Tongue Wagger – Domino Effect by Jill Elaine Hughes

domino_msrWhen I first began reading Jill Elaine Hughes’s Domino Effect I thought it was some strange bondage erotica and I was nodding along the first and second chapter wondering to myself, “when is the playroom and BDSM club and all the kinky crap going to happen?” Even when Jill introduces the thrilling sexy parts she already had me fascinated by all the other things going on that my, “where is the playroom, BDSM club and kinky crap?” slowly began to dwindle to be replaced by a sincere but well earned, “What the hell is happening here? We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.” This book is a phenomenal Erotic Suspense Thriller and it blows kittens away!

Nancy Delaney has lived a rather sheltered life with all the repressed urges and desires that come with it, until a visit to an art installation with world renown artist Peter Rostovitch comes to her area of Ohio. Moments after meeting Peter, Nancy finds herself bound in plastic cable ties and swooning from the experience. I mean she literally passes out at his feet. Peter is obsessed with the young and innocent journalist and for some unknown reason a good many other people have taken an interest in her also; leaving her in a dangerous and precarious position.

Nancy is trying to juggle getting the scoop on reclusive artist, Rostovitch for both the Art Magazine that originally wanted the coverage of the art installation she met him at, the newspaper she sold a headline story about the goings on of the unveiling of the main art piece from the art installation want an exclusive follow-up. But she is popular and an international crime syndicate headed up by a Russian Mafia creep wants her, the Madam at a sex trade brothel in the Ukraine who wants to help her and equally wants to teach her how to be a pleasure provider. And while all this is going on Nancy has to learn who she is. ‘Cause, our girl, she ain’t got no clue who she gonna be until she starts having some dreams about herself as Domino, and I think even Domino might just be a way to cope with the fact that under Domino’s mask Nancy hasn’t come to terms with anything happening to her yet.

As far as this being a love story–I’m not feeling this so much. I would say that this is more along the lines of a Psychological Thriller with some pretty heavy sexual self discovery. A poop basket full of Nancy doing self “recovery” and people really taking advantage of her whether it is by means of: manipulation, lying, controlling, betraying, omission, sex, threat, luring, planting thoughts or playing games. Someone is always screwing with her. She is a small very important fish in a small school of fish in a huge ocean. Everyone knows everything about everyone else, especially her–but as small as that world might be it’s large enough for her to get so lost she can never be found again.

It might drive you crazy because nothing is resolved in this book; more and more questions come to mind until you hit question overload and then finally you are at the end of the book and you love it, you hate it, it will become a part of you!–Not one of you will get that reference. At one point in this book I pretty much thought EVERYONE was guilty. I thought it was some sort of test everyone was pulling on her. This is crazy complicated for a plotline and deliciously devilish!

This book is great if you like the Alex Cross books by James Patterson minus the murders, or if you like Joan Swan’s Phoenix Rising Series it has the grittiness but not the romantic focus.

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