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Weekend Pick Me Up: Deep Down by Elle Aycart


It’s strange… Mike Haddican was a bit of an interloper for me in Heavy Issues and I had that weird meh feeling for him that you do for your brother’s friend that drives you nuts. I didn’t know if I liked him and I really had no clue he was getting a book. I think I may have been blinded by Max because he makes me melt and there is a desperately sad chance that all characters other than him paled or meh’ed in his stead. Continue Reading

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Man Crush Everyday – Her Purrfect Match by Milly Taiden

Is it #WomanCrushWednesday yet? Don’t answer that! I know it’s Monday; it’s been Monday all day. It doesn’t matter, Milly is my #WomanCrushWeekday and I think I want to have her web-babies. They will look beautiful, all tawny skinned cherub babes with pink tipped kitten ears. They’ll be bilingual and speak feline and human; have Milly’s ability to get jiggy with it and the good part of my cray cray that makes happy chaos! Beautiful web-babies! #sigh

Like all peeps with the mental capacity of a thirteen year old just as much as I crush on Milly-doesn’t-do-vanilli, I have a man crush on Grayson Green. C’mon now! You have to be a hundred and sixty, with dead genitals, and no pleasure centers in your brain, if Gray doesn’t turn your buttons with that dirty mouth and descriptive ability. I mean, holy mouse house, Catman! That man would make Wilhelm Wundt proud with his command of visualization and imagery. I have gone back and read some of the naughty bits when it’s cold at night, I’m a money miser and won’t turn on the heat and I’ve already bought the book; Gray’s motion of the ocean heats my apartment with “Green” energy. (You have to expect that if there is a place for a pun I will find it!)

“A man who likes pussy. Got it.” Continue Reading

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Book It – In News Today: Sawyer Bennett’s Most Valuable Player Heats Up The Ice!



Just in time for this NHL season Sawyer Bennett puts this sexy skater in play. Does Alex Crossman have the plays to get his ass out of the publicity trap he’s created now that management is done with his moody irreverence and disrespect for the game. He’s put in the work and knows the game but will all the stick work in the world prepare a guy for a woman like Sutton Price? You will have to pick this baby up and taste this sports star to figure out if his press is sour grapes or if he is sinfully good bad boy that you will want seconds of!

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Book It – In News Today: Aly Martinez’s Broken Course Cover Reveal

Broken-Course-Cover-RevealAly Martinez celebrates the reveal of the cover of her third Wrecked and Ruin Series novel, Broken Course. The series has received incredible reviews on Amazon and the second novel, Stolen Course holds a rarely heard of 4.8 stars of 5 rating even after 100 reviews. The teasers and tidbits Aly has been feeding her Facebook readers have been driving them crazy. A rather common reply from commenters is, “Hot!! Cant wait..” and they won’t need to wait much longer because the release date for Broken Release is November 10, 2014. 

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Book It – In News Today: Zara Cox’s Ends Indigo Lounge Series, Soaring.


Zara Cox’s fourth and final Indigo Lounge novel, Soar, has been released and the Lounge is warming up with the return of Noah and Leia. Past meets present and all is shaken and stirred; two lovers have to find a way through their own mind fields and wage war with their own demons in the last chapter of Indigo Lounge Romance Series. Buy yours now because you want to know how this one will end!



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