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Book Review: Submission by Elle Lincoln

Submission by Elle Lincoln

Submission by Elle Lincoln
Submission by Elle Lincoln

Title: Submission (Fated Souls #2)
Author: Elle Lincoln
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Reverse Harem
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ARGH! And not in a pirate way. I’m so frustrated. What I thought would happen when I read the cliffhanger of Surrender occurred, and I’m not happy about it. I hate delayed gratification. I’m basically a human-cat –we human-cats don’t do that.

Submission introduces mate número cinco. Kade isn’t a full dozen doughnuts, and since Bean can’t help but devour all the doughnuts she sees, she’s a-okay with the whacked-out lycan. But with Kade comes a lesson in how the lycan world really works. That might be more than she is ready for, considering Bean becomes a vampire juice box on the first go. Kade might be crazy, but Sabina must be losing her mind. The Stockholm Syndrome she suffers has her wanting more of the danger that comes with the secrets of her new life.

My complaint is that one more mate means that there was a stagnancy in the relationships that were developing. And there was stagnancy with a character I want more of, dammit! Athos and Nix took a backseat to the Kade-centric storyline. And I really wanted to see Sabina grow more of a bond with them as a whole, and this book didn’t work for me in this way.

I enjoy the POV of the mates, though. It is good seeing beyond Sabina’s world, and I liked that there is a bigger picture beyond Bean and her guys’ relationship. I have my suspicions about grandma, though–goddess save us all if I’m right. 

I love this series. Kade, not so much. I like Sabina as the chaos agent, and I don’t think we need another one. This still overall works for me. I want to buy the series in paperback to hug it and kiss it and praise it like it’s my best friend. 

I give it 8 of 5 stars for the fact Dakota is a girl-time-translator.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary advance copy of this book.

Submission by Elle Lincoln
Submission by Elle Lincoln

About Elle Lincoln:

Elle Lincoln has been writing out her dreams and even nightmares for over a decade. She believes in magic in all forms, and oftentimes you’ll find her daydreaming in the oddest of places. Her passion is Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance, where the men are a little bit real and a dash of mythical.

When Elle isn’t writing she’s probably chasing around her four children, child-like husband, and a rambunctious Australian Shepherd. All who keep her on her toes. Nice try with the distractions, but mommy still got those books written and published. She resides in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania with lore and legends, and a whole lot of cornfields.

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