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Word Slinger Project: ApollyCon Interview with Chelsea Mueller

If you have never heard of Chelsea Mueller let me assure you that you aren’t alone–but you no longer have any excuse. I met this bad ass woman and she was charming as all get out. I have three parts of my interview with her and this is part one where you get to meet Chelsea and find out a little about what she writes, what she has been reading, and what is important to her. Don’t waste another minute, watch this.

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Chelsea Mueller Interview Part One – About the Author

Ali: Okay, first introduce yourself.
Chelsea: Sure. I’m Chelsea Mueller. I’m the author of the Soul Charmer Series.
Ali: [I apologize for being sick] Umm, would you like to talk about you, the book, or writing?
Chelsea: Uh, whatever you want to ask. I’m cool.
Ali: Let me start with you and if we have time–umm.

Ali: Describe yourself in three words.
Chelsea: Badass. Nerd. Slytherin.
Ali: Oh no! You are one of those Harry Potter people.
Chelsea: I am one of those Harry Potter people. And I would tell you way more than you want to know about why I am a Slytherin, so we will just leave it there.
People who are in the know are in the know.

Ali: What is the last book that you read?
Chelsea: Ah, last book I read was A Court of Mist and Fury.
Ali: Did you like it?
Chelsea: Oh, god, I loved it. It was phenomenal. Phenomenal. I was late to the party and I don’t even care because it was that–I’m mad at me for waiting so long to read the book.
Ali: Are you afraid that when you get a book like that that they are overrated?
Chelsea: Yeah. Because I think–I think a lot of us are when things are super hyped up. Then you are like, ‘well can it be that good?’ and in this case, ‘YES! Oh my god, yes! It can be that good’.

Ali: What is a word you can’t spell without autocorrect?
Chelsea: I’m actually a really good speller. Umm… okay. Uh–I don’t have a really good answer for that other than fat finger spelling my first name all the time. [Laughter] I flip the L & S in Chelsea all the time. But I’m a word nerd and actually a good speller. So I don’t have a good answer for that. Sorry.
Ali: My first paper in college, I got a B+ because I spelled my name wrong. Yeah.

Ali: Do you endorse charities and if so which ones? What charities do you like?
Chelsea: Yes, actually!
A few years ago I co-edited an anthology called Geeky Giving where everything went to the Barrow Neurological Foundation. So, they are based in Phoenix (Arizona) and they do research on brain diseases: so traumatic brain injuries (TBI), brain cancers, alzheimer’s, ALS. And they do cutting edge–really, really remarkable stuff trying, trying to basically save peoples lives.
And I have a personal tie to them in that they actually treated my dad who had a rare brain cancer. They’re phenomenal people doing–really–like the things you read in Sci-Fi books. They do it for real and it’s insane. So I always support them and do a lot of stuff with them.
I also support Tahirih Justice Center who helps women and girls fleeing gender based violence in other countries to get asylum in the United States.

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