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Tongue Wagger – Imaginary Lines by Allison Parr

Imaginary-Lines-StrokeWhat is it about sports dudes that makes sports dude heroes so yummy? Let’s be fair, you, like me–I’m going based upon stereotypes, my own prejudice, and life experience–probably grew up in the library. In high school I knew sports dudes, even dated one or two but I was a nerd and a weirdo. Girls who read books and dudes who run around smacking other dudes on the butt and shower circle in different environs. Scratch that; we live in different worlds. We girls who read books live in fantasy worlds that will one day lead us to read about sports dudes. Boys who hit their heads repeatedly and run fast live in the real world where they get mad play. In high school we generally resent them for being dicks and idiots and they think we are prudish cows.

How do we get to books like Imaginary Lines from that sad origin?

Well… as we get older we find that regular fiction books alone don’t sexually complete us, we yearn for the experienced weiners who are attached to well formed dudes that have some notoriety. And why not? Makes good reading. Not to mention we live in hope that dicks and idiots can grow up and we can not just look at them but we can talk to them and keep them too.

Ali, so bitchy! Forgive John Whatever-whatever his name is already. He was not the only dude that fell asleep while on the phone with you. So what he wanted to get it on with you… he was just a dirtbag quarterback and you were a skeevy metal girl, you made sense for the two minutes you dated him in 9th grade. You were 14. It was over 25 years ago. David always buys your ice cream and fro-yo now, you don’t have to pay your own cone anymore. LET. IT. GO!

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Book It – In News Today: Sawyer Bennett’s Most Valuable Player Heats Up The Ice!



Just in time for this NHL season Sawyer Bennett puts this sexy skater in play. Does Alex Crossman have the plays to get his ass out of the publicity trap he’s created now that management is done with his moody irreverence and disrespect for the game. He’s put in the work and knows the game but will all the stick work in the world prepare a guy for a woman like Sutton Price? You will have to pick this baby up and taste this sports star to figure out if his press is sour grapes or if he is sinfully good bad boy that you will want seconds of!

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Sin Bin – Play The Man by Jaymee Jacobs


It’s Day Three of the Substitute Book Reviewer, aka Melanie Ting, lover of all things hockey. Time for my indie author choice. Jaymee Jacobs has been a favourite writer of mine since the days we were both in an online writing group and giving it away for free. But we’ve gone pro since then. Jaymee is that irritatingly accomplished BFF everyone has. I convinced her to self-publish and now she’s produced three novels and gotten into a hockey romance anthology, while I’m still editing my second magnum opus. But I like her anyway. And besides, Jaymee has cats. Two cats, just like me. Supercats who help her write, because I’ve seen photos of them on the keyboard. As Ali would say, amazekittens!

Jaymee writes hockey romances as well, but I would characterize her books as thoughtful and hot. If that’s not a good combination, I don’t know what. It’s like that TA you had in English lit, with the dark hair, the tortoiseshell glasses, and the dry sense of humour, who made your panties melt right off when he read Yeats aloud. I’m speaking hypothetically here, and not about that embarrassing crush I had in third year.

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Weekend Pick Me Up – Phenomenal X by Michelle A. Valentine

PhenomenalXMEEEE-ow, girls and boys. I have never had an experience like Anna Cortez has when she meets wrestling phenom Xavier Cold on a plane but I have sat by the person who spilled his drink on her so I must be building up frequent flyer karma to earn my own dirty talking bad boy mile high experience. Perhaps I’m not flying with the right airlines, is there a Hard-on Airways? I’ve been booking through Orbitz and I think they only deal with the regular carriers. Xavier Cold must only fly on the premier and obscure ones where you can rather rudely proposition chicks to get on your salami shuttle to the nearest hotel upon arrival. I read this book when it first came out in April and I’m still trying to figure out if I’m turned on by his naughty talk or if on the surface he’s a douche canoe.
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Tongue Wagger – Undaunted by Charity Parkerson

image001I have a weakness. Eye candy. I’m not ashamed and if you want I will sing it from the rooftops. Ali loves lickable, lovely, sexified, manly, yum yum bits! I had posted that I was looking for authors who had novels coming out in July or August who would allow me to banners of their novels to my carousel; Charity sent me an email. I looked at her book covers and despite the fact her book was coming out at the end of May I immediately tried to find a loophole to my own rule because the cover of her novels were so delicious and the synopses made me want to snack on them.

I haven’t been great about reading and reviewing in a long time because being in pain has left me flipping from book to book a bit like flipping through channels on the tv. I’m uncomfortable and I can’t seem to find comfort in novels for the first time in my life. Self-medicating through reading isn’t doing it’s job against chronic pain. But I read these two books and here we are with the sexy book cover addition of Tongue Wagger.
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Sin Bin – On The Surface by Kate Willoughby

(Note from Ali: Melanie Ting has sweetly sent me a few “guest reviews” in the subject of her own books, HOCKEY! In view of her benevolence and predilictions… I have named her reviews “SIN BIN”–to those of you lost to the world of hockey it’s where you go when you’ve been naughty and are on time-out. This is a play on words… Mel’s not in trouble, she’s actually superstar! Thanks, Mel for being a peach. Baskets of kittens and buckets of kisses. <3)


Sin Bin - On The Surface by Kate Willoughby

Okay, it’s the return of the Substitute Reviewer. (It’s me, Melanie Ting, have you already forgotten the good times we shared? Damn it, I thought we really connected. No wonder you never called.) While Ali lies on the sofa, surrounded by nurse cats, I am reviewing books for her. However, I am a writer, not a reviewer. In fact, I don’t know how reviewers do their job. If I enjoy a book, I get so involved in the story I forget everything else. Afterwards, all I can say is: “I loved it!” And I loved Kate Willoughby’s On The Surface.

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Tongue Wagger – Relentless Liberation by L.J. Fine

Relentless Liberation - A.J. FineYou ever see a book and when you read the synopsis it smacks of a book you really loved and you have to have a bite of it because it must taste like that other book… after all it looks the same. I mean aren’t all veggie chilis just veggie chilis?

Yeah… and everyone is named Pete and we all come from Texas.

Relentless Liberation sounded very similar to Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster. Shy, drab, bookish Mina Roper goes with her gal pal to an underground boxing fight and she sees the muscular fineness of Tyler Serano who likes making other men hurt. Innocent and meek Mina knows Tyler is out of her league but it doesn’t stop her from feeding her addiction for ogling his guns as they deliver the damage every Tuesday, like clockwork. Even to you it sounds sorta, kinda, a little, maybe a bit similar, no?

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Tongue Wagger – Night Games by Collette West

Night-GamesI received Night Games as an Advanced Reader Copy from InkSlinger PR for the Night Games Release Day Launch. I read this book early because I actually got the day of the release wrong and thought that I had to have it read by the 02/23/2014. Not exactly a bad thing, but having had the flu for the last two and half weeks, slow and easy really would have won the race. Continue Reading