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Makin’ The Love Monday: Katie’s Hellion by Lizzy Ford


This book was the VERY first Lizzy Ford book I ever read and I read it again because of her releasing the trilogy. Yeah, I did plan to review this at some point anyway. Yeah, my head was going a little cray-cray that all the goodness would be in one place. Yes, I may have jumped the gun and read it again before the trilogy was out–but because I have this odd compulsion to spend like money has no meaning where books and author supporting are concerned–I am/have purchased the Kindle version and am footing the bill for my own signed copy and some of these Rhyn Trilogy Baby giveaway copies. Lizzy is actually going to graciously donate one of the copies! I’m really excited about that too! I don’t know why I’m as excited about it as I am. I could actually tinkle myself, and it’s not like I’m winning it, but it might as well be like I have for how excited I am for her donating it! ZOMG! LIZZY FORD!!!

The Giveaway is in the middle of the page. Hey! Read the review first or I will send a gnome to poop on your doorstep.

Rhyn is one of the crankiest Ancients there has been, but you can understand why when you learn that he has little brother syndrome of the worst kind, and understandable in that EVERYONE of his brothers are king sized dicks. Even the good ones are pretty well pricks, and he’s won the Master’s Classic of parentage with his mom being a demon and his dad being the Megatron of assholes. So far the majority of this review is going to be blanked out of Amazon or it will NEBBBER EBBBER pass there Ali Cat control protocol set forth by them to make all reviews pretty to be read by the Vatican and repressed elderly virgins.

Anyway, Rhyn is shunted to Hell by his shitty brothers, to be with his even more shittier brother, after he stops his eldest shitty brother from making the worst of the worstest eternal bad, and then killing the man’s scheming wife who catted around with every brother they both shared who didn’t turn the other cheek. #DeepBreath He’s so sexydreamynotinterestedindoinggoodyummymisguidedtroubledtorturedreadytoendtheworld I just can barely keep my eyeballs from drooling all over my e-reader.

Now let me take a sincere rewind because the book has this wacky awesome that is unique to Lizzy. If I can draw a comparison to any other writer in mind to what it is I’m about to discuss the author would be Neil Gaiman, and what they both are very accomplished at is making very gooey paranormal realities. WTF is a gooey paranormal reality, Ali, cause that sounds effed up? Well what I am talking about is that when you read 90% of paranormal you are aware you are reading it and you are saying the whole time… “Of course! It’s paranormal!” and you are half awake during the story. However there are some authors that are out there that when you find you are reading the story you aren’t even struck when the two worlds begin to totally blend because you are in too deep before you have noticed it has happened. Lizzy is in that latter category and when I first read this book I have to tell you that I was as freaked out as Katie by all that was happening… Kudos, Lizzy! Thanks for the visit to the Twilight Zone; nothing gets normal in this book until she gets to Hell and that is about 50% into the book! And you need to worry when Hell is the norm.

Katie is just barely getting-by in her almost going-nowhere life. Her supportive sister and her sister’s husband have been giving her handouts, but even all the most handing-out of handiness doesn’t really seem to be leading her in an real direction in life. To say that Katie has any clue to what she may want in life would be a real reach at most. What she is sure as shit of knowing is that the kid on the subway claiming to be hers, is not. That her sister telling her that the kid is hers, is crazy. That the creepy kid who keeps asking for marshmallows and calling her mom, is bugging her out. And when she finds out that Toby is an angel, and the Death Dealer, Gabriel, who has invaded her home and keeps taking away her coping beverage, are actually just there to protect her from something far more sinister and larger at work, well… she is finding that a lot more believable than that she has a kid, or had one when she was 13. Like, really?! Where is that last bottle of vodka? Did that dumb Death Dealer find that too?

I had mentioned that I originally read this when I found Lizzy–this is Holy Cows–2011, and when I read this book I picked it up for free and I read it in one sitting. Then I went to sleep and I woke up a few hours later and got up and opened up my Kindle and opened the book up and started reading it again almost like I couldn’t believe what I had just read. I think I read it and Katie’s Hope at least five or six times before Rhyn’s Redemption finally came out. I hate when she does that stuff to me. I think we are at a point now where I’m enough books behind where I can review at my leisure and not be on eggshells for her next books. Really, it’s better this way because when I felt I needed to be hardwired to her brain I was scared she’d kill the unruly male characters I most wanted to see become heroes.

If you like Lizzy Ford I recommend that you check out Spirit of Fire by Katlyn Conrad, Octavian’s Undoing by Morgana Phoenix or eff it… Lizzy has literally a library’s worth books to read. Go forth, children.



Katie’s Hellion Synopsis:

Katie didn’t send her boyfriend to Hell, but she’s going there to bust him out!

Katie thinks she’s going crazy when a baby angel and death’s personal assistant appear on her doorstep. Both claim she’s destined for something great. If she can survive, that is. She’s drawn into a world filled with immortals like Rhyn, an outcast who claims her as his mate in a show of defiance to his brothers. Katie rescues Rhyn from Hell, and he discovers fast just how special his little human is. With Death counting his days on one hand, Rhyn must learn to love, before his own time is up and Katie becomes the first human casualty in the brewing war between immortals.

Will the love between a gifted young woman and an immortal outcast save the world– or destroy it?

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Katie’s Hellion Excerpt:


“Gabriel, he’s protected and helped me more than once since the dungeon and done it out of some sort of sense of duty. Even if he’s done bad things… I don’t know. I don’t think he’s the lost cause you’re making me out to be,” she said, disturbed.

“You saw what he did in St. Louis.”

Her gaze shifted from him to the dark form seated on a boulder. She assumed…she hoped…all of the dead were bad guys. Even so, she’d seen what he could do to a human-esque body in a few seconds.

“Are you saying I should go with you?” she asked.

“I believe your choice to be the right one.”

“Do you think… why do you think he chose me as his mate?”

“Daniela seems to think it was preordained. You’re the ancient’s mate, and maybe you were meant for him and only him,” Gabriel said.

“He told me he chose me.”

“You didn’t ask why?” he challenged, amused again.

“Of course I did. He said he wanted me. He’s not a man of many words, Gabriel.”

“Maybe that’s the truth of it.”

“I know there’s more,” she said.

“Maybe you stabilize his wild power, though he doesn’t know it yet.”

She considered the new possibility. Rhyn certainly didn’t seem to have much control, as far as she could tell. He’d massacred every human she’d run across to date.

“You mean he was worse than this before?” she returned, surprised.

“Much. Would’ve wiped out the island by now and half of Cuba without realizing he’d done so.”

“He’s using me.”

“He needs you and wants you,” Gabriel said. “He needed his brothers and still left them. As much as he’s done wrong in his life, he’s not a liar.”

The information filtered through her skepticism until she admitted he spoke too logically to be anything but right. Her disbelief that Rhyn had chosen someone like her over a supermodel was softened by the rationale that he would also innately recognize her ability to help him control his power.

What a horrible life he’d lived, if this was the best it’d ever been for him! Yet he didn’t seem too affected by a life of pain, exclusion, and conflict. If anything he seemed absolutely sure of himself and what he wanted, even if his nature didn’t allow him to control his own wild talents.

“Kris may want to come here to talk to you.” Gabriel added. “He knows he can’t take you anywhere, but if he asks…”

“I don’t care if he comes to me. I can’t trust him enough to go to him. And he comes alone, Gabriel.”


He was gone before she could tell him goodbye. She leaned against the wall, eyeing the distance from her position to the rock on which Rhyn sat. She doubted he’d come if she called.

The conversation with Gabriel turned over in her thoughts as she descended the stairs and left through the opened gate. She felt bad for Rhyn, though she suspected the emotion was wasted on someone who didn’t have a drop of self-pity. She crossed her arms as she neared. Rhyn watched her, unmoving, like a predator watches its prey.

“You don’t have anywhere else to be aside from sitting here day and night staring at the wall?” she asked.

“I’m immortal. I have time.”

She drew a deep breath. Instead of retorting, she said, “That’s not how I wanted this conversation to go. I came out to thank you for bringing me here and saving me more than once from those things.”

He stared at her.

“So, thank you. If you’re hungry, just let me know.”

He said nothing, his tense frame never relaxing. At the silence, she turned away and started back to the compound, irritated.

“What did Gabriel want?” he asked before she’d gone more than a few steps.

“Kris sent him to fetch me,” she replied without turning.

“And you said what?

“I said no.”

She didn’t hear his silent step. He gripped her arm hard and stepped in front of her, his size sending a tremor of uneases through her.

“Why?” he growled.

“He can’t make me, and I don’t want to go,” she said archly.

“Until he offers you something you want.”

“He did. He offered me my life back.”

He bristled more.

“You’re the lesser of two evils,” she said at the unspoken command. She pulled her arm away and returned to the Sanctuary. As she walked, she began to wonder how to train a wild animal. She’d had cats before, but she’d never even owned a dog. She couldn’t imagine potty training one let alone training some ancient creature to contradict his nature. She didn’t realize he was following her until he spoke.

“You turned down returning to your life to stay with me,” he stated with one of his low evil chuckles. “Foolish human.”

“Maybe I know he’s promising more than he can deliver. Really, why do you all think we mere mortals are all idiots? I’m so sick of this while better than thou attitude you all have!” she snapped, facing him with her hands on her hips.

“I never said you were stupid.”


Meet Lizzy Ford:

Lizzy Ford is the award winning, internationally acclaimed author of over thirty five books written for young adult, new adult and adult romance readers, to include the internationally bestselling Rhyn Trilogy, Witchling Series and the War of Gods series. Considered a freak of nature by her peers for the ability to write and release a commercial quality novel in under a month, Lizzy has focused on keeping her readers happy by producing brilliant, gritty romances that remind people why true love is a trial worth enduring.

Lizzy’s books can be found in every major ereader library, to include: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Sony and Smashwords. She lives in southern Arizona with her husband, three dogs and a cat.


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