Makin’ The Love Monday – Deep, Dark, Delicious by Tina Donahue

Deep-Dark-Delicious-cover-art-with-more-brightnessI’ve always loved a good story that ends in food. What could possibly make a story that ends in food better? A story that is about sex and food, why of course! Tina Donahue has definitely brought together two of my favorite things in this Erotic Romance and if there is anyway to cheer up a flu suffering girl who is sick to death of Jello cups, soup and toast it’s to give her a taste of something Deep, Dark, Delicious.

Eden DeCarlo knows she can make food that is sinfully good and knowing this makes it all the worse when she loses the Miami’s best chef competition. Rafael Zayas, her walking wet dream, voted against her on her final dish causing her to lose the prize money she dearly needs and succeeded in knocking her down a few pegs despite her own knowledge that she can make a damn good dish. Strangely and despite the fact he just cost her more than she can spare, Eden finds herself taking his offer to be her boarder when she can’t otherwise make ends meet and needs to make money to pay for the mortgage on her home. She makes a promise to herself that she won’t fall for his charms but taking him in somehow also means to agreeing to be his sex toy for the month long stay he is paying for. So many lines are being crossed and the worst of it is she doesn’t even know which ones are going to leave her with the most heartache at the end of the thirty days. What she does know is that the more decadent his desires become the more she wants to eat him up.

Money, power, and knowing your kibbles and bits is what Rafael is and does. He knows that Eden has what it takes to make things happen in and out of the kitchen, but her sense of entitlement is enough to tell him that she still needs to fight and earn it so she can know the value of what her talent means. She is a phenomenal chef and he has no question in his mind of what she is capable of and how far she can go; the chef competition isn’t really the ruler she should be measuring her ability by anyway. As the time he is with her passes the appetite for his passion for fine food and silky flesh combine so tasting Eden and her creations become a hedonistic delight he won’t begun to deny himself. Rafael wants to devour and savour Eden as long as time allows; thirty days may just be the entré when he is hungry for the lifetime buffet.

This is a great read and the sexy is so damn sexy that it nearly burned the words off the surface of my kindle. A to the lpha. Rafael might have a thing for command and demand, as well raw and well done. Eden is alluringly submissive and there was never a time when I had trouble with her character or actions. If I had any complaints at all it was that both characters had these soul bearing conversations five minutes after meeting like they were attending support groups instead of hanging out with a new lover. Never tell someone you just met your baggage! It’s in the dating handbook. It’s bad to begin any relationship with, “Hello, my name is Eden and I’ve some hang-ups about relationships. Oh, yeah! I also was bit in the ass where my family was concerned and my G’ma, the woman who left me this place and made it dear to my heart–insert touchy feely, touchy feely. Cry. Cry. Cry, left me effed in the A on my mortgage. That is just too much heavy to try to screw out of one’s mind for the first sexual encounter.

This book is awesome for you if you like Wicked Games by Mercy Celeste. Her book might be about a sports celebrity but the two books have the same feel.

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