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Tongue Wagger – Relentless Liberation by L.J. Fine

Relentless Liberation - A.J. FineYou ever see a book and when you read the synopsis it smacks of a book you really loved and you have to have a bite of it because it must taste like that other book… after all it looks the same. I mean aren’t all veggie chilis just veggie chilis?

Yeah… and everyone is named Pete and we all come from Texas.

Relentless Liberation sounded very similar to Jamie McGuire’s Beautiful Disaster. Shy, drab, bookish Mina Roper goes with her gal pal to an underground boxing fight and she sees the muscular fineness of Tyler Serano who likes making other men hurt. Innocent and meek Mina knows Tyler is out of her league but it doesn’t stop her from feeding her addiction for ogling his guns as they deliver the damage every Tuesday, like clockwork. Even to you it sounds sorta, kinda, a little, maybe a bit similar, no?

But no, not really. Don’t get me too wrong, there is a whacked out appeal to Travis Maddox and Beautiful Disaster is–to me, at least–a book I have read again and again without it becoming old. But Tyler is a real good guy and an actual HERO. Two things Travis was missing. This book isn’t really neck deep in the choking angst and liking Tyler made this book a winner on it’s own merits! It’s most definitely not the same veggie chili.

Mina lucks out one night and much to her surprise Tyler saves her from and interminable wait while her gal pal and her gal pal’s man are having a rager (fight not party)… this kindles an interest in Mina by Tyler that baffles the ever loving pooh pooh out of her and soon she is caught up being romanced by her dream guy. Of course she is a sensible girl who keeps her footsies on the ground so she reasons that they are just good buds. And for him he resists for a little while but a guy and his tallywhacker can only think sensibly when they want their woman. Sometimes smart girls are the ones who have the least going on in the cranial casing because they both have to play red light, green light to get their puzzle pieces together.

Tyler, who has begun making lists of all her favorite things, including her favorite sun spot, speck of sand on the beach and which previous life she was an amoeba is picking out China patterns and naming their children; he’s romantic so he’s probably thinking three kids: Megan, Philip and Nefertiti. Is in to her even when he isn’t actually in her… but Mina has baggage and when her past comes to plague her she actually does the panty twist thing that girls do where when they have a problem they do the least reasonable thing… Why are we like that? It must be a chromosomal thing.

Once they do get on the same page Tyler’s dirty talk and seduction skills would turn the most devout abstainer randy and make the fall onto his Johnson a must; wild monkey sex would ensue. I am ranking him in the top 5% of dirty talkers of Erotic Novels. I don’t know if he should be taken out of the bedroom often because he could be a threat to society if he starts using that weapon in polite company at an inappropriate time you never know what could happen. It would be very unfortunate if he misbehaved and you wanted him to spank YOU for it.

This is a great book if you liked Selling Scarlett by Ella James, Jake Undone by Penelope Ward or Wrecked by Priscilla West.

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