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He Said, She Said – Making Love 101: Lucy Felthouse

Making Love 101Lucy Felthouse brought me a good deal of sunshine and dirty minded happiness in offering to let me review her novel, Stately Pleasures. My body may still be feeble and weak because four months of being ill is just plain old crazy talk but this book is just what the doctor ordered and I had no issue taking my medicine. Lucy took the time to talk about how she makes the love that makes the reader satisfaction and I am sharing it with you. Thanks Lucy, for the chat and the naughty book read while I am too sick to be naughty! Continue Reading

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Makin’ The Love Monday – Stately Pleasures by Lucy Felthouse

Stately Pleasures - Lucy FelthousesOccasionally there are is a book where within it’s pages I find a character particularly alluring for the reason that he appeals to the rather dark and submissive part of me. Some little part of me wakes up and pays extra attention while I read the kinky doings and it seems to tune in a little more to his parts and look at him a little more keenly than all others in the novel. Stately Pleasures is a BDSM menage love story and the two male doms are both very attractive… but Lucy Felthouse clearly tapped into some cosmic collective unconscious that knew my buttons and how to push them when she created the hero Jeremy Davenport. Hello, Sir! Would you like to play master and servant?

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