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Any Day That Ends in YA – Summon by Penelope Fletcher

summon-strokeLet me start this off with saying that I liked the original name of the books in this series and the branding. If you don’t know what I’m talking about the first book was once called Demon Girl instead of Glamour and had a beautiful alternate cover that I honestly felt was more inline with the story and just more appealing. It was just before Enchant was released that Penelope renamed and rebranded the books which at the time lead me on the road to Holy What The Hell? Nothing like being in the middle of a series and suddenly have it disappear and be looking for a third book which should be named Demon Dark only to constantly have the book Enchant come up in the search in it’s stead. Note to authors: This is a bad, bad, bad idea. Don’t do this. Save your need to change things around for feng shui-ing your home and re-organizing your underwear drawer. Rename your family members and pets. Do not play with your income, readership or me. I’m testy and over opinionated and not afraid to tell you that this is all 40 days and 40 nights a dumb ass move.

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