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Welcome Ms. Simona to All The Things Inbetween!


I’m very happy to have recruited a fellow Goodreads reviewer to my kittenside. I spent about ten minutes searching for someone whose reviews really got my attention and then once I found her I spent twenty reading what she was reviewing, what novels were in her TBRs, and bio. I knew Simona was perfect and wouldn’t need to be guided by me to find a place in writing an analysis and critique because this girl knows her mind and has the chops. She has confidence which I rank up there with Bunny and coffee in importance as far as my world is concerned. When I wrote her about co-blogging with me she didn’t worry about what I was asking to do; Simona only asked that I help her get used to doing things as I’ve set them up, locating places to get ARCs, and setting up blog tours. She is the human equivalent of pancakes, and kittens!

It is with every happiness that I give you, Ms. Simona Furnari!

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