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July Giveaway: Lizzy Ford Interview and Bundle Giveaway!



Who wants some Lizzy? I knew you better than you know yourself because I anticipated that All The Things Lovers would jump to make a home for these autographed books! What is included in this bundle you ask; let me settle your curiosity. This giveaway is for the History Interrupted novels: East, and West. But that isn’t all! No, I also bought The Omega Beginnings Miniseries to accompany the History Interrupted novels and really make wags tail.



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Makin’ The Love Monday: Katie’s Hellion by Lizzy Ford


This book was the VERY first Lizzy Ford book I ever read and I read it again because of her releasing the trilogy. Yeah, I did plan to review this at some point anyway. Yeah, my head was going a little cray-cray that all the goodness would be in one place. Yes, I may have jumped the gun and read it again before the trilogy was out–but because I have this odd compulsion to spend like money has no meaning where books and author supporting are concerned–I am/have purchased the Kindle version and am footing the bill for my own signed copy and some of these Rhyn Trilogy Baby giveaway copies. Lizzy is actually going to graciously donate one of the copies! I’m really excited about that too! I don’t know why I’m as excited about it as I am. I could actually tinkle myself, and it’s not like I’m winning it, but it might as well be like I have for how excited I am for her donating it! ZOMG! LIZZY FORD!!!

The Giveaway is in the middle of the page. Hey! Read the review first or I will send a gnome to poop on your doorstep.

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Book Boyfriend Report – Xander’s Chance by Lizzy Ford

Xander's-ChanceDid you feel that or was I the only one who had that special tingle in my pants? Yeah, Lizzy is sorta like the JJ Abrams of books for me. She isn’t someone who I gravitate to on the basis of heart-attack-humor but she blows me the eff away with every freakin book on the side of supa-natural and paranorms. She’s got it and I get it. Once I read it, I get a tingle. Sometimes it makes me pee because it is so freakaliciously amazekittens! Other times its the deal where her men make me get excited and it’s a different wetness and tingle altogether. I’m still fanning myself over Rhyn and waving my Team Decker flag. Please don’t ask me what the hell I’m doing licking my paper doll of Nathan or petting my screensaver of Chace. I am pleading the fifth on all accounts. This is also where I’d like to make a plea for sexy men with red necklaces to come bite me. Please, Xander, come nibble me! Continue Reading


Any Day That Ends In YA – Residue by Laury Falter

ResidueI have such a soft spot for any book placed in N’awlins. I think my fascination actually began when I was an early teen reading historical romances based in early New Orleans. Ever since I’ve just been attracted to all stories set in the Big Easy. It doesn’t matter much to me what that genre of that story might be, it’s enough for me to hear things like Bourbon St. and Jackson Square oysters and beignets–I’m hooked. The setting of Residue might have been the initial appeal but this modern day Hatfields and McCoys quickly checked my head and sucked me in.

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Weekend Pick Me Up – Hear No by Lizzy Ford

Camera 360 I won’t go into my normal Lizzy for President speech. If you aren’t going to vote for her by now that is too bad. I’ve been hard at work on my poop bomb gift bags for all those who fail me so we will just go forth with the knowledge that to the victors go the spoilers… and all the rest of you get a whole lot of poop in a bag.

I think I read this book in about three and half hours because I have an actual mental setting called, “Lizzy Land” and once I enter that setting nothing else registers. I’m not even sure if I blink or breathe. It might be a tantric or zen thing, all I know is once I reach Lizzyspace the real world drops away and for the length of the book I am inside the story. This one was an awesome one to witness, don’t be hatin’ but I saw a couple former angels and a kinda sexy lethal satanist. Eat your heart out. I know you’re jelly!

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Makin’ the Love Monday – Charred Heart by Lizzy Ford

Camera 360I think I fell in love with Lizzy Ford about a chapter into Katie’s Hellion. I had downloaded the book for free (It’s still free–go NAO!) from Amazon after just finding out there were free books on Amazon in the early part of May, 2012. (Late Kindle bloomer). I bought every book she had after that and ate them up like they were chocolate and I needed a fix. I didn’t know what end was up from one book to the next as far as trying to pick a favorite character because I loved all of them… Rhyn, Decker and Darian eventually rose to the top. I guess I like the tortured anti-heroes the most.

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