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Any Day That Ends In YA – Residue by Laury Falter

ResidueI have such a soft spot for any book placed in N’awlins. I think my fascination actually began when I was an early teen reading historical romances based in early New Orleans. Ever since I’ve just been attracted to all stories set in the Big Easy. It doesn’t matter much to me what that genre of that story might be, it’s enough for me to hear things like Bourbon St. and Jackson Square oysters and beignets–I’m hooked. The setting of Residue might have been the initial appeal but this modern day Hatfields and McCoys quickly checked my head and sucked me in.

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Book It – In News Today: Laury Falter Releases Resurrection


Today is the release of Resurrection, the second book in Laury Falter’s Apocalypse Chronicles Series. The first book Haven dealt with an epidemic that left heroine Kennedy Shaw in the company of four others as they faced a world overrun with zombies. Surviving alone on their wits and having to rely on one another to get through the new landscape of Hell on earth. Nowhere in high school was there a Zombie 101 to prepare them for the end of the world.

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