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Tongue Wagger – Heat by Lis Lucassen

I thought this would be yet another Summer Romance.
In front of my inner eye I was already seeing Olivia Newton-John’s performance of “Summer Nights” in Grease.
At the end of the book I myself was blearing “tell me more, tell me more!” but only because I really wanted Lis Lucassen to tell me more…about anything! Not only about Dan and Lynn. About whatever she wants, because she really has a strong, clear voice I feel drawn to.

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Feeling Peckish – Beyond by Chantal Fernando



“You shan’t judge a book by its cover”.
You hear that a lot – not necessarily in Bible-speech or in a way that makes use of archaic yet elegant “shan’t” – but this is a sentence that everybody has heard at least once in their life.
Wether it’s applied to people or to actual books, I’ve often found this to be very true.

Some books are like those carnivore plants in the jungle: beautiful to look at, lethal when you get near them.

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Tongue Wagger – Imaginary Lines by Allison Parr

Imaginary-Lines-StrokeWhat is it about sports dudes that makes sports dude heroes so yummy? Let’s be fair, you, like me–I’m going based upon stereotypes, my own prejudice, and life experience–probably grew up in the library. In high school I knew sports dudes, even dated one or two but I was a nerd and a weirdo. Girls who read books and dudes who run around smacking other dudes on the butt and shower circle in different environs. Scratch that; we live in different worlds. We girls who read books live in fantasy worlds that will one day lead us to read about sports dudes. Boys who hit their heads repeatedly and run fast live in the real world where they get mad play. In high school we generally resent them for being dicks and idiots and they think we are prudish cows.

How do we get to books like Imaginary Lines from that sad origin?

Well… as we get older we find that regular fiction books alone don’t sexually complete us, we yearn for the experienced weiners who are attached to well formed dudes that have some notoriety. And why not? Makes good reading. Not to mention we live in hope that dicks and idiots can grow up and we can not just look at them but we can talk to them and keep them too.

Ali, so bitchy! Forgive John Whatever-whatever his name is already. He was not the only dude that fell asleep while on the phone with you. So what he wanted to get it on with you… he was just a dirtbag quarterback and you were a skeevy metal girl, you made sense for the two minutes you dated him in 9th grade. You were 14. It was over 25 years ago. David always buys your ice cream and fro-yo now, you don’t have to pay your own cone anymore. LET. IT. GO!

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Book Boyfriend Report – Fate Book by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Fate-Book-255Sometimes free books should cost millions of dinero… I don’t know do dinero have a decent value? Perhaps I should say millions of pounds, because the English pound is very high in value and this book is AMAZEKITTENS! It should cost you the price of a small, gorgeous island where you can drink endless mai-tais and sun bathe naked without fear of skin cancer. All hail Mimi Jean Pamfiloff because she has just become Queen of the Universe’s Best Library and Literary Babe of the Year! Fate Book was the best cost-me-nothing book that I’ve bought in the last few months. I’m not exaggerating, despite my enthusiasm–it’s just my natural state to be overly dramatic.
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Book It – In News Today: Cover Reveal Laurel Ulen Curtis’ Secret Alpha!

Secret Alpha BannerLaurel Ulen Curtis flips the story that she told with her A Is For Alpha Male book and in Secret Alpha she gets to tell Dan’s side of the story. The first book in the series was the Chick-Lit Romance about Haley Whitfield and her mother Allison who decide to take a road trip in search of the perfect Alpha Males. This novel is the alternative version much in the vein of Walking Disaster was to Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.

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Book It – In News Today: You Need A Need So Insatiable!

A Need So Insatiable Release Day

CeCe Robert rocks socks with this new New Adult/Adult Romance and it is so, so sexy, sizzle, slam dunk in the sheets that it will burn your fingertips while you compulsively turn pages! Sophie and Rafael will quickly become one of your favorite couples and their story will crawl into your dreams–or at least that was my issue last night. You will swoon, pant and fan yourself for this naughty broken hero and want to raise your glass for this kickass heroine! Go buy this new release, you are not allowed to do anything else until you do it! Hey! Where are you goin’?! I said not allowed to do anything else! Get your ass to Amazon!


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He Said, She Said – Hearing Voices: Belle of the Ball Game; How This Female Fan Snagged One of Baseball’s Hottest Commodities – A Glimpse Inside The Locker Room.

collette_westHello, I’d like to introduce myself to all you fangirls out there.

My official title here at is The Lady in Waiting. But honestly? I’ll answer to Hey Lady, Lady Wait or anything close. I’m not about adhering to formalities. I’m used to screaming my brains out from the cheap seats.

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Book It – In News Today – Prepare to Be Insatiable!


Cecilia Robert’s long awaited New Adult Romance is due to be released in a short few days. The novel, A Need So Insatiable, is the love story between Sophie Fisher and passionate musician Rafael Van Rees. As Cecilia’s romantic style has attested to in her previous books her love stories are filled with deep devotion and undeniable attraction with a sweetest hint of sorrow to ground the lovers in the realm of here and now. A Need So Insatiable will be a book you will be telling your friends about!

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