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Quickie Review: Zach by Jane S. White

I am one of those people who fails to be impressed by anything that should be easy but becomes too difficult. Having a ebook that begins by giving you two chapters, and then sticking another book in the middle is a bad. To clarify: the second chapter gives you a link to the end of the ebook where Zach, the book, picks back up. I am lazy as hell in my daily life and traditional as all get out in book formatting; clicking that one extra button dropped this review a full star. Continue Reading

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Book Boyfriend – Schooled by Piper Lawson


Perhaps it is a throwback to my youth, but I love the books where the plot is brother/sister and best friend or rivals to lovers. I like the heart twistin’, which is strange because I avoid drama in my own life. Perhaps I’m one of those people who loves romance train wrecks. Actually there is no perhaps about it. I enjoy watching love disasters.

Welcome to Piper Lawson’s love catastrophe! Continue Reading

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Man Crush Everyday – James Games by L.A. Rose

James-GamesOh if I could have had a king size bar of James Reid back in the day, I’d have been socially acceptable in college. I had my own problems in my hay-days but my hazy days were not as bad as Fiona’s hazing days. It’s a long story… well actually it’s a book, but in a short summary: Fiona has decided that she is going to burn away the girl she once was in a blaze of glory in this new life known to all the normal people as higher education. At a concert where she is trying to push her way to the front row she encounters a great looking dude who challenges her rather devil-may-care stare with a try-me-sweet-thing look. This explodes into a fiery passionate hot time, in which Fiona finds herself in a locked closet with a stranger having the hottest sex of her life. Later to learn that he is the prize that she is not allowed to touch, talk to, know, acknowledge, look at, think of, or remember having ever having met due to the rules her sorority, Phi Delta Chi, have for winning a date with his magnificence with at the end of the year.

There is just one problem. James doesn’t want her to forget their interlude and he has no intention of letting her. Again, a problem I’d have given good money for during my days at Penn State. Continue Reading

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Tongue Wagger: Adrian Lessons by L.A. Rose

Adrian-LessonsI have a soft spot for college romances… most of mine weren’t worthy of putting crayon to paper but I love hearing people tell me of their cray-cray years in college when they sowed their oats, hops, and every other agricultural metaphor in use to say they ran wild in the sheets! I had a special sort of wild since I was bipolar and stupid–it made me a brilliant artwork of self destruction. I was a beautiful place to visit but you had to be nucking futs to live with me. So I think I love New Adult Romances because now I’m medicated and I can read these and go, “Is that how it was supposed to go? Well, shit!”

L.A. Rose is a beautiful place to visit and I would like to live here! I’ve read the second book in this place, James Games and I have Icy Pretty Love which I haven’t read but I highly doubt will be anything less than delicious. Why is L.A. Rose a locale that is so fine? I am a self-medicator where books are concerned. I like books that pull me out of my head and take me somewhere with a little less mental and usually the ones that make me laugh get extra mileage. The start to finish L.A. Rose owns it with this book. It’s not a surface story where you are hearing something being told… she is an amazekittens storyteller that brings you into that warm, funny, awkward, smexy space where you aren’t flipping pages–you have melded a little with Cleo Reynolds and you are feeling her hesitations, hearing her whisper her reminders in your own ears, and your heart is pounding when she is talking out that next love scene to Adrian. L.A. Rose is just that damn good! Continue Reading

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Book It – In News Today: Addison Moore Reveals More Sweet Lovin’ with Rock Candy Kisses

Addison Moore has revealed the cover for the newest in her 3:AM Kisses Series. Tipping into the life of rocker Blake Daniels, lead singer of 12 Deadly Sins, Addison Moore offers a challenging story with Rock Candy Kisses, when she pairs up the songbird with deaf heroine, Annie Edwards. While I’m sure this love story will burn and flame, I hope it also answers the question of whether or not deaf girls hear a sound when a playboy’s heartbreaks when he does any of the normal self destructive crap that ruins an otherwise really good thing.

This book is due to be released in Spring of 2015!

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Book It – In News Today: A. Meredith Walters Reveals Cover of Seductive Chaos

Seductive Chaos Banner

The long awaited third installment of A. Meredith Walters’ Bad Rep Trilogy, Seductive Chaos, will be released early this summer and she has just revealed the cover of the novel that will tell the topsy turvy love story of Cole Brandt and Vivian Baily. You will know Cole to be the lead singer from Generation Rejects, the local band that plays at nearby college bars and has been able to claim members Jordan Levitt and Garrett Bellows from the previous books, Bad Rep and Perfect Regret. Personally, I think the band is misnamed and should have been called Masturbation Objects.

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Book It – In News Today: Denise Grover Swank Gives Business As Usual Prologue Sneak Peek!


Denise Grover Swank has released the Prologue Reveal of the third book in her Off The Subject Series, Business As Usual. The New Adult, College Romance series takes place on the campus of Southern University and has garnered a rather large following. This latest book stars the sister of book number two–Redesigned, hero, Reed Pendergraft. Lexi Pendergraft is about to meet her own hero, Ben Masterson, in Business As Usual. I have every hope that he will be one of those men who makes it his business to take care of sexy-fun-time-business.

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Book It – In News Today: Julie A. Richman Offers Moore One More Time

Moore than Forever Release Date Banner
Julie Richman’s final book in her Needing Moore Series will be released 02/21/2014 and it brings to us the final chapter of the tumultuous love affair of Mia Silver and Schooner Moore. The first two novels have told the story of their meeting and impact in one another’s life, lives apart and what has shaped them into the people they are. This last book’s synopsis eludes to a Mia and Schooner fighting to overcome their crap to reach for the golden ring in this last dramatic battle of the heart. This is an Erotic Romance to be shelved somewhere between New Adult and Adult with Sexy, I’ve-Got-Issues, Contemporary Fiction.

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Book It – In News Today: Addison Moore Releases Sugar Kisses!


Addison Moore’s third installment of her 3:AM Kisses Series, Sugar Kisses has just been released 02/11/2013. Sugar Kisses is the story of Roxy Capwell, sister to Ryder who is engaged to Roxy’s best friend Laney. Now Roxy is moving in with her other best friend, Baya’s brother Cole Brighton for crazy sexy times. Has this group become incredibly cellular or what? Personally, I don’t care if they all end up having babies with polydactyl hands and feet. I can’t wait to read the book because until those three eyed babies come out it’s all fun and games!

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