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Book Review: Alpha Hell by G. Bailey and Scarlett Snow

Alpha Hell by G Bailey & Scarlett Snow
Alpha Hell by G Bailey & Scarlett Snow
Alpha Hell by G Bailey & Scarlett Snow

Title: Alpha Hell (The Rejected Mate #1)
Author: G. Bailey & Scarlett Snow
Genre: Reverse Harem, Paranormal Romance
My rating:
5 of 5 series

Alpha Hell is really damn good, so I didn’t do badly shopping by the cover. 

When Lilith Thornblood’s life becomes quite the pickle, she escapes to the one place the man searching for her won’t look. His domain. The Stormfire Alpha’s territory is in Hell, and Lilith’s decision to hide in plain sight requires assistance. 

Cue Caspian Hardling, part shifter, part fae–all babe with an attitude and a loathing for fools. His answer to her problem is the Demon Hunter Trials. And the rest is… well, the story; it’s the cash and prize if you will, so I won’t spoil you.

Alpha Hell is only the first book in this series, so you can expect the story to continue to expand. It already has a lot of moving parts. Prince Eziel, the Alpha of Stormfire’s son, is the one who oversees the Demon Hunter Trials. Alaric is a Demon Hunter who is in the Trials with Lilith and Caspian. Our girl is busy with the pretty, and between you, me, and the pages of this book, it’s with damn good reason.

I enjoyed the tension between Caspian and Lilith more than any other relationship. Despite all the other dynamics, theirs is the best part of the book, IMO. I almost can’t wait to see what happens next.

Highly recommend.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary advance copy of this book.

Alpha Hell by G Bailey & Scarlett Snow
Alpha Hell by G Bailey & Scarlett Snow

About G. Bailey:

G. Bailey is a USA Today bestselling author of books that are filled with everything from dragons to pirates. Plus, fantasy worlds and breath-taking adventures. Oh, and some swoon-worthy men that no girl could forget. G. Bailey is from the very rainy U.K. where she lives with her husband, two children and three cheeky dogs. And, of course, the characters in her head that never really leave her, even as she writes them down for the world to read! Come and say hello in my reader’s group on Facebook called Bailey’s Pack.

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About Scarlett Snow:

Scarlett Snow is a Reverse Harem Fantasy Author.

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