love Monday: Above All by Rebecca Brooks

Above-AllThis is a do-over review; Becca Brooks is amazekittens and I wrote the original review for this book when I was at a supa-low-stress-puppy-kitten point of bad, badness. This book deserves a more coherent review. To be fair, I don’t know what the hell I was trying to say or what anything I was babbling meant when I read the first review again (It’s not there anymore so don’t look for it)… let’s thank my psychiatrist for higher dosages of happy pills so that I’m no longer crying into my pillow and my reviews are a little more in the tongue of the human species. Huzzah, Dr. Joshua Golden!

Casey Webb has had the misfortune of being the other half of a relationship that was going nowhere. By the time she figured out it had stalled, years were wasted and her other half had buried her under too many of his expectations and dreams she had lost touch with her own. Probably the biggest regret she has is that she had allowed herself to become this second class citizen in her own life while she put Nick’s need to write his epic novel first–something that was beginning to take a toll on her because she realized that the epic novel was also a need of Nick’s that sat a little higher on his list than she did. Guys suck, girls. We need more cats and martinis in our lives.  Continue Reading

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Weekend Pick Me Up – Red Rex: Blood Echoes by Calinda B

Truth? When I first started this book I was circling the planet WTF, enjoying the bizarre view of ‘whaaaaaaaaaaat?’ I took a break after Gaige has his trouser python unwillingly charged by compliant mutant alien snakes, whose purpose are to viagra his boy meat into a manliness during a ceremony where he gets to lose his branch’s cherry to one of his fathers sacrificial she-males in order to make him the mythic killer of his alien people, the Deltarcs. He awakens from this misty pelvic nightmare with his weiner still attached but sadly mutilated and no longer the beauty queen it once was. He dashes through the streets making nice with homeless fashion consultants, voices in his head, and a new friend who happens to be a white mouse who can speak to him and helps guide him through the first few hours of faux freedom from his childhood innocence. He knows his evil father is still after him for his mystical dick and his mythical purpose, and a run in with his girlfriend at the beach is a brief stop that is momentarily surreal amongst all this rather awesomeness. In my mind the interaction was accompanied with elevator music like one would in a sitcom. Gaige has his fathers freaky Deltarc dogs chase him and he makes a mad caper escape killing his new rodent friend and then resurrecting him from death; they are soul-buds from this on… I paused here and told my husband about this completely bugged out book I was reading and he made me almost pee myself when he asked me if I thought the author had watched a Hentai pRon sans the volume and then wrote her own narration of what she saw. It was pretty far out there so I really was willing to give that a lot of credence at that point. Continue Reading