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Book It – In News Today: Laury Falter Releases Resurrection


Today is the release of Resurrection, the second book in Laury Falter’s Apocalypse Chronicles Series. The first book Haven dealt with an epidemic that left heroine Kennedy Shaw in the company of four others as they faced a world overrun with zombies. Surviving alone on their wits and having to rely on one another to get through the new landscape of Hell on earth. Nowhere in high school was there a Zombie 101 to prepare them for the end of the world.

ResurrectionBook Two of the contagious Apocalypse Chronicles…

Kennedy and Harrison’s fate is uncertain now that they have been forced into a landscape swarming with Infected. Yet, with her military background and his superhuman abilities, they begin to rescue survivors while they search for one person in particular…a scientist capable of developing a cure. What they are not prepared to find is the truth…that both play far greater roles than either ever imagined in their attempt to save humankind.


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