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I’m very happy to have recruited a fellow Goodreads reviewer to my kittenside. I spent about ten minutes searching for someone whose reviews really got my attention and then once I found her I spent twenty reading what she was reviewing, what novels were in her TBRs, and bio. I knew Simona was perfect and wouldn’t need to be guided by me to find a place in writing an analysis and critique because this girl knows her mind and has the chops. She has confidence which I rank up there with Bunny and coffee in importance as far as my world is concerned. When I wrote her about co-blogging with me she didn’t worry about what I was asking to do; Simona only asked that I help her get used to doing things as I’ve set them up, locating places to get ARCs, and setting up blog tours. She is the human equivalent of pancakes, and kittens!

It is with every happiness that I give you, Ms. Simona Furnari!


Ms-SimonaSimona what do you think about entering the blogging world?

I am so excited! I’ve always wanted to blog, but I somehow never had the opportunity. Also, I am a lazy-ass and get easily distracted, so maybe there’s the real reason why I did not enter the blogging world before. I can’t wait to share my bookish opinions with whomever wants to read about my ranting and rambling. I am so primed!

What made you first start rating and reviewing books?

First and foremost the need of sharing my opinion, finding people that agree/disagree with me, get into discussions about books. I started reviewing books when I was in high school. My teacher always wanted us to “comment” on what we had read and I found I really enjoyed putting down my thoughts, even making an analysis of the thematics and writing style (mind you, what we read at school were mainly Classics of Italian literature, so of course it had to be analytic). In Italy the love for literature is drilled into students, but it does not stick to many, and I think it’s really sad that not so many people read books. Regardless of what you read, you can only benefit from books. Yeah, sure, some books are petty, some are just for fun, but there’s so much knowledge in them. You can learn a lot by just reading a book. I think rating and reviewing is a good way to push people towards bookshelves.

What book genre do you most favor?

When people ask me where my interests lie I always answer that I am interested in too many things to actually be interested in something in particular, meaning I do not like to set my likes and dislikes in stone, so the book genre I favor the most always changes. At the moment I read a hell of a lot of Paranormal or Fantasy YA. Oh, and I’ve developed an obsession for MC themed romances.

Looking at what you have been reviewing since the start of 2015, what genre have you been tending review the most?

I read whatever strikes my fancy (and sometimes not, just to keep an open-mind – you never know what you might like if you never try it), but so far it seems I’ve my heart set on Young Adult and Paranormal.

Who are some of the authors you would most like to interview?

That I can answer without a heartbeat of hesitation: J.R. Ward. I am totally in love with The Black Dagger Brotherhood.

I’d also like to have a chat with Stephen King since he’s the guy that manages to scare the bejeezus outta me and I kinda admire. I am a masochist, always keep going back to this guy, but I can safely say the one book I am never going to read is “IT”. I watched the movie and thus was born my fear of clowns.

And Salman Rushdie, among others.

Do you have any goals that are finally in your grasp now that you have graduated from reading for yourself and you are now with All The Things Inbetween?

*sings Bruno Mars* I wanna be a billionaire so freaking baaad!

Just kidding

You know how you are not supposed to answer the Goal Question with a “no” on your resume? I have never been one to play by the rules, so, no.

Seriously, though: my primary goal is to always have fun. Books are fun to me. Writing is fun to me. I think ATTI might give me that little extra of happiness I get when talking about books.

The All The Things Inbetween tagline is ‘Saving the world… on book at a time’. What is Ms. Simona’s tagline?

Happiness is… books and books and books.

Not really original but the truth nonetheless!



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