Book Boyfriend – Grimnirs by Ednah Walters

grimHave I mentioned lately how much I melt for a bad boy? No? Really? I’ve really fallen down on the job. A real dyed in the wool bad boy–unrepentant, shameless, sinful and worth every damn moment kind of bad boy is hard to come by. There are those guys that are good guys with a bad rap and there are those guys who get the rough reputation because the come from the school of hard knocks, but boys who proudly do the bad and make their own laws because everyone else’s aren’t worth the time, those bad boys are rare and not to share.

Ednah Walters quickly became one of those authors I could not miss a book by only a few months ago when I picked up the first Runes book. I LURVED that book and read it and Immortals all in one very long night where I refused to take my nighttime meds until I read the last page. To say I love the Runes series is like saying that the night sky is dark; my love is just as infinite and endless. I really thought that Ednah Walters had won me over with Torin St. James and that she couldn’t outdo his hunky perfection. Imagine my surprise and joy when she introduced me to Echo in Grimnirs. Ednah, woman of my heart of hearts, invite me over to your imaginary friend tea parties if these are the men who show up. Holy Hannah and her Heavenly sisters, someone hand me something cold to drink. Make it something tall, strong and dressed in leather.

Echo is hot damn on a sandwich. Cora, who is Raine’s best friend, and was introduced in the first book as the boy crazy vlogger with the on dits of all the males in Kayville has spent the last six weeks in the crazy house. Between her constant companionship with ghosts and the desertion of Eirik and Raine while she was locked away life has been pretty crappy. Imagine her surprise when she is caught in the grocery store, armed with a cheese grater, having a showdown with several ghosts who won’t leave her alone, by a leather clad man, donning a floor length hooded duster, a scythe, a sexy chuckle and a pair of lips that she can’t help but have about a million dirty fantasies about. Things are even more surreal when he shows up in her bedroom telling her he has been having carnal activities with her for weeks. He knows entirely too many things about her and more frightening is how much she wants everything he says to be true.

There are a million and one reasons that I could say that Echo is brain candy but I think the main reason would be the mind twisting and never ending arrogance and charm. I stated the Book Boyfriend scale in the last Book Boyfriend Report:

Book Boyfriend-Bad Boy
Book Boyfriend-Boy Next Door
Book Boyfriend-Dirty Talker
Book Boyfriend-Does it All Right
Book Boyfriend-Enigma
Book Boyfriend-Jerk
Book Boyfriend-Pushes Too Hard
Book Boyfriend-Reluctant and Insecure

Echo is definitely your Bad Boy, Enigma, Jerk, Pushes Too Hard, Reluctant and Insecure, and Does it All Right. He’s literally the Sybil of Book Boyfriends. He’s all kinds of hot and cold, while being hot as hot can be at the same time.

“Do you guys think you should be doing that now?” Raine asked.
I grinned and entered the parking lot of Harvest Foods.
Echo glanced at her. “No, but she likes it, and I’m here to indulge her every wish. Unless you’d rather come back here and warm me, Raine Cooper.”
Raine blushed, but I wasn’t amused. Echo was such a flirt. I smacked him on the head.
“I was just kidding,” he protested. “No one is allowed to warm me but you, doll-face.”
I switched of the engine and glared at him. “And you’d better not forget it, you–”
His lips swallowed the rest of my words. By the time he lifted his head, I didn’t care if he flirted with a gazillion women.”

As to just who Echo actually is… Echo is a Grimnir. He is a someone who reaps the souls of the sick, old or evil and takes them to Hel’s Hall or to Corpse Strand. The man has a sketchy past and started out as a Valkyrie like Torin and Andris but Echo holds a pretty mean grudge and doesn’t really like playing by the rules and didn’t actually blink or mind the punishment when he was ‘promoted’ to Grimnir. Now he serves the goddess Hel, a rather shady deity, who is always trying to exploit the weaknesses of others and cause some sort of havoc somewhere. However, Echo–being who he is, still isn’t exactly playing by anyone’s rulebook and in light of his feelings for Cora is willing to align himself with Hel’s enemies to see his ladylove is protected. Really he makes sure that no one ever likes or trusts him anywhere he goes, and for very good reasons. He basically plays everyone and plays everyone against everyone else. The only one who is safe with Echo is Cora, and Echo is constantly telling her that she can’t trust him, which only makes her trust him more. The only thing that outsiders can count on where Echo is concerned is that he will do anything for Cora and to hurt her in anyway is signing your own death certificate and Echo will escort you to Corpse Strand, or as Cora calls it Torture Island. Torin says it is Echo’s favorite place to take people who piss him off.

When reading this I think the last Bad Boy that I loved as much as Echo was Kaidan Rowe. I would even say if you made me measure these two against one another they would come out in a Bad Boy tie. I wouldn’t even be able to tell you which one is more sexified. Even with Kaidan being a lust puppy and all… Echo has this whole salaciousness and lewdness thing going on that makes me think that if they joined forces there wouldn’t be any virgins left in the world.

Please read the Runes book series. Yes. Do it and then send me a message on Facebook and we can lust after Torin and Echo together. Oh my, do I ever need someone to give me an extra dose of something to settle me down after this one. Whew!

In case I’ve never said it before, Ednah Walters–Thank you for being slightly dirty minded and making such deliciously perverse hot book boyfriends. ~ME-OW~

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