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Any Day That Ends in YA: Resisting the Rebel by Lisa Brown Roberts

Resisting the Rebel by Lisa Brown Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What do you call a book that you have a major thing for? Is it my love bookfriend? Or should I go with the classic and say that I want to marry it? Cool? That works. ‘Cause I do! I want to marry this book!

Lisa Brown Roberts totally sucked me into this book with her super comfortable characters. The atmosphere and personalities flow so seamlessly that you won’t notice how much time has passed before you are turning the last page. With a flooded market it feels that snappy, sassy, realistic teen romances are harder to find. Organically driven plot lines and engaging dialogue often are sacrificed for higher word counts creating these exposition heavy stories. I love when my stories are told to me by showing me what has happened and not told to me as a summary. When done properly you get an epic and worthy book.

Hello Epic and Worthy Book, I am your bride.

Okay so let’s say we are shipping CaNdy. That would be Caleb and Mandy; Caleb being the rebel we are supposed to resist–but let’s not do that because he is our superhero above all heroes. And also because GuNdy sounds terrible and Gus-topus is a douchecanoe. Welcome to Sky Ridge High and the least likely, perfectly suited, couple of the year.
I mean the month really because this book’s timeline is barely 30 days.

Mandy Pennington is a bit spastic. That description would probably hurt her feelings though since her real issue is ADHD and learning disabilities. She is far from dumb, and not even a little ditzy. Mandy has turned her handicap into success by getting involved in events and clubs where her ability to multitask helps get things done faster. Without really knowing her you could think that she is a kindergartner on crack.

The person who thinks she is a kindergartner on crack would be the town bad boy.

Caleb might have said that to her outloud too, making Mandy call him some rather choice cuss words that she feared could bring her a lot of bad karma. But she isn’t wrong in that instance because Caleb really can be a jerk, that isn’t the word she used though.

What Mandy can’t know is that he also sees her as a butterfly, a beautiful fluttering creature who is busy seeing to everything social in Sky Ridge High and keeping it all working as it should. Not that he cares if their high school functions at all since he wants none of it all. …until he wants her and she begins to drag him kicking and screaming into the world of the living.

Mandy is fantastic and beautiful. Queen Quirkiness comes with a posse that includes Caleb’s childhood best friend. Soon the school loner finds that friends and a girlfriend are worth the trouble of giving up his solitary lunch table and learning to dance the hustle.

Recommend highly! I give it 50 stars. Fifty! You hear me? All the stars and 45 more.
Thanks Entangled Publishing for having such awesome authors!



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