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Makin’ The Love Monday – Stately Pleasures by Lucy Felthouse

Stately Pleasures - Lucy FelthousesOccasionally there are is a book where within it’s pages I find a character particularly alluring for the reason that he appeals to the rather dark and submissive part of me. Some little part of me wakes up and pays extra attention while I read the kinky doings and it seems to tune in a little more to his parts and look at him a little more keenly than all others in the novel. Stately Pleasures is a BDSM menage love story and the two male doms are both very attractive… but Lucy Felthouse clearly tapped into some cosmic collective unconscious that knew my buttons and how to push them when she created the hero Jeremy Davenport. Hello, Sir! Would you like to play master and servant?

Alice Brown is a rather simple woman with a passion for minding historic properties. When a position becomes available at Davenport Manor she is quite desperate for the opportunity to work at the stately home. Her excitement at the employment opportunity increases exponentially when she meets the owner of the manor, Jeremy Davenport; charismatic, charming and as impressively handsome as his home.

When Jeremy hires Alice he already has ulterior motives and they are of a very impure and rather indecent manner. He and his best friend Ethan Hayes, the property’s security officer, have compiled a list of many thoroughly lascivious ways that they would like to christen Davenport Manor to make it Jeremy’s in every way and wash away all the ghostly memories of the days his departed father held possession of it. They set a mousetrap to catch innocent Alice in a compromising position and then blackmail her into being their pet for their list of naughty sexual deviant pleasures. Believing that not only her job is at risk but that her future employment opportunities could be without Jeremy’s recommendation, Alice agrees and then good times ensue.

Stately Pleasures - Lucy FelthouseThere are some really good BDSM parts in this book. I am still drinking cold water from the scene in the… well all of the scenes actually. I did not really expect the story to be as raw as it was and for the sex parts to be so explicit or dark. I had the original cover of the book image on my Kindle and it sort of gave me the feel a charming, humorous, erotic romance with a coy minx and two handsome men over each shoulder and a manor home in the background. I think the rebranding with the cover posted above is much better suited for the content of the book. –Okay the guy on the left hand of the cover on the left does look slightly like Andre the Giant. But who says Andre the Giant wasn’t sexy in that huge, hairy back, weird wrestler spandexy outfit, French afro hairstyle? Well probably everyone but his mother. God rest her soul.

I enjoyed this book very much and if I had any gripe at all it was probably all on the basis of my bias of Jeremy. I felt that Lucy wrote Ethan with more detail and gave more emotion to his character simply because he was the more relatable hero. He was the one who comforted Alice and admitted to having feelings for her. The only time that she shows you Jeremy’s depth and personality is when he is having sex–and damn he is yummy when he is being demanding. I understand he is the more closed off character and that he is harder to read but when he wasn’t in a sex scene he was often just not there. It might have been nice if we could have had Alice eavesdrop on conversations between Jeremy and Ethan to see him as anything other than a very wicked and sadistic dom.

If you liked Owning Wednesday by Annabel Joseph, Wicked Ties by Shayla Black, Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning then you should appreciate the bite in this. Also if you like this and Sci-fi Lolita Lopez’s  Grabbed Series and Jennifer Leeland’s  Dark Past is something you should check out to get your space smut kink on.

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