He Said, She Said – Fictional Friends: Will The Real Valentino Please Stand Up? Day 3

Tino's-OGaines-BioThis is one Tino that has me completely intrigued. Excuse me, Mr. Boehner, but I might find myself all over your story, and I don’t have the time for reading right now so you are going to have arrange a jointly satisfying quickie with me, wiseguy.  This happens when I get sassy mouth from devil-may-care characters who think they can put their lips where their good lovin’s is. Men! I tell you; you can’t shame them, they just try harder. Please, Valentino, be charming only during times that are economically convenient for me in the future.

Girls, this one is going to be trouble.

Blog-Separater-RawrDefine Romance:

Tino: *chuckles a bit before answering as he runs his index finger across the fine hairs under his bottom lip* Romance isn’t something you define, romance is something you feel. For example, I know if I walk in the door with a bouquet of wildflowers and a box of her favorite tea, it will change the mood for the whole evening. Romance is understanding what lifts the other person to a level of feeling as if what they need in a relationship is acknowledged and matters to their partner.

Describe your idea of the perfect relationship:

Tino: I knew that was coming. Ahh…honestly, there is no such thing. What you may feel is perfect between us, may simply be something I am doing to keep you off my back. A good relationship is an honest relationship. If we can speak honestly about what we both want, need and expect from each other, then we have the tools to build something good. There is no such thing as perfect and anyone who thinks that it is…well, they are in for a letdown.

When a woman is with a man, what should he be thinking about?

Tino: *Frowns as he takes a sip from his cup of coffee* Are you trying to get me beat up?

Are you afraid to answer the question Tino?

Tino: Yes and no. I mean, for me…when I am with Ebony, all I can think about is how lucky I am that she chose me. I mean seriously, a woman has to choose you…you know. I can decide all day that woman across the room is for me, but unless she reciprocates the feelings and chooses me as hers, then all my efforts are for naught. If any man is honest with himself, when he is with his woman, he should be thinking how lucky he is that she chose him. She did have other choices…they always do. For some reason, she chose me. I feel lucky.

When a man is with a woman, what should she be thinking about?

Tino: I changed my mind, you are not trying to get me beat, you are trying to get me killed.

Well, Tino you are the one who played up the honesty card. Are you not willing to be honest with me?

Tino: Fair enough. I can’t speak for all men, and I won’t try to, but I can say is that I like a woman to plan how we are going to close out our evening. I don’t mean sex either. Some days I come home, I am so mentally exhausted, I don’t want to talk, think or interact. If Ebony knows that I have been in meetings all day, when I come home, she feeds and waters me with a cold beer and lets me be. She is close by, leaning against me so I can know she’s there, but not in my face. You know what I mean?

I think I do. Have you ever broken a heart so badly that you felt you may be the bad man?

Tino: No. I spent most of my 20’s building a brand and a company. Relationships were not part of that process. I mean there were women who wanted more, but I have always been very forthright about what I wanted and expected from my partners. If we look hard enough, we can see the other person. If I can see that person is going to want more than I can give, then I will not take any part of their time other than a platonic friendship. I mean it may sound cold, but it is fair.

Would you rather with a good girl or a bad girl?

Tino: (Exhales a puff of air). A bad girl!

Care to expound on that?

Tino: On occasion, who doesn’t want to climb in with a bad girl? I like a bad girl that is really bad…climbing the headboard kind of bad, that when she is in the moment, she is free. Expressing how she is feeling. Letting her emotions run as she is whispering naughty things in my ear. That is some really good sex!

Define Sex

Tino: (Growls a bit). Sex is two people allowing their bodies to find a physical release of pleasure. Intimacy…now that is something totally different. Being intimate with a woman is finding ways to please each other. A real connection between the two people and my partner understanding my body and how to maximize our time together. To me, it can’t get any more perfect.

Describe your idea of the perfect woman.

Tino: Again, no such thing. An ideal woman is one who gets me. A woman who understands what drives me, knows what makes up the essence of who I am but is not afraid to call me out on my sh*t. She is respectful of who I am and encourages me to grow and is not afraid to express herself. My ideal woman has a sweet smile with a sparkle in her eye.

What is better an innocent smile or dirty mind?

Tino: A dirty mind. The dirtier the better, but…not a dirty mouth. I like a woman who is clever with her wording; it makes my mind go into over drive.

How should a real man kiss?

Tino: I don’t know. I have never kissed one.

In what three words might a woman describe you when you are in bed?

Tino: I’m not answering that one.

When you are making love to a woman, what are you thinking?

Tino: I’m not. Well, not if I am doing it right.

What is your wildest dream involving a woman?

Tino: That she knows how to use power tools and can drive a hammer.


Tino: I build houses. I tear down houses or gut them to building something new in its place. To spend a day with a woman that can help me build something…and she knows how to use power tools…whooo…sexy. I love that kind of thing.

Define Love

Tino: Where do you come up with these questions?

Everyone has an idea of what love is…what is your definition of love?

Tino: (He rolls his eyes upwards as if he is searching for the right words). Love is patient. I am not. To be with a woman who has the patience to deal with me and all the tool boxes I carry, requires someone special. Life for me has to be about sharing my time with someone special. Love waxes and wanes. People do nasty, stupid things in the name of love. People kill each other in the name of love. Love is a four word letter that is misused, mishandled and mistrusted. But if we are patient with one another, love can evolve and grow. Love to me, is having the patience to allow that to happen.

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Valentino Hayes had spend his entire adult life searching for the younger brother he vaguely remembered. Just after finding a lead that would send him to Fort Worth, he was offered the job of driving a bus full of orphans to Texas. He jumped at the chance, knowing he needed to not only find his brother, but work while he was searching. He didn’t plan on Mrs. Morgan’s love for the children to turn his head. Could he convince her to travel with him? And how was he going to provide for a wife while he was still searching for his brother?

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