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Giveaway: Chelsea Mueller Up For Grabs Giveaway

This year at ApollyCon 2019 I met Chelsea Mueller the author of the Urban Fantasy series: Soul Charmer. Chatting with Chelsea was so fun that I got enough material for three interviews so keep checking in. The first is an About the Author Interview your can hear right here.

You also have the chance to win some awesome stuff! I have two prizes available for you. First prize is a signed copy of Lost Souls with Chelsea Mueller swag. Second prize is a swag bag of Chelsea Mueller and ApollyCon goodies.

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Book It – In News Today: Eva Morgan Releases Locked


Eva Morgan’s New Adult murder mystery sleuth novel about modern day Sherlock Holmes and his Girl Friday, next door neighbor, Irene Adler–a broken woman who lost her sister. Will Irene be able to solve the murder before the killer’s next victim is Sherlock in this contemporary ‘Who dun’it’? Eva Morgan is offering a

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Book It – In News Today: Cover Reveal of Sweet Ruin by Nazarea Andrews


Nazarea Andrews reveals the cover of her third University of Branton novel, Sweet Ruin today. The New Adult novel is about three dissatisfied souls trying to survive the false sparkle of Hollywood. Megan is just barely making a name for herself in a PR firm under a harsh boss. Asher is jaded and disillusioned despite landing the best role of his career. And Luca has been waiting all his life for the perfect opportunity and he’s willing to take the risk for it. Nazarea works her magic and lands her three characters in Branton to find a solution to the question of what happens when the life you have been living isn’t the one you thought you wanted to live? Sweet Ruin is due to be released March 13, 2014.

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