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Book It – In News Today: Laury Falter Releases Resurrection


Today is the release of Resurrection, the second book in Laury Falter’s Apocalypse Chronicles Series. The first book Haven dealt with an epidemic that left heroine Kennedy Shaw in the company of four others as they faced a world overrun with zombies. Surviving alone on their wits and having to rely on one another to get through the new landscape of Hell on earth. Nowhere in high school was there a Zombie 101 to prepare them for the end of the world.

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Character Q&A – The Dirt on Jack Hunter

Lovely I received an anonymous email this morning from someone claiming to have the deets on one Jack Hunter and the mystery as to why Miss Isis Blake remains MIA sans the obit after he was alleged to have left her crib only a couple days gone-by, in a hail of bullets and blaze of glory. This maven of information claims that despite Jack’s snark and bitter coldness his eternal ennui he couldn’t hide his ragin’ distress at the thought of the bitchy Blake being on the sad end of social media scandal. A quote:

“Wow, for someone so eager to deny a love-child, and claim his “nemesis” a harpy, the guy seemed pretty torn up over some titty pics and suspect sluttery. Isn’t it strange how love and war always seems to end in even the most notorious losing all sense of conviction.”

I won’t leave you in any more suspense. Read the thrilling exchange below. Warning… Anonymous did not pull punches, it seems that someone other than Isis fails to find the Ice Prince a hot commodity.

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