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Guest Post: Eve Corso on Writing in a Pandemic

Eve Corso
Eve Corso

Hello. I would first and foremost like to introduce myself. My name is Eve Corso and I am the author of six books in print, all contemporary romances. I have two series. The first is the Esteban & Marialena series, which contains 3 books, and the second is a Matter of Timing series, which is a 2-part series. I also have a stand-alone book called You & Me in Washington, D.C. which is loosely based on the time when I lived on the East coast. 

The question has been raised to me. How has this pandemic affected my writing? You know, I think like the pandemic itself, I find myself with ups and downs during this time. I think at the beginning, there was a different kind of energy surrounding me. I thought to myself, finally, I have all this time now to write. Then, I was looking at something like two weeks being off. What I didn’t know was how long this was going to last. And the longer it’s lasting, the more my writing has fallen to the wayside. It’s not from a lack of wanting or trying. It’s mostly that I don’t feel creative as a writer right now. When I look back at my words these past few weeks, none of it excites me, and I might have to go back and scrap it all when I figure out how I want to re-write it. 

Like everyone, I have my good days and my bad days. I don’t have kids, or much responsibility within my four walls of isolation. I wake up, read a little bit. Make breakfast, watch a T.V. show on Netflix, think about lunch, market my book a little bit, call a friend, write a little bit, and think about dinner. After dinner, I usually lose myself to a book for the next three hours until bedtime. And that’s my new life now.

Before the pandemic, I used to think, boy, if only I had more time, I could write so much. But I don’t think this is that kind of time. I’m worried about all the little things. Sure, those worries don’t affect me personally within my four walls, but it’s such an uncertain time. There’s not one thing keeping me from being creative. Not one specific worry. It’s just all that uncertainness hovering in the air. 

Sometimes I’m optimistic, and I think, okay, I know where my writing is going to go. I know how to move the plot. But I get to writing, and certain things stop me. Like, I’ll be writing a scene where five friends are hanging out watching a movie. And I stop, thinking, when will be able to do this again as a society? For instance, I’m writing a scene right now where my main characters go hiking. That specific hiking trail I’m writing about has been closed, and I wonder, in the back of my mind, are we going to be able to do this anytime in the future? 

And even though the book I’m writing now isn’t scheduled to come out until a few years from now, when I’m hoping we will be able to go hiking again and have movie nights with friends, it’s writing about these things now, that make it harder than I thought it would be. 

That also raises another question. Do I write in the pandemic in my book? And the answer for me personally is no. I read to escape, and I want to create that same thing for my readers. However, in this uncertain time, writing to escape is harder than I ever thought it would be. That being said, I will not quit. Some days are harder than others. And some days, writing is easier than others. I hope my creativity will come back. I think I’ve been trying to force it lately. 

Maybe, when I go back to work, and things start to fall into place with a new normal, the creativity will come back. I think, a certain part of me feels guilty, too. I don’t want to be enjoying this time. I don’t want to be productive. I don’t want to use the best of it when there’s so much crap happening out there. There’s so much to be angry about, and sad about. And I’m somewhere in the middle, trying to find all the happy things, too. But my creativity is getting lost somewhere in all of those feelings and I’m grasping to hold onto it. 

The one thing I will say though, is I have been reading a lot during this time. Reading so many books. I can always count on books to be that kind of escape for me. And it’s with that mindset that I try to give back to the world with my writing, hoping it can be the same kind of escape for readers. I just have to wait for my creativity to come back to me. I know it will. 

Thank you so much for reading this post. We are all in this together. There are so many ups and downs in this crazy world, and we need to hold on to the ups to get us through it all. I want to thank all the writers and all the readers before me. Without you, none of this would be possible. Thank you for letting me be a part of that world. A world of books and of reading and writing. We’re looking at a new future now. But we’ll still have the written word and books to escape to when things get scary. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home, love one another and we’ll get through this. There are a lot more adventures to get lost in along the way, and I hope some of my books can take you on one of those adventures, too. Much love to all of you, and happy reading along the way. 

About Eve Corso:

Growing up in Los Angeles, California, it’s easy to see how movies and film have inspired Eve Corso. At a young age, she studied screenplays, transforming them to fit the theatrical stage for high school festivals. Los Angeles has offered many exciting adventures to Corso, from writing alongside Jim Morrison’s spirit under the Santa Monica pier, to seeing George Clooney’s motorcycle in person. That is, of course, right after she waved to Matt Damon from the back of a golf cart on the Warner’s lot.

Sometimes, during her misadventures, her real-world faded and it give way to imagination. With screenplays in one hand, and novels in the other, Eve Corso found herself in their tales with fictional characters as some of her best friends.

Corso resides in Los Angeles, where she still loves to lose herself in books, film and music. She will transport you to worlds where her love for music and film converge. She is the author of the Esteban & Marialena series, a Hollywood romance and a sweet novella titled You & Me in Washington, D.C. Later this year, you can look forward to A Matter of Timing series. Learn more about that and other upcoming publications by following Eve Corso.

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Matter of Timing by Eve Corso
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Title: A Matter of Timing
Author: Eve Corso
Genre: Romance
Release Date:
26 May 2020


What do you do when you meet the love of your life at the wrong time?

Elle hadn’t planned on seeing her ex, Adam and his new wife at the bar that night. What unfurls is a wave of memories and emotions. Adam, on the other hand, has never seen Elle look better, though there’s an unmistakable pain in her eyes.

Sometimes, when you find the right one, it’s just a matter of timing.