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summon-strokeLet me start this off with saying that I liked the original name of the books in this series and the branding. If you don’t know what I’m talking about the first book was once called Demon Girl instead of Glamour and had a beautiful alternate cover that I honestly felt was more inline with the story and just more appealing. It was just before Enchant was released that Penelope renamed and rebranded the books which at the time lead me on the road to Holy What The Hell? Nothing like being in the middle of a series and suddenly have it disappear and be looking for a third book which should be named Demon Dark only to constantly have the book Enchant come up in the search in it’s stead. Note to authors: This is a bad, bad, bad idea. Don’t do this. Save your need to change things around for feng shui-ing your home and re-organizing your underwear drawer. Rename your family members and pets. Do not play with your income, readership or me. I’m testy and over opinionated and not afraid to tell you that this is all 40 days and 40 nights a dumb ass move.

When I started the Rae Wilder books I think I may have piddled myself a little about Braenden… it could have been some other suspect dampness but since I’m unsure if my mother-in-law reads my blog and it’s Sunday, let’s be safe and say I peed. I crushed HARD!!! I tried very hard to find a faerie demon boy like him on eBay–I had been shopping on there ALOT, at the time–like, someone put out the fire on my AMEX, too much–but could not find one. So I was reading these books and re-reading them like they were oxycotin and I had a pretty serious pharmaceutical dilemma. When Enchant came out and I read it I got to the end and cried, cried, cried and my psychiatrist upped the dosage on my anti-depressants. It wasn’t one of those things where I was emotional because I was hormonal–Penelope really wrenches it out of you at the end of enchanted. Effed if I could prepare you even by what I’m saying in this paragraph. You are going to need a box of Kleenex and some Ben & Jerry’s, folks. It’s a heartbreaker.

Demon-GirlSo where does it all go? First of all this is a recycled review. I am recycling it because this book series deserves more eyes and I’m adding a lot to this review so it’s heavily revised. But the book came out awhile ago… quite a while ago.

I was a bit disappointed by this end to these stories. I understand now why it took Penelope so long to release, it was delayed by more than six months, she bit off a real lot by making the choice to include so many different POVs. I liked the idea of being able to see what Breandan’s view was but I felt like she should have just kept it to that. All the crap about Lachlann’s feelings about Daphne and the ‘should he?, could he?, would he?’ was a bit overdone. She moved backwards in that since they had been calling her the Daphne High Lady at the end of Enchant and in Summon there was suddenly all these questions as to the relationship between her and Lachlann.

Spoilers Coming

It really bothered me the way Penelope teased with all this intermingling of the different demons; Maeve (who everyone started calling Eve all the sudden in this book) and Alec, Lachlann and Daphne and the hint of Nimah and Jord, which were tied up when everyone died. I don’t know how all of the ways Rae was trying to UNITE the humans and different factions of demons was really handled by Penelope when she just ended the lives of those in this world changing sort of relationships. It seemed a lot like she figured that it wouldn’t work and decided that she just would destroy all parties involved.

There were too many open stories at the end. She, Breandan, Lachlann and Daphne are all Godlings… but what happened to Alec when he lost Maeve for the second time? What about Ana? Do she and Cael ever truly heal from the rift of his actions to hurt her? And who becomes High Lord? Is it Conall? All of these questions are raised at the end and never addressed. All you know is that Breandan and Rae are Godling horndogs and he plans to spend eternity getting busy.

I wanted to be blown away by this end to the Rae Wilder books because the end of Enchant was so strong. Not to mention how long I waited for it. I think maybe she should have left at the end of the last book with Breandan promising to go after Rae and bring her back and everyone alive and more or less the balance being restored. I really feel like she forced the events in this book and it didn’t feel as if it were a natural flow to it and the end kind of sucks. It sounds like with the losses at the end of book 3 and book 4, there are barely anyone around to enjoy the balance that had been brought by all of the conflict in this book.

With all the other series she is working on at the same time as she worked on this perhaps she is just scattered and the quality of her storytelling suffered for it. I guess I will just have to see how the second book of Dragon Souls and Beautiful Damned pan out.

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