Makin’ The Love Monday – Panther, Be Mine by Ju Dimello

pantherI somehow managed to over ARC my Ellora’s Cave book requests. I requested a book, Widow’s Walk by Genevieve Ash, which then missed getting transferred to my Kindle and I’m behind a book. So I’m going to have to fix this before Haunting Blackie by Laurann Dohner comes out and I have erotic book back up. That sounds like some sort of unpleasant, icky medical condition, it’s something I really need to take care of.

Due to the fact that I have a rather serious amount of book review commitments going on currently I didn’t get the chance to read the first book in Ju Dimello’s Inevitable series, Jaguar, Be Mine. I had a bit of trouble picking up Panther, Be Mine as a cold read. In the very beginning when you are first introduced to Darian and the Magical Taskforce I didn’t know anything about what it was. I was also lost when Xander and Karintha were introduced because I think there is a lot of supposition that you have read the previous book and what little you are told about them seems immaterial and trivial. You are left wondering what the point is in the conversation without having the prior book to fill in that blank.

When the ball starts rolling and you get a taste of the two characters of this title you can quickly enjoy the bond between Darian and Shea. They have been longtime friends with a very deep meaningful relationship that seems very much like an unacknowledged and openly denied emotional marriage. The two have been besties for the last fifteen years, since they were teens and Darian took young Shea under his protection and saw to it that he saved her from all ills–failing her only one tragic time. One time that scared them both, only making Darian more protective and possessive. For Shea–there is no one else she can count on. Actually, there is just no one else.

From the trauma Shea suffered as a teen she has been unable to fulfill one of the most basic female shifter rites of passage. She has never gone through a mating heat. On the day she receives news of having a living brother she has not previously known of something changes in Shea and triggers this female hunger, leaving a stunned and scared Darian with the desire to act upon the urge to feed it and fear it. His visit to the taskforce was regarding the potential of feralness in some panthers and he knows he is one of those unlucky cats. Of all the dreams he’s ever had of claiming his best friend none have ever envisioned losing control while she is in heat and him being the danger he has always promised to protect her from.

Not to disrespect any shifter books because I really love them, but they are all roughly similar and this one has no deviations outside of the lines that would surprise you. If you love shifter books, you will love this one. Alpha male. Check. Primal mating. Check. Uncontrolled passion. Check. Reluctant or protective and possessive hero. Check. Female heat that pushes them over the edge. Check. This is your cup of tea if you like tea. I already admitted, I did not read the first book and I regret the fact so I recommend picking that up first. This book is for fans of Mating Heat Series by Laurann Dohner, Immortals After Dark Series by Kresley Cole and Bayou Heat Series by Alexandra Ivy

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