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Any Day That Ends in YA – Daughter of the Earth and Sky by Kaitlin Bevis


Daughter of the Earth and Sky picks up where Persephone left off.
There wasn’t that much of a cliffhanger between the first two of books, but there was still some suspense that got unraveled in the course of the second book, flowing right into a MAJOR cliffhanger to the third installment, The Iron Queen – which sounds to me more Celtic, fairy inspired than Greek. Continue Reading


Tongue Wagger: Sweet Temptation by Wendy Higgins


I call this book Kaidan is Sexy because Sweet Temptation does it no justice.

It is always interesting to see the other side of stories.

In the vein of Jamie McGuire’s Walking Disaster, or Christine Zoldenz’s Scars and Songs, Wendy Higgins has given us the guy perspective of her series. Sometimes, like in the instance of Travis Maddox, it is very hard to reconcile the guy the heroine saw and fell in love with and the dude in his own book. Travis is not charming in Walking Disaster, he’s rather skeevy. I couldn’t like him as he was in his own tale; although it was a perfect example of  TWO accounts being told of one story. But Kaidan Rowe is relatable and easy to love in Sweet Temptation as he was to Anna. His weaknesses and darkness becomes apparent while keeping him palatable, and desirable even. I am still in love with this lust puppy after seeing the world through his eyes.
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Book It: Renee Collins Reveals Cover for Until We Meet Again


Sourcebooks will be releasing Renee Collins new epic romance novel Until We Meet Again in November this year. The romantic love story that spans two lifetimes, and soul mates finding one another not once but twice, sounds fantastic and I can’t wait to read it. I have high hopes that I might be able to get an ARC and review it ahead of time because November is just too far away!

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Feeling Peckish – Beyond by Chantal Fernando



“You shan’t judge a book by its cover”.
You hear that a lot – not necessarily in Bible-speech or in a way that makes use of archaic yet elegant “shan’t” – but this is a sentence that everybody has heard at least once in their life.
Wether it’s applied to people or to actual books, I’ve often found this to be very true.

Some books are like those carnivore plants in the jungle: beautiful to look at, lethal when you get near them.

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Feeling Peckish – Her Fiery Viking by A.J. Tipton

Tipton-Fiery-VikingThis book came to my via a review request by A.J. Tipton. I’m unsure which part of the A & J sent me the request but they lured me by using my love of Lizzy Ford novels. Because the Her Elemental Viking series does fall under the same genre I overcame my commitment not to take on anymore book review requests. I mean, dude, it’s paranormal vikings for Bunny’s sakes! Who could turn their cheek to sexy, supernatural vikings; I’m not made of that stuff even if that strong person does exists. Continue Reading


Welcome Ms. Simona to All The Things Inbetween!


I’m very happy to have recruited a fellow Goodreads reviewer to my kittenside. I spent about ten minutes searching for someone whose reviews really got my attention and then once I found her I spent twenty reading what she was reviewing, what novels were in her TBRs, and bio. I knew Simona was perfect and wouldn’t need to be guided by me to find a place in writing an analysis and critique because this girl knows her mind and has the chops. She has confidence which I rank up there with Bunny and coffee in importance as far as my world is concerned. When I wrote her about co-blogging with me she didn’t worry about what I was asking to do; Simona only asked that I help her get used to doing things as I’ve set them up, locating places to get ARCs, and setting up blog tours. She is the human equivalent of pancakes, and kittens!

It is with every happiness that I give you, Ms. Simona Furnari!

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He Said, She Said – Fictional Friends: Will The Real Valentino Please Stand Up? Day 5

Valent's-HMcQueenValent is an archer for Clan McLeod, who’s grown up as an orphan, raised by an old man in a cottage in the forest. He’s a little stuffy if you asked me so I sent a proxy to translate questions for me. I am a little forward with blue hair, tattoos, sexual revolution–yeah I’m still going through that–I knew none of that would work with Valent who is from Medieval times. The only thing he and I have in common is that we both grew up in a place where it’s okay to pop a squat wherever you need to to relieve yourself; I’m real backwoods. I grew up rural–cray cray rural. Squeal like a pig!Blog-Separater-Rawr Continue Reading


He Said, She Said – Fictional Friends: Will The Real Valentino Please Stand Up? Day 3

Tino's-OGaines-BioThis is one Tino that has me completely intrigued. Excuse me, Mr. Boehner, but I might find myself all over your story, and I don’t have the time for reading right now so you are going to have arrange a jointly satisfying quickie with me, wiseguy.  This happens when I get sassy mouth from devil-may-care characters who think they can put their lips where their good lovin’s is. Men! I tell you; you can’t shame them, they just try harder. Please, Valentino, be charming only during times that are economically convenient for me in the future.

Girls, this one is going to be trouble.

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