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Interview: Michelle Areaux author of Twisted Echoes

Michelle Areaux
Michelle Areaux

Ali: It’s so nice to be able to talk with you, Michelle. Could you please take a minute and introduce yourself?
Michelle: My name is Michelle Areaux and I write paranormal and fantasy novels. I’m a small-town Kentucky girl and love living out in the country with my husband, two sons, snd three spoiled dogs. 

What genre do you write?
I write primarily young adult fantasy and paranormal romances.

You have a series called Crow Haven. What’s it about?
Crow Haven is about Lizzie, (Sadie’s daughter from my Wicked Cries Series) who moves to a small, Kentucky town. Once there, she meets a mysterious family who has secrets much darker than hers. 

I’m a huge fan of crows, and it’s why I picked up your first book. Could you tell me why crows?
I think crows are so interesting. When writing this series, I did a lot of research and discovered that Crows were once believed to be messengers and signs of good and bad luck. I felt like I could really create interesting characters using Crows as a guide. 

Lizzie is a bit of a complicated character; she’s known as a Shadow Seeker. What is that?
Lizzie can see and communicate with shadows– spirits and ghosts. Her mother is a mediator to the dead, so she is no stranger to the paranormal world. 

Lizzie and her boyfriend Ace have a sweet romance. Ace is a bad boy; why make him such a sweetheart?
I love creating complicated book boyfriends. Ace has this dark, brooding side but once you get to know him, you quickly learn his reserve is meant to be for protection. He cares about those around him and loves hard. 

Your newest book, Twisted Echoes, is out now. Without giving spoilers, what can you tell readers about it?
In Twisted Echoes, Lizzie meets Witches who are after her powers as a Shadow Seeker. They once wreaked havoc in her small hometown, and now they want to take Lizzie down. I think Twisted Echoes is one of my favorite books I’ve written, to date!

Do you plan more books in the Crow Haven series?
I am planning to write a third novel (I am writing it now) and then will create a spin-off about Maylee. 

What else do you have going on?
Not only am I an author, but I also organize and host author events. Right now, I am working to get my events back up and running after being closed due to Covid. I am excited to meet fans again, hopefully soon!

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Shadow Seeker by Michelle Areaux
Shadow Seeker by Michelle Areaux

Title: Shadow Seeker (Crow Haven #1)
Author: Michelle Areaux
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 01 October 2020


My name is Lizzie Bufford and I am far from normal. You see, I know ghosts and demons exist. How? Because I am the daughter of Sadie Sanders-Bufford–mediator to the dead extraordinaire. However, that isn’t what makes me different. No, discovering I am a Shadow Seeker is what truly signifies my own fate in the supernatural world.

In one breath, my entire life was flipped upside down. At the heart of small-town America, Nicholasville, KY houses southern charm and deep-rooted secrets. It is here that I am forced to move after my parents inherited my great aunt’s farm.
This was supposed to be a change for us– a place where no one knew our past, but of course, this town is haunted with its own mysteries yet to be revealed. The true enigma being the secrets plaguing Crow Haven– and the family it protects.
Just when I thought I could handle the insane world I lived in, everything changed.

He happened.
Ace Creed.

He might be drool-worthy, but he is insufferable with his moody attitude and demanding ways. Thankfully, I have his sister, Maylee, on my side to help me deal with Ace.

As it turns out, though, Ace’s attitude is the least of my troubles.

Now, demons are attacking innocent people in town and coming straight for me. With the help of Ace and Crow Haven, I must uncover a way to rid our town of the demons and save myself.

Only, I have no idea what is more terrifying: the demons after me or the guy stealing my heart.

Twisted Echoes by Michelle Areaux
Twisted Echoes by Michelle Areaux

Title: Twisted Echoes (Crow Haven #2)
Author: Michelle Areaux
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Release Date: 01 February 2021

My life would never be the same.

I had escaped demons and found the answer to all of my supernatural problems…or so I thought.
Over the last year, I thought I had learned everything I needed to survive in their world.

The Crows.
Especially, Ace.

The undeniably breathtaking boy who had stolen my heart and opened my eyes to an entirely new type of being. One in which I was constantly being threatened and sought after by supernatural forces.
Everything about our relationship and my new world is complicated.

Honestly, it is downright deadly.

With the arrival of a new magical family in town, an entirely new set of problems just smacked me right in the face.
A witch wants to end me as a Shadow Seeker and is trying every trick in her spell book.

Now, with the help of the Crows and The Crow Haven Council, I must expel a threat that may just end it all for me once and for all.

About Michelle Areaux:

Michelle Areaux
Michelle Areaux

Michelle is a wife, mother, author, and coffee addict. Her love for writing began as a child and then flourished into a passion and career. Now, Michelle works as an editor with Kingston Publishing Company and co-hosts author signing events through Readers Envy Author Events. Check out the upcoming Lexington Legendary Book Bash on Facebook. If she’s not teaching middle school students, at the ballpark with her kids, or just hanging out with her family, she is writing her next fun and flirty fantasy novel.

Connect with Michelle Areaux:

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