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He Said, She Said – Fictional Friends: Getting to Know the Dirt About Fallen Fourth Three! (Part 1)


I sent a “Getting to Know You Questionnaire” email to Sam, Mason and Logan because I’m one of those email friends that sends memes, chains and quizzes to everyone in my address book. You would know that if you would just accept my friend request on Facebook already because I sent it, like freaking weeks ago. I sent you five private messages because I think the first couple went to your “I don’t know who-the-eff-you-are-folder” and I asked our mutual friends to remind you to confirm my friend request. I dunno, I guess you could just be away on vacation and not checking notifications. I can’t tell though because you keep all your wall messages private…

ANYWAY, when I sent this the Fallen Fourth Three, I didn’t get a response right away, which was really disappointing and it hurt my feelings. I sat by my email and waited, refreshing my email every 30 seconds for about 5 hours before Sam sent back her reply and it was all one word answers. That really hurt. I’m a total fan and I know that those three are all really tight lipped and all but, I really thought that Sam would treat me better than to make me wait on the answers for that long and then give me the equivalent of fill in the blank. =(

THANK GOD, I spent that $1500 on that email trojan horse bug from that kid in China that allows me to flip on the webcam of those who open my attachments remotely. I got to actually see and hear the Fallen Fourth trio as they answered my questions amongst themselves! It pays to be up to date on webtech! So this ISN’T what Sam emailed me… this is what I got through watching those three on my videostream! I swear I will not ABUSE this set-up… I might just watch Logan when he is enjoying himself doing hand exercises or getting out of the shower. Don’t EVEN ask me for pics, I don’t believe in illegal dissemination of personal photos or information. People who do that on the internet are totally DUMB!

There are four parts to this interview: One is joint interview with all of them with a few questions and then I asked Sam, Mason and Logan the same four questions and you will see those in three different parts! Isn’t this totally exciting! This must be how that dude felt when he caught Kristen Stewart cheating on RPattz! I’m like bringing you the dirt on the Fallen Crest Three candid-like! Continue Reading

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Book It – In News Today: Tijan Posts Mason POV Teaser For Fans

 Book It - In News Today: Tijan Gives FALLEN FOURTH DOWN TEASER!

This morning, September 5th, Tijan released another peek of Fallen Fourth Down on her Facebook Author page, Tijan Books. The Fallen Crest Series is a Tijanette favorite and this book is long awaited. The release of Fallen Fourth Down is promised to be later this month and Tijan is just warming up her loving followers and loyal fans with these snippets to get them prepared for the real thing. Thanks, Tijan, your yummy samplings are making me hungry for the promised Fallen Crest New Release Celebratory Dinner! Continue Reading

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Any Day That Ends in YA – Bully by Penelope Douglas

Any Day That Ends in YA - Bully by Penelope DouglasGeez, things are really complicated for Jared and Tate. Things are always complicated and intense when you are between the ages of ‘I’m in hormone hell’ and ‘Crap, I think I’m dying’. But things are really hard between these two, because they are a big hot mess of hormones, ‘I’m dying’, my-peanut-butter-hates-your-chocolate, he ripped the head off my voodoo doll, no one can hate her as much as I hate her, no one can have her–but I don’t want her, he’s not there if I don’t look at him, AND NO ONE CAN EVER LOVE HIM/HER MORE THAN I HAVE SINCE WE FIRST MET. It’s like the Magic 8 Ball as a relationship.

Does it sound like a cluster-eff of angst, drama, loathing, self destruction, and trauma? Dude… it really is a cluster-eff of angst, drama, loathing, self destruction, and trauma and worth every freaking moment! Every. Freaking. Moment.  Continue Reading

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Book It – In News Today: Tijan Gives FALLEN FOURTH DOWN TEASER!

On August 20th Tijan posted the following message and teaser to her Tijan Books Facebook account announcing that Fallen Fourth Down was in fact just around the corner and would be ready for release in September. This is the fourth Fallen Crest Series Episodic however Tijan has many “extras” she has released that were alternative versions or bonus versions. At the bottom of this post is a full list of all the books in the Fallen Crest Series!Blog-Separater2 Continue Reading


Any Day That Ends In YA – Falling For The Ghost of You by Nicole Christie

Falling-forI picked this book up because it was in my Goodreads recommendations. I retain that fascination I’ve had since I was twelve for love affairs between Jane Doe and Famous Rocker/Actor/Model/PIRATE–And yes, whenever you encounter the word PIRATE, it must be spelled in all caps and said with a bit of a guttural growl and a look of grim constipation.

Most of the time books like Falling For the Ghost of You give me a few hours of happy. I get over it like all good things and I mellow back to that general, I might be bloating or it could be constipation feeling, then I read another book. This won’t be happening with this book. It was so hilarious that I was belly laughing so loud my husband thought I was emotionally unhinged and neck deep in psychotic hysterics. Continue Reading


Any Day That Ends in YA – Summon by Penelope Fletcher

summon-strokeLet me start this off with saying that I liked the original name of the books in this series and the branding. If you don’t know what I’m talking about the first book was once called Demon Girl instead of Glamour and had a beautiful alternate cover that I honestly felt was more inline with the story and just more appealing. It was just before Enchant was released that Penelope renamed and rebranded the books which at the time lead me on the road to Holy What The Hell? Nothing like being in the middle of a series and suddenly have it disappear and be looking for a third book which should be named Demon Dark only to constantly have the book Enchant come up in the search in it’s stead. Note to authors: This is a bad, bad, bad idea. Don’t do this. Save your need to change things around for feng shui-ing your home and re-organizing your underwear drawer. Rename your family members and pets. Do not play with your income, readership or me. I’m testy and over opinionated and not afraid to tell you that this is all 40 days and 40 nights a dumb ass move.

Continue Reading

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Book It – In News Today: Clara Stone Looks For Supporters for August Book Release

Clara Stone is using Indie publicity platform Thunderclap for her upcoming August 15 release, Forever Kinda Love. It’s a very simple model where the user gathers supporters who do nothing more than use their Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts to “sign-up” as supporters. On the day of the release, no muss, no fuss, the campaign will kick off and the supporters will blitz announcements without having to be part of some blog tour or undertaking a cray cray amount of posting and cross posting. Why do you care?

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