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Giveaway: Love & Devotion Book & Swag Giveaway

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Time for another giveaway and this one is long overdue. I collected these books at the Love and Devotion event in San Diego last Summer with the intention of doing a giveaway and it never happened. What books? Well that is a surprise, but each is signed by the author and comes with swag from the event. Authors include Angel Payne, Tiffany Ransier, CJ Corbin, Kelly Violet, Karri Thompson, Jennifer Rebecca, Janelle Peel, Renee Rose, and Tessa Dare.

This is a grand prize and you win ALL of them. Four second place winners win swag packs. Five third place winners win $5 Amazon gift cards. You want the swag packs.

Giveaway starts 12pm PDT 23 April 2020 – 12AM PDT 04 May 2020. Winners will be announced. Physical prizes are open to US winners only, gift cards available to International winners.

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Giveaway: Be A JLA Deity and Win 2 Deity Passes for ApollyCon 2020

ApollyCon #beaJLAdeity
Win 2 Deity Passes to ApollyCon 2020

Are you just dying to get your hands on ApollyCon 2020 tickets?

Here’s your chance to #beaJLAdeity!
This giveaway will run from February 12 – 29, 2020.

Neither ApollyCon or JLA are associated with, nor do they endorse this giveaway in anyway. All responsibility for this giveaway is through this blog Have Coffee Need Books! The logo for ApollyCon is used with permission from the ApollyCon organization

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July Giveaway: Lizzy Ford Interview and Bundle Giveaway!



Who wants some Lizzy? I knew you better than you know yourself because I anticipated that All The Things Lovers would jump to make a home for these autographed books! What is included in this bundle you ask; let me settle your curiosity. This giveaway is for the History Interrupted novels: East, and West. But that isn’t all! No, I also bought The Omega Beginnings Miniseries to accompany the History Interrupted novels and really make wags tail.



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Book It: In News Today – My Sustain Treasure Hunt Tour Amazon Giveaway!

Sustain cover

Tijan has released her spin-off novel featuring the band members first figured in the Broken & Screwed novels. This rocker book has her fans happier than a kid on a sugar high, their sublime satisfaction only slightly due to the long wait for this book as she worked on Fallen Crest and Jaded Series–no one cried into their soup about getting those books in the meantime, and heavily due to the band; who everyone loves. Tijan is a repeat offender of putting out crowd pleasers and if the ratings on this book is any indication this novel is going to pave a golden road to her upcoming Carter Reed 2 release.

Please check out the excerpt below for a taste of Sustain!

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Makin’ The Love Monday: Katie’s Hellion by Lizzy Ford


This book was the VERY first Lizzy Ford book I ever read and I read it again because of her releasing the trilogy. Yeah, I did plan to review this at some point anyway. Yeah, my head was going a little cray-cray that all the goodness would be in one place. Yes, I may have jumped the gun and read it again before the trilogy was out–but because I have this odd compulsion to spend like money has no meaning where books and author supporting are concerned–I am/have purchased the Kindle version and am footing the bill for my own signed copy and some of these Rhyn Trilogy Baby giveaway copies. Lizzy is actually going to graciously donate one of the copies! I’m really excited about that too! I don’t know why I’m as excited about it as I am. I could actually tinkle myself, and it’s not like I’m winning it, but it might as well be like I have for how excited I am for her donating it! ZOMG! LIZZY FORD!!!

The Giveaway is in the middle of the page. Hey! Read the review first or I will send a gnome to poop on your doorstep.

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Weekend Pick Me Up: Deep Down by Elle Aycart


It’s strange… Mike Haddican was a bit of an interloper for me in Heavy Issues and I had that weird meh feeling for him that you do for your brother’s friend that drives you nuts. I didn’t know if I liked him and I really had no clue he was getting a book. I think I may have been blinded by Max because he makes me melt and there is a desperately sad chance that all characters other than him paled or meh’ed in his stead. Continue Reading

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Be My Guest – Wine Pairing for the Blood Vine Series by Amber Belldene


Wine Pairing for the Blood Vine Series

By Amber Belldene

On our fancier dates nights, my husband and I love to go out to the restaurants in San Francisco that have those great prix fixe menus.  Three courses for $35, and for an extra $20, the wine pairing.  I like it because I would normally never order an appetizer, entree, dessert, and three half-glasses of wine.  And when he orders three different things, then we get to taste a lot from the menu. *Wanders off in a salivating reverie while recalling a particularly delicious salmon filet.*

And, I’m back! So, I thought it would be fun to give you my food and wine pairing for the Blood Vine series! Continue Reading