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He Said, She Said – Making Love 101: Lucy Felthouse

Making Love 101Lucy Felthouse brought me a good deal of sunshine and dirty minded happiness in offering to let me review her novel, Stately Pleasures. My body may still be feeble and weak because four months of being ill is just plain old crazy talk but this book is just what the doctor ordered and I had no issue taking my medicine. Lucy took the time to talk about how she makes the love that makes the reader satisfaction and I am sharing it with you. Thanks Lucy, for the chat and the naughty book read while I am too sick to be naughty! Continue Reading

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Makin’ The Love Monday – Stately Pleasures by Lucy Felthouse

Stately Pleasures - Lucy FelthousesOccasionally there are is a book where within it’s pages I find a character particularly alluring for the reason that he appeals to the rather dark and submissive part of me. Some little part of me wakes up and pays extra attention while I read the kinky doings and it seems to tune in a little more to his parts and look at him a little more keenly than all others in the novel. Stately Pleasures is a BDSM menage love story and the two male doms are both very attractive… but Lucy Felthouse clearly tapped into some cosmic collective unconscious that knew my buttons and how to push them when she created the hero Jeremy Davenport. Hello, Sir! Would you like to play master and servant?

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Tongue Wagger – Red Moon Rising by Elizabeth Kelly

RMR_667x1000If this were a TV show they would say this is the spin-off series from the original book Red Moon. Red Moon is about Avery and Tristan… let’s take just a moment to wipe our chins and settle our fluttering hearts and possibly fluttering loins at the very thought of Tristan Williams. I know that he is still giving me an afterglow even though it has been months since I got to read his sweaty doings. Phew!!! Goodness me, Elizabeth… how do you keep yourself from developing a huge ego knowing that you created such loveliness? If I were you I would just sit alone with my imaginary friends all day long and preen at my clever, naughty mind and the men it creates.

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Makin’ The Love Monday – Scent of a Mate by Milly Taiden

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00068]Something smells good and I’m not so sure that it is my downstairs neighbor’s barbecue. This Makin’ the Love Monday is all about a man who isn’t afraid to stick his nose in his woman’s butt.

Did everyone else just hear a noise similar to that of a chorus of romance readers saying, “Huh?” Yeah, I heard it too. Let me allay your fears and theirs… this isn’t what you might be thinking.

I’m giving Milly Taiden a high five. Hell, I’m giving her two. I don’t know why I like shifter books, I just do. And Scent of a Mate was like sweet tea on a hot summer day. PERFECT. I might have a few points to pick later on regarding the convenience with the mates in the entire Sexy Four… but Aric and Jordan, give me a happy. And the butt sniffing is merely a formality.

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Tongue Wagger – Grace Unexpected by Gale Martin

Do you need a hug? Is your pint of B&J’s bringing you closer to rock bottom rather than giving you loving comfort? Don’t cry in your Chunky Monkey. This is the perfect book to chase the blues away. Grace Unexpected by Gale Martin might just be one of the most smart and funniest books I’ve read in sometime. It’s chock-a-block with lighthearted wit that warm the cockles of your heart and maybe even leave you tittering out loud and claiming early incontinence.

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Word Slinger Project

Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Gale Martin

Gale head shot second fave-1I’m beyond amazed by the response I’ve had to the Weekly Indie Word Slinger posting. Thank you all for your interest and I am doing my best to figure out the best way to provide the most exposure and attention I can for you and your books.

My Word Slinger for this week hails from my neck of the woods, or I guess I can say my home neck of the Penn’s Woods. Author of Don Juan in Hankey, Pa, Grace Unexpected and upcoming Who Killed ‘Tom Jones’?, Gale Martin has shown infinite patience while I was flu-ridden and gave me a lot of leeway when I was fearful that I might be very late getting these Weekly Indie Word Slingers out. Thanks, Gale!

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