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Guest Post: Eve Corso on Writing in a Pandemic

Eve Corso
Eve Corso

Hello. I would first and foremost like to introduce myself. My name is Eve Corso and I am the author of six books in print, all contemporary romances. I have two series. The first is the Esteban & Marialena series, which contains 3 books, and the second is a Matter of Timing series, which is a 2-part series. I also have a stand-alone book called You & Me in Washington, D.C. which is loosely based on the time when I lived on the East coast. 

The question has been raised to me. How has this pandemic affected my writing? You know, I think like the pandemic itself, I find myself with ups and downs during this time. I think at the beginning, there was a different kind of energy surrounding me. I thought to myself, finally, I have all this time now to write. Then, I was looking at something like two weeks being off. What I didn’t know was how long this was going to last. And the longer it’s lasting, the more my writing has fallen to the wayside. It’s not from a lack of wanting or trying. It’s mostly that I don’t feel creative as a writer right now. When I look back at my words these past few weeks, none of it excites me, and I might have to go back and scrap it all when I figure out how I want to re-write it. 

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Be My Guest: Amber Belldene Talks About Writing

Amber-Belldene---Blood-VineAt 38.5 weeks gestation, my twins were estimated to weigh upward of 8 pounds each and baby boy wouldn’t keep his head down. So I had a c-section.

I have some ambivalence about missing out on labor, as if that painful birthing is the essence of motherhood. That’s hogwash, of course, as all adoptive mothers will say. But its one of the many idealizations we internalize about parenting, and which we can use to abuse ourselves about whether we are doing it right.

Motherhood (and fatherhood) is a messy, creative, profound, painful, joyous boundary exploding chaos, and the birthing is only one moment, crystalizing the beautiful blood bath that brings new life. Continue Reading

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Be My Guest – Wine Pairing for the Blood Vine Series by Amber Belldene


Wine Pairing for the Blood Vine Series

By Amber Belldene

On our fancier dates nights, my husband and I love to go out to the restaurants in San Francisco that have those great prix fixe menus.  Three courses for $35, and for an extra $20, the wine pairing.  I like it because I would normally never order an appetizer, entree, dessert, and three half-glasses of wine.  And when he orders three different things, then we get to taste a lot from the menu. *Wanders off in a salivating reverie while recalling a particularly delicious salmon filet.*

And, I’m back! So, I thought it would be fun to give you my food and wine pairing for the Blood Vine series! Continue Reading


Be My Guest – Lemonade Ladies Here To Offer Authors Excellent Care!


A Note from the Lemonade Ladies to Authors:

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! But first you’ve got to squeeze them and zest them and add just the right amount of sugar… Just when you’ve got the mixture absolutely perfect, some bossy know-it-all comes along and tells you it tastes bad.

That’s the experience a lot of authors expect when they approach an editor – their hard-won words being heartlessly picked over, criticized and judged. Continue Reading


He Said, She Said – Be My Guest – Cassidy K. O’Connor Talks About Writing Her Debut Novel


by Cassidy K. O’Connor

I’ve been an avid reader since high school; my favorite genre was and still is historical romances. During that time I had all kinds of ideas about what my future husband would be like. Never in those dreams did I imagine I would end up marrying someone who hates to read! Ironically I married my high school sweetheart and fifteen years later we’re still going strong. In all that time I can honestly say I’ve only seen him read one book in its entirety and that’s it. Continue Reading


He Said, She Said – Making Love 101: Milly Taiden

He Said, She Said - Making Love 101: Milly TaidenI got the dish on Minxy-Milly when she let me do a Making Love 101 Q&A this past week. The Queen of Grunting and Mistress of Moaning took a few minutes to let me get inside her head where she revealed the inner doings of how she creates love in her novels. Apparently, and thankfully, it is not at all like shifter mating because if she tried to convince me that she wrote great books using pheromones, wine and doggy style I’d have called a foul and demanded pics!

Please get a seat and open your notebooks. Pay attention! There will be a quiz at the end of this class. =)
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He Said, She Said – Making Love 101: Missy Jane

Making Love 101

Mistress of Making with the Hot and Sexy, Missy Jane stopped by (some time ago but was very patient with me while I have been dying) and chatted with me about the steamy parts of her novel Erotic Images. Missy is no freshman to Romance and Erotica, she has written over fifteen novels and novellas across several genres. She will be releasing the first in her newest series Gargoyle Masters: Born of Stone, later this month. I’m waiting for it like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. I can almost taste it!

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He Said, She Said – Making Love 101: Jennifer Leeland

Making Love 101Jennifer Leeland is the author of some of the most titillating Erotic Romance ever to grace the memory storage of my e-reader. She is a cross genre writer who has dabbled in Paranormal, Sci-fi, Contemporary, BDSM-Fetish and Steamy as all Hell–Suspense. Her novels feature alpha males with control issues and kick ass heroines who know what they want and how to get it. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me about how you make love happen in your writing, Jennifer!


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He Said, She Said – Making Love 101: Lucy Felthouse

Making Love 101Lucy Felthouse brought me a good deal of sunshine and dirty minded happiness in offering to let me review her novel, Stately Pleasures. My body may still be feeble and weak because four months of being ill is just plain old crazy talk but this book is just what the doctor ordered and I had no issue taking my medicine. Lucy took the time to talk about how she makes the love that makes the reader satisfaction and I am sharing it with you. Thanks Lucy, for the chat and the naughty book read while I am too sick to be naughty! Continue Reading

Word Slinger Project

Weekly Indie Word Slinger – Khalid Muhammad


Khalid Muhammad has been one of the most understanding and compassionate men throughout my illness. For the last two months while I’ve been barely limping along he has been the definition of patience while this interview and the companion review were delayed. Agency Rules is a phenomenal read and this interview is one of my most favorite interviews I’ve ever done. Thank you, Khalid! You have my most sincere gratitude for your kindness and the chance to do such an incredible interview!

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